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Testimonial #7

When i was nineteen, i started smoking. When I was 20 or 21 I started drinking. I was involved with homosexual lifestyle, I slept with a prostitute.I prayed for a long time for deliverance from smoking. One time 6 months in a row . After praying and fasting for lent, i went to a priest for confession and he blessed me and i never ever smoked again . The Lord Jesus set me free.Then 5 years ago, i stopped drinking totally. the Lord set me freeI went to a Bible retreat recently. I used to masturbate and watch pornography 1 to 3 times a week. The Lord set me free a month ago.Everything Jesus has done for me. The Great One has done Great Things to a Great Sinner.Lord Have Merrcy

Jesus Gave Me Life

I was born and raised in a Buddhist family.  At a young age, I lived in the Temple with Monks and Nuns, and I was very happy with my religious beliefs.   One day, I saw a big Cross in the sky and I felt the calling of Jesus, just like a lost sheep recognizes its master's voice.  After that, I felt the love of Jesus grow in me and transform me, something that I had never felt before.  Now I cannot live without Jesus, because without him there is no life.  I give thanks for Jesus every night for giving me a second chance to live a life with purpose.


I became a born again child of God from a very young age , but along the way I lost my calling and purpose , I thought I had it all figured out , I thought I was unshakable , I had everything , Education , a Job , a House , a car and a husband. I forgot that I am who I am because of the Lord , until my husband lost his Job and  I lost a child and couldn't conceive again . I was very angry at God , I didn't understand why he allowed all this things to happen to me , I stayed angry for a very long time , until a friend of mine invited me to her church . Since that day I went to church I became a new and better person . I now thank God for everything that I went through because I became a better person from all that and I found my way back to him . If I didn't go through I went through I will still be lost even now.

All you have to do it ask

Recently I went to the Barber to get my hair cut.  As I was sitting down, I picked a newspaper off the chair, but something told me to sit on the other side of the room near the barber’s chair.  I sat down and as I was waiting, I overheard an elderly lady in the chair saying that this would be her last haircut.  She was terminally ill with Cancer and was just released from the hospital to die at home.  The barber was a long-time friend of hers and she was saying her last goodbyes.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing………. I grabbed my wife from the car and waited for her outside.  When she came out, I asked if we could pray for her.  She kinda hesitated, wasn’t really sure, but then said ok.  So I laid my hands on her and prayed for healing, comfort and peace of mind. …………..  I returned for my haircut and I was telling the barber how bad I felt and that we prayed for the woman who was ill.  He was shocked, because he and his wife have been trying to get her to pray and turn to the Lord their whole lives, but could not.  Then it dawned on me that even though I prayed for her, she didn’t know the Lord - and she was going home to die without being saved.   I felt like I missed a huge opportunity to do some good. …………… I felt terrible.  I asked the Barber to try to arrange a visit for us.  They agreed, but didn’t think it would be possible.  After a few days, we got the ok to visit them.  So we went to their house and just shared the love of Jesus.  We led her through saying the Sinner’s Prayer, and asked her to take a moment in silence to forgive everything from her heart.  I felt the Holy Spirit take over.  I felt an incredible presence of the Lord, my hands started trembling and chills went through my body.  She accepted Jesus as her savior and I felt the Lord was with us. …………... We went back a few days later to check on her.  I read scripture to her.  One passage was about how Peter walked on water when he focused on the Lord, but began drowning when he focused on the problems around him (Matthew 14:28).  We got a call that she passed the very next day.  She went in peace without suffering. …………..  The Holy Spirit did everything that needed to be done, all I did was ask if I could pray with her. That may have been the difference between everlasting life with the Lord and death.  And all I did was ask.  Try sharing some love and watch how the Holy Spirit moves through you!

The first of many Testimonies to come...

Although I was a Christian my whole life, I never really knew God.  I ignored His voice for most of my life and just kept putting off a relationship until another day.  Then, one day, He called me for a spiritual journey and this time I answered.  I turned to Jesus, left my old life behind, and started over.  The Lord has completely transformed my mind, and turned my life around.  I have seen God move with power to cast out demons, heal the sick, save the lost and perform signs & wonders.  I have an amazing relationship with the Most High and I’m compelled to tell the world all about it.  The Lord is waiting for you to answer his voice.  Don’t put it off any longer, and you will find true satisfaction and purpose in life.  Blessings!


Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. Not only has he died for my sins, but for yours as well. Ask him to come into your heart, forgive you and fill you with the Holy Spirit as Rob said. You will see God working in your life to give you a life that is worth living with a purpose!