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Awesome customer service! They found us exactly what we were looking for. Thank you!

I learned some new techniques both on the ground and in the saddle.

Attended my first horsemanship Clinic this past March with John Baird. I learned some new techniques both on the ground and in the saddle. Techniques that I still use today with both of my horses. Before the Clinic John Baird made me a promise, and he honored his word. I can proudly say , I rode my horse with his help and knowledge . John and his staff are very welcoming and make you feel safe throughout the whole training process. A man of his word!!!  Highly recommended and you’ll only regret not going .

He took my horsemanship skills to a whole new level that wasn't a "cookie cutter" taught system.

When I fist met John at the Rocking B Ranch I really had no idea how much my world would change. I never knew it would open my eyes to see horsemanship a whole different way. With all the tools he taught me it took away the fear and anxiety I used to have. I looked at horses much more differently because of what I learned. There were many tools he taught that books, DVDs, etc couldn't show you. It was something you had to learn and see for yourself. He brought that to light f...or me and helped guide me in the right direction. He taught me how to read a horse and know what they were going to do before they ever had the chance to.

He took my horsemanship skills to a whole new level that wasn't a "cookie cutter" taught system. He taught me how to think my way through situations by using what I had learned and through trial and error. He taught me that there are many different ways to approach one issue because one tool won't always work the same on every horse. Everything he teaches has a reason. He doesn't just tell you to do something because he said so. He will explain it until you understand. In doing this it stuck with me and helped to further think my way through situations or obstacles I encountered with each horse.

In the end we get a willing, thinking, responsive horse instead of a reactive and fearful one.

I cant express my appreciation enough for what John has done for me. He never had to be out there dedicating his time and effort, but he always was. Every time I was with a horse was a lesson to be learned every step of the way. He was there for every step of it too. Many times he would let me figure it out on my own; until he felt the need to step in and provide guidance or show me something to improve on what I was working to accomplish. He is a terrific coach and will help push you to the level you want to be at or maybe even the level you never knew you could reach beyond that!

He also did check one thing off my bucket list sooner than I thought in my few years studying under him. He gave me the tools to teach a horse enough to be able to safely ride bareback and bridleless. I will never forget that feeling of complete and total freedom on the back of my little Spirit.

Everyone should at least experience a few good lessons with John and a good conversation about horsemanship with him. There is always something new that can be learned on both ends �


John came to massage a little horse that was donated to us, her back was sore. Instead he recommended a chiropractor adjustment first. So instead, he worked his magic on my laid up Bashkir Curly/Tennessee Walker, I followed his instructions afterwards and her leg returned to normal. Massage any injury for optimum healing results! Thanks John!

If not for John Baird Horsemanship and the Rocking B Ranch, Jack would have had some major issues

The other day, my boy Jack was not acting right... Thought he was trying to Colic. I told John, of John Baird Horsemanship (Rocking B Ranch) what was going on so he went out and took a look at him. He told me that it was not your regular type of Colic that Jack was having. He seemed to be having , for lack of better words a bellyache.... said I should call the vet out and have her take a look see. I did and she came out last night and checked him out. Told me that he had a lot of gas in his belly.... I told her and John that I was glad it was not Colic; the vet told me it was a gassy Colic... I was surprised.... Jack is doing better now, picked up some things to help him along. If not for John Baird Horsemanship and the Rocking B Ranch, Jack would have had some major issues John Baird Horsemanship is always looking out for the horses, be it his or clients... thanks for all your help!

I've been fortunate to understand what it means to be a true horsewoman and I love it!

I've been fortunate to understand what it means to be a true horsewoman and I love it! I haven't been able to get on my horse for over 6 months after a falling out we had when I was stationed in San Antonio.. I never thought that I would be afraid of my horse�. On top of that I had a 1 year old filly that I was "trying"( had no idea what I was doing) to train. John got me back on my horse(very emotional event), improved my baby's ground manners 100% and can do beautiful inside turns in the round pin like no body's business��. Red and I are still learning but we have learned SO much the year we have been here. I couldn't ask for a better trainer, and friend! Thanks for helping me find my confidence and making me a better rider! — with Scott Bacalja.

My horse and I are getting the training and education we need to be a successful team.

After years of listening to "that's the way it's done" and "that's just how he (my horse) is", I finally found John at Rocking B Ranch. I'm now able to ask "why" or question my horse's behavior and I get an educated response. My horse and I are getting the training and education we need to be a successful team. I have moments of doubt and frustration but John guides me through them with patience and understanding. He continually promotes a gentle method and helps achieve "minimal pressure" riding. He pushes for advancement but not without thought of your and your horse's ability to learn. I always feel challenged to learn or try something new but never rushed. I highly recommend John Baird Horsemanship because he has not only helped improve my riding and my horse's training but also helped me improve as a person and horseman.


I just want to thank John for all he has done for me and Bridge Party my 4 year old Off Track thoroughbred. John had him in training for 120 days and he is turning into a perfect partner for me. I am a rider with some confidence issues and we have been working together to help me get over that! John knows just how to push me to my limit to grow my relationship with my horse. If it wasn't for him, I would have gotten out of horses all together. I can't recommend him enough if you need to work through some issues or need a horse trained or tuned up.

