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I call that improvement!

I recently completed the TI Freestyle 2 day training course with Peter in Melbourne. I live in a small town in NSW called Cootamundra, which is approximately a 6.5 hours’ drive to Melbourne. I must admit, there was some hesitance in signing up for a swimming course so far away. What if I don’t improve? What if the course is a waste of time and money?


Within the first hour of the course my fears were completely dissolved. Peter has a coaching style that makes you want to improve. You straight away find your weaknesses with the video analysis and you are then able to focus on improving what is not working, but also refine what you are already doing well.


I honestly believe that this course has saved me five or more years of floundering around trying to improve by myself. I was struggling to swim 300-400 metres before working with Peter. On the Sunday of the course I did a 1.9km ocean swim. I call that improvement!!


I cannot recommend the course enough.


I can swim!

I am absolutely thrilled to be able to say 'I can swim!', all thanks to the total immersion technique. My journey from absolute beginner to comfortably doing laps has been surprisingly quick and I can't express enough how grateful I am to Peter for his patience and perfect teaching pace to get me to this stage.

Was well worth it

I participated in the GVSS prize of a Swimwell Total immersion video analysis.  I must say I was a bit sceptical as I had heard of this swimming technique and wasn’t sure if it was what I was looking for. So I went and did the analysis with Peter who was very knowledgeable and passionate.  The suggestions were not as radical as I thought and with the video analysis I could really see where my stroke was being totally wasted. I have always been a solid swimmer but during the video analysis and Peter showing me where I was wasting energy I could see that I had some work to do.  So since the session I have done 4 squad sessions and found that there was a significant difference. I wasn’t any faster (yet) but I was able to hold my speeds and not be totally stuffed or have muscle fatigue by the end of the session like I normally do. My speed was the same but I felt like I could hold it for much longer.  So the jury is still out as I really want to see my speeds get faster but I need to spend some more time in the water and getting this technique working for me.  So in conclusion well worth it.

Thank you - Ironman Swim

Thanks a lot for all your training and advice. The regular Thursday morning open water swims have been great and I really notice the difference in how I feel about being in the open water. I honestly don’t know if I would have got through the Ironman swim without your help.

 I’m looking forward to continuing to work on my swimming, and the really amazing thing… I’m looking forward to doing some open water swimming events next season. I wouldn’t have thought I would ever say that!

 Thanks again  

Police Test

Hi Peter

 Just a quick update on my result - Pat would be proud.  It was an awesome swim, was buoyant all the way.  Sat high, head down no crease.  Don't remember kicking much just that I was high and breathing easy.

 Got myself into nice long stretch strokes and did in 2.20 absolutely awesome.  Adrenalin works wonders.


 Thanks Mike