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Wonderful products

Muscle and Joint Pain gone Fast, Magic Spray is Truly Magic

This took the pain away, gave me great mobility in my arm and shoulder that i have not had in over 6 years and I sleep really well!Thanks

Best natural Mineral Deodorant I have ever used!!!

Found this mineral supplement at a natural health show that has 92 minerals of the 102 that my body needs and the amazing thing about it is that its a fantastic all day deodorant! Definitely the best completely natural deodorant I have ever used, WOW!!


I've been using this Deodorant for 1 week, and have felt the difference! My energy has increased and is consistent throughout the day! And the citrus scent id a fantastic way to start my day!!!


Hi there! I recently tried the chaga face cream and serum, I am blown away. I had seriously problem skin, (severe sun damage, psoriasis, acne...) Not fun! After the VERY FIRST application of the face cream and serum, I noticed a tightening in my skin, and an improvement in my sun spots! I kind of can't believe it. (I've even tried bleaching creams for my sun spots, horrible I know.) So, when something works this well, I have to give credit where credit is due. Thanks so much!!    

Best Facial Product I've Ever Used

Thank you for this amazing Chaga Face and Neck Serum. I absolutly love it!!!

Love my new CHAGA Products

I love my CHAGA skin Products. My skin looks and feels great and it also helps keep my psoriasis at bay. Thanks

Love Lavida Health Products

Hello, my name is Leslie I am an Esthetician for 18 years and provide many services in my clinic The Healing Den in Aurora, Ontario using only organic non chemical products. The majority of my products come from and they are fantastic! Thank you Lavida Health Products.


I am an exibitor at the toronto total health show and was looking arownd at the other exibitors, stopped to try a product called "Stress Free Now" at the booth and all I can say is WOW this is amazing stuff.

Natural Testosterone

This stuff works! Its amazing! Thanks Lavida

Beautiful Skin and Stress Free! So far I have used 2 of product and absolutely love them! Thank you Lavida Health:)

Got Rid Of My Sun Spots Fast and Naturally!

Love these products completely safe and all natural, worked very fast at getting rid of my sun damage and makes my skin look great! Thanks for putting so much love into your products. Tinna

Excellent Natural Facial Products from

Hello, just wanted to
share how pleased I am with my newest skin health products, I have switched to
non-chemical all natural products that I put on my skin period and I am really amazed
at how well they are working. I've been getting so many compliments on my glowing skin. Love your
products, thank you Lavida.

Anti-Aging Facial Serum and Chaga Facial Cream

I am so pleased with these products, In just a short time, my complexion is much better. My skin feels soft and smooth. I have very dry skin, and my skin is very hydrated now. Love these products and love that they are all natural!

My Favourite Products and Why

Just in 3 weeks I noticed such a huge difference and I can't wait to see how this further changes my capabilities and confidence. Thank you so much LaVida Health Products.

Magnesium Rub

The name is very good really works like magic better then i expected. Thanks 

Great Products, Thank You

Im taking SFU21, Calm & Clear and Straight up for men. I feel great! Thank You.

Calm and clear tincture

I would like to take the time to leave a review on this amazing product that Ive tried (calm and clear tincture) rhodiola the best herb. Over the past years I've developed a lot of stress from work and home. It has got to the point where it has taken over my life by heavy chest and heart pain. I never taken tinctures or believed in these products till now. I've been taking calm and clear for a month now and it has helped me out tremendously. I take two dropper fulls with a quarter cup of distilled water in the morning and two droppers before bed.I've found within 15 - 30 minutes it leaves me more calm and my mind at ease not only that I find that in the morning after taking it gives me a lot more focus espically starting off my day. I believe in this product and if you're stressed I recommend you take this product it could help you like it helped me thanks sfu21.

PMS Testimonial

My best pre workout ever!!!...PINE POLLEN from

Amazing Chaga

I would like to provide my testimonial as I would like to educate,
inspire others and express my sincere gratitude.    

Thank you so much for recommending “Chaga” as a Powerful

Besides its extensive health benefits (anti-inflammatory,
boosts energy, increases body’s resistance to stress, decrease in blood sugar
levels) my personal experience occurred by the 3rd week where I was getting
continuous compliments on my skin such us.... “Your face is Glowing.... Your skin
looks awesome” and my favorite.. “How are you slowing the aging process?” I realized that I it’s because of your
product.  I am very grateful and share my
new finding with all those around me.  Now
when asked what I am doing different, I respond with…”I’m taking Chaga on a
daily basis”…It’s simply amazing for my skin and I’m seeing great results with
my hair as well.    

God Bless you for all your Great Intentions in getting your Family and Friends to Optimum Health.


Magic Spray is Magic!

How Magnesium Spray helped my Autistic son!

PMS Cramp Relief

Hello SFU21 I love my PMS Tincture,
I am 27 Years old and suffer from seriously debilitating menstrual cramps every month for as far back as I can remember. I have tried everything under the sun with little to no relief. When i was told about your PMS Tincture I was naturally very skeptical buy still driven to try anything to help alleviate the cramps. I am writing this in gratitude, 5 days ago i found myself, as usual buckled over with menstrual cramps and I took 2 dropper fulls as recommended on your product, THANK YOU!, THANK YOU!, THANK YOU! within 20 minutes I was cramp free. At first I was in total disbelief but after that I was just grateful, I take it 4 or 5 times in a day and im virtually cramp free.  Im not sure what you have in that Product but knowing its all natural gives me great comfort.
Thank you again and god bless you!


I was told about your straight up for men by a friend and thought I would give it a try. Well i have to say Ive been taking it for 3 weeks and I feel really great my workouts are amazing and i feel like a stud with my wife :) I understand it boosts testosterone I really didnt think i would actually feel the boost but i do! Thank You I will be telling all my friends.Dan