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Adieu Pa

The few moments we spent together were priceless and very precious to me, the memories of those moments always put a smile on my face. Its true i will never have those spacial moments with you again and it pains me to know that. Rest In Peace Pa, You will always remain a part of me.

Rest In Peace

Thank you for sharing your life with us. We will forever be grateful for the times we spent together. Your gentle spirit and tender loving heart always draw people closer to you. Thank you for all your support and may you continue to enjoy the abounding rewards in heaven with the good Lord, Jesus Christ.

Ndi Nkem Atiteh-ngong

Uncle, we thank God for your life, the exemplary relationship you showed to your only sister our mother. You took good care and look after her during good and bad times. You equally thought your kids and us the reasons you are kind, reasonable, fair and always very truthful. As you journey to meet our ancestors our wish is for you to lay with the Lord our keeper and giver of life. We love you but he loves you more. Farewell uncle. Ndi Nkem Atoteh-ngong.

Farewell My Hero

November 25th means twenty eight nights and days without you, papa. Each time I go to sleep, I could only hear your voice of psalms singing in my heart. My father and my angel, I never thought I would be dedicating a tribute to you this soon. You were the light and corner stone of the family, a good shepherd and an obedient servant to the Lord. Few weeks before you went to meet the Lord, you said “Take hard my child, the Lord is calling me and I have to answer. My work on earth is finish.” Daddy, wherever you are, I will always love you. I will always sing of the songs you taught me. You have shaped my view of life, work, and many other things. If I cannot get you through the phone, I strongly believe I would get you through prayers. Even though death has separated us in the physical world, we will always be together spiritually. Let your path be made bright as angels of the Lord sing and rejoice in your coming. 

Farewell PA John

Farewell Pa John

I still cannot believe I am writing a tribute to wish you farewell to a land of no return. Papa! You touched my life and that of my family in every positive way. You never seized from being there for us each time we needed you. From kumba to the United States your ways never changed. You remained that father who is always there to see your children succeed.

The moment you felt seriously ill, my heart trembled, for I know your absence will create a vacuum that can never be filled. Papa! my children, Esong and Nkengfor continue to ask for grand dad. I wish you could live forever but death is inevitable. Farewell Papa! May God give you a place among his angels in Heaven.

Nkeng Mira epse Aketebeh

Greenbelt, MD.


A tribute message to a Great Uncle (NkemAtem)

The living know they are going to die, but the dead know nothing. They have no further reward, they are completely forgotten (Eccl.9:5). 28th of October 2016, marks the end of his great job in this world. Before this day, he was always there to give support to every person who came his way. This marks the end of his important and fruitful journey on earth. We will be missing him all days, all nights, every week, every month and every year. He gave everything he had to make us all as happy as possible. His sacrifices did not go unnoticed.   His love is forever appreciated and valued more than he could imagine. All this work is not in vain, it remain marked in God’s memory.

The greatest reward in our life was to know him. Nothing in life would ever replace the love he had for my grandmother, her two children and all of us her grandchildren. In his remarkable life on earth, he held no hatred and no fear but always showed love and cheer. His impact on all of us was profound and it is very sad to realize the world and family occasions without him. He will always have a special place in our hearts.

We will miss him so much. None among us will ever forget the many days of blessings and happiness he brought us. Words are certainly inadequate to express our loss but we will always treasure the many memories he left us. We will always cherish his unending generosity, love, patience, peace, mutual respect, tolerance, selflessness and his devotion to the family and to all those around him. He is an inspiration to all of us . As much as we love and miss his presence, we are confident God must love him even more. We can’t help but shed tears now that he is gone.

May His gentle soul rest in Perfect Peace.


Rest In Peace Daddy

Daddy you are the best gift ever given to us. U went extra miles and worked so hard just to see us succeed. Your success was our achievements. You taught us great values in life simply by letting us watch how you lived. You have been more than a father, more than a dad to us all. Papa, the love you have shown us and the extent to which I miss you can't be described in words. Your influence in our lives will be felt for generations. I can never say bye now that you are in heaven. See you later daddy.

My Gentle Hero

Words cannot explain the shock I had on hearing the news about your sudden demise. I knew a day like this will come, but I had no idea it was only a matter of days left in your life. A day rarely goes by without me having recollections; the high blood pressure, the headaches, the pain, your 74th birthday, your sudden illness and hospitalization, and then in the twinkle of an eye you were gone like the wind, papa! My only wish was to hold you tight so the rattling of dead would not be able to steal you from us, but unfortunately dead is inevitable. Papa I owe you my entire life, whatever I am today-the credit goes to you for the love you offered me in all areas of my life from cradle. You’ve been my gentle hero and will never stop even though you lie low. You were a very caring and loving father and no amount of words can explain how unique and wonderful you were.  You’ve taught me a lot of things in life and one of them was to learn to live with or without you. Today you are gone, but still in my heart forever. Wherever you are papa I know you are resting in the Lord’s Kingdom. Even though my heart is saddened for your departure, I know you are in a better place with Angels welcoming and nurturing you. May you rest in PEACE papa and may the good Lord grant you eternal rest in His kingdom, Amen. 


