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Testimonial #7

I can't even begin to tell you how much Sarah's readings have helped me through difficult times. She has given me guidance, support and insight. I've also listened to quite a few of her hypnosis recordings. They have helped me work through my anxiety and also my insomnia. I am excited to listen to the couples love recording! Thank you for being magical!

Sarah is the best!

Sarah is incredible at what she does. She's intuitive, loving, kind and she brings light wherever she goes! I highly recommend her for all of your spiritual needs. :)

Pure Bliss

I have received various services from massages, tarot readings, hypnosis and more each time leaving with just pure happiness and satisfaction. I am greatful to have found someone with such spiritual talent.

Testimonial #4

Sarah has some amazing talent! She is always my go to girl for a hypnosis session.

Goddess Extrodinaire

Sarah is wonderful and has been amazingly helpful

Founder of Awaken Your Life

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