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Wooooosah. Yes Lord.  This word was for me.

Fly Like An Eagle

What a wonderful way to begin a new year.  There is no better rhthym than the timing God has for us.  Repetition makes the gift (the vibration), the song INside OUR Hearts even more clear.  I appreciate how the God in you shines reflecting the God in me.  Much love to and for you!

Fly Like An Eagle

Such beautiful and powerful words, exactly the way to start a New Year! Thank you for all your inspiration and encouragement and for that you are blessed!

Eleanora ❤

Another Chance

"ANOTHER CHANCE - 2016 year end blog - New beginnings.  Just what we all need. 
Thank you for being a source of encouragement over this past year.  May
God continually bless your for your obedience to Him and His work.  Love

Another Chance

"ANOTHER CHANCE" - 2016 year end blog Bless you for being a bright light to women. In thos new year, we need
to be encouraged and inspired to press on and with God we can indeed
make it! Your blogs are a true blessing and evidence of His love! God
Bless you!

God is Working

Thank you so much - such a timely message and reminder that we can trust our God who is consistently working on our behalf to do His good will. Standing on His promises - no weapon formed against me shall prosper. 

Drawing A Line in the Sand

This is so timely.  I have drawn the line on  a situation I have been dealing with for years.  Enough!    Thank you for another blog that provides great food for thought!