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First timer and loved it!

Nick is a very gifted young man.I had never experienced Reiki and was truly amazed on how Nick could read my body & mental status. Definitely recommend multiple treatments within a month. The first session I spent more time thinking about what I was experiencing that just experiencing. I will continue!


I was nervous to experience my first session because I was not aware of what Reiki entails. Nick helped me relax and relieved my anxiety and all my stressors during that time. He educated me on how I can use nature’s gifts to help heal my physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual well-being. Nick’s gift with connecting people to their past, involving people and experiences, is amazing. He has compassion for the people he treats and connects with them on a deeper level. Thank you for helping me feel as a whole-being again!

Great Experience

This was the first time I ever tried Reiki, I went with an open heart and mind and was not let down! The atmosphere and physical room was very relaxing and warming. Nick did a great job explaining Reiki and what can be accomplished when he works with you.  I felt it was a shared experience in that I gave to Nick during the session as much as he gave to me.  I look forward to going back and understanding more and continue healing and becoming even more balanced in my life, physical and emotional.  Talking to Nick after the session was amazing, I look forward to the next.


There is always so much energy in the room during a session.  Nick has a gift for this and there is always lots to talk about after the session!  I leave each session literally vibrating and with chakras aligned!