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I recently saw the production of Bad Jews.  The Kew Court House Theatre ensured it was an intimate and engaging performance.  A brilliantly executed delivery of the bitter tensions between the cousins.  Sophie’s portrayal was excellent. I will certainly be bringing my friends to the next production.  Well done RNP.


RNP, Thanks so much for a wonderful night out! You really hit home (I can just imagine being a part of that family fight!) All of the acting was very professional and Sophie's performance really deserves a massive applause, Dana's directing was very naturalistic and professional and the Kew Court House is a wonderful venue. I will be recommending to all of my friends!!! 

Awesome Rollercoaster

One minute you're laughing, the next you cringe remembering what it's like in a family argument; let alone one with a BPD sufferer.  Then the visceral stress of the argument only a few feet away that morphs back to comic relief. Harman's work captures the tension well and the RNP cast bring it to life brilliantly. Intensely. The intimate setting in the small Kew court just added to it so well.  I cant imagine the same effect of feeing like you were in the room if it were performed in a main stream theatre. I loved the ending.  So wasn't ready for that yet on reflection it was obvious.  If you haven't seen the work, see if you can figure out who's really loosing-out.

Very Moving Performance

A very moving performance. Moments of lightness within an emotional reflection of what faith and family means. Sophie showed great maturity in her portrayal. Well crafted performances and direction from a young team to be watched. Well done.