John Baird Horsemanship provides tools to build a strong relationship with my horses.

John Baird provided me with the tools to build a strong relationship with my horses, and helped me to understand what it means to be a true horsewoman. I recommend Rocking B Ranch to anyone that is eager to learn, listen, and never give up!

Rescue Horse with no training or Experience to Perfect Trail Horse!  John Baird makes it happen!

Question: Who can take a rescue horse with no known history and turn it into a perfect trail horse? Answer:  John Baird.  John trained my little Arab gelding who was so green he made the grass look brown and turned him around to a great trail horse.  Taking John's horsemanship clinic was also one of the key factors in continuing the training John gave Pecos (my horse) while under his direction at the Rocking B.  

A teacher and life coach wrapped up into a wonderful friendly facility

John Baird Horsemanship has changed not only how I view horsemanship, but how it carries over into everyday life. John has taught me many lessons while working with horses that have been relatable to something personal in my life. He is able to read my emotions and determine where my mind is at just by paying attention to the horse. John’s method of teaching others is outstanding in my opinion. He uses what each individual person can relate to when teaching a new maneuver or idea during a lesson. This helps the person understand better what John is teaching. The constructive criticism and insight that he gives after each lesson is invaluable to the progression of my horsemanship and where I want to take it. John has the ability to help people reach their goals as long as they are willing to work for it and learn from their mistakes. The Rocking B Ranch is a friendly, down to earth, family oriented facility that is a treasure in my eyes to have stumbled upon and be a part of.


Best tack store in El Paso and Las Cruces!!!!! Always have exactly what you need at a good price

With John Baird's training, my mare Jewliette is now a very safe and confident mare.  

2 years ago about this time of year I brought my mare Jeweliette to Rocking B to be gentled and placed under saddle. She had her issues as she was away from here herd and family for the first time ever as she had been with us since birth. It took John about a month to get thru her spoiled Diva attitude so he could do the job I asked of him, but after that they became best buds. He placed the necessary safety buttons on her, got her under saddle and did some amazing ground work with her.  She is now a very safe and confident mare.  I brought her home after 4 months of training with John and Robert  and have had her on trail with no issues ever for the past 2 years. I have also attended 3 of John's clinics. I find them very informative and fun. Every time I ride something comes up where I use one or more of the techniques I learned at a clinic or I here John's voice somewhere along the trail lol! And I think Jeweliette still misses John, no really!

Simply put, really good people running a really nice facility.

I have had my quarter horse mare, Madchen, at the Rocking B Ranch for a little over 5 months.  I can honestly say that we have progressed more in that time than we did in the previous 2 years. John has given me the confidence to try things with my horse that I never thought possible. We have gone from wandering aimlessly around the arena to learning flying lead changes, pivots and many other skills I didn't even know existed. I'm even thinking about showing her.  All the people at the ranch are really down to earth & helpful. None of the drama I have seen at other stables. Everybody looks out for each other.  I have Madchen boarded at the Rocking B. They have a barn, where my horse is, and open paddocks as well. The horses are always well cared for.  I even signed Madchen up for massages, which she loves and seems to relax her muscle tension.They had a clinic this past weekend that was great - even if mother nature threw us a few surprises. We learned from John and from watching each other.Simply put, really good people running a really nice facility.Heart felt thanks to John, Patricia and Robert.

June Ferguson  AKA Madchen's Mom

I highly recommend attending one of his horsemanship clinics

Back home from Niota, TN, and back to reality. Had the absolute BEST time at the John Baird Horsemanship clinic and met a lot of awesome people and made some new friends. I haven't laughed so hard or had so much fun in years. And WOW DID WE LEARN A LOT! John is a great clinician and so down to earth, and his program and training techniques are phenomenal. The improvements with each and every horse and rider was amazing. If anyone is looking to improve their riding skills and/or training techniques, I highly recommend attending one of his horsemanship clinics. It was the best experience I've ever had. Can't wait to apply everything I've learned and get to the next level. Thanks John for everything!

Meeting John and his wife at Equifest was such a blessing to me.

I got the pleasure to meet John Baird at the 2014 Equifest that my drill team, Cowgirl Congress, put on in Greenville, TX. He was doing a clinic using my horse with getting your horse to soften. John and his wife met with me the night before to interact with my horse, as well as see what he would like to focus on in the clinic the following day. John really wanted to show his techniques work, and I can trust him. As he watched me ride he immediately noticed that my mare rode with her head in the air, and her back end was tight. He began to show me and teach me his techniques to ask my horse to lower her head, and loosen up her back end. Just doing those exercises that night and for the demo the next day I noticed a HUGE difference in my horse's head position and movement. I still use the exercises John showed me that night with my mare everyday. I now have a horse who ride with a really nice set head, and she's now loose and collected. Any time she begins to tighten up for any reason I just do the exercises John showed me that day, and all goes back to normal. Meeting John and his wife at Equifest was such a blessing to me. He has helped me and my mare more than words can describe. Thank you!