PA John, it's hard to believe that we shall not see you anymore here on earth. your departure from this world has course a vacuum to so many people you left behind. Death changes everything! Time changes nothing, I still miss the sound of your voice, the wisdom in your advice, your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure, you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. PA John your worth can never be told. We shall for ever miss you. May you find rest in your new world.

Adieu Pa

Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts. Pa we love you and that will never change, ur memories shall live with us forever. A Dieu father.

Rest In Peace Papa

Pa I didn't know it will come so quick. It was very hard to believe yet is true that I won't see you anymore. Pa one thing I know is that you are at the right hand side of Jesus Christ now.

Adieu! Ndi NkemAtem

"Nkwetta" as papa called me during his last days. Have you started seeing for yourself what it takes to be a man? Papa asked? Life is a journey that must one day come to an end but you have to stand up to its challenges and try to make it worth living and encouraging for others.  Papa! words alone can not describe the way i feel about your departure, but i have come to terms with it. I Know God will give you a seat among his angels in Heaven. You were the best counselor and adviser of all time. Your unending advise, words of wisdom and encouragements have molded me to the man i am today. I can never have enough space to write a tribute about who you were, what you did and how you did the things you did to me. All i will say is, thank you, thank you for being such a great and caring father. Me and my entire generation will missed you and you will forever remain in our hearts. I know you are gone but your legacy lives on. Adieu! Ndi Nkematem  

Tribute to my Father-in-Law

Father-in-law, you were like no other to me. You accepted me with trust and honesty. We never met each other until after six years of nuptial blessings, but you never stop telling me and showing me how to navigate through life. You never stop calling and paying me visits even when I was leaving in foreign parts, thousands of miles away from you.  You never stop whispering to me on phone, and writing letters of care and affection to me and giving me exceptional and unconditional counsel. You taught me how rewarding it is to read people’s hearts before reading their words. You made me know that you have kept me close to your heart by deciding to stay closer to me when you needed help the most and at the very critical stage of your medical condition, and you finally departed from this world in my own very hands.

Pa John, there are no better  facts or even  more tangible words  that can  better describe just how important you were to me and even when you are gone,  I still feel your presence through my dreams and lasting memories of you.

Until we meet again, your place is vacant in my heart and no one can fill it.  A bunch of wonderful memories sprayed with million tears in me. Kids have constantly asked me why you are missing. I wish God could have spared you a few more years.

We miss you   Pa John.

You shall be Missed

Pa John, your departure has created a deep hole in our hearts. You were so gentle, loving, and caring. I personally know you as pa pa G ( a father and friend to all). You always stood up for the truth.  You thought us how to be optimistic and brave in life. Although you are resting with the lord now,but the knowledge you impacted on us will always remain. We will always love and miss you.

My Daddy My World

God took the Strength of a mountain, The Majesty of a Tree, The generous soul of Nature, And the Depth of a family Need.If tears could bring back a loved one,then dad you would have come back to life.In your final hours on earth I watched you slowly fade away. I cried so loud that I wished I could give you life.But all i heard was dead rattles. Ohh yes it wasn't an easy road,but the family was always together to keep the ride going.I never wanted memories, I only needed you.A million times I needed you A million times I cried.Inside my heart you hold a place no one could ever filled. Wehh papa I missed you so much. Each time you were discharged from the hospital I would hear the doctor say " transportation would bring your father home in about 2-3 hrs time". But on 10/28/2016, the story was different.Instead I was given a list of funeral homes to choose from. Oh daddy, how my world came to a standstill. You gave your children neither eminence nor wealth, but gave them blood untainted with a vice, And opulence of undiluted health. You were honest ,unpurchasable and kind. We thank you for teaching us by your example the values of hard work,Good judgement and intergrity. I thank you for the sacrifices you made to let us have the very best And for the simple things like laughter,smiles and times we shared. My life has been bountiful because you taught me how to give.In your firm and steadfast ways you taught me how to live.You never tried to judge me or tear my life apart but you kept my feets on solid ground.You listened with your heart and your love has brought me through.As you journey,Daddy journey well And may the Angels guide you.I am consoled because i know you are rejoicing in heaven with all the Angels and Saints of God.Please continue to guide and protect us in the world beyond.Love you so much Daddy.                                                     Your Beloved Daughter                                                          Mrs Njikem Hedwig


Words can't explain the difference you made in my life. I will miss you always PA.

Not Ready to Let you go

Not Ready to Let You Go I wish that I could tell you I'm not ready to let you go. But you've already departed, And my heart is feeling so low. I miss that little twinkle That used to light up your eyes. And I miss the sound of your voice, Your laughter and your sighs. But most of all I miss The way you made me feel, Like nothing could ever harm me because Your love was so strong and real. There are others here who miss you, And they've gathered here today. Your life touched so many people, Who became your friends along the way. They want you to know they love you, too. And they're filled with sadness and grief. No one really wants to say goodbye, So we'll just wish you eternal peace. Compose by Atemkeng J.Bezakeng


You  were a great father. I don't know what i would have done without you. You never abandone me or gave up on me despite my stubbornness. You change me positively and taught me many things. i am where i am today because i listened to you and your advised. i am going to miss our debates and your absence. May you rest in peace.