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Healing Process

I bought all gels and it has been life changing!! They are like medicine to me and essential to my healing, self love and self knowledge process. I am positive the gels have some sort of magic and hope all people get to experience them.

Neuropathy Pain

I’ve been using balsam bliss for The last three months. I’ve started to trial the pacha mama as well for the last month. I literally cannot be without these products. I apply them sparingly but I need to us them in the morning and before lying down at night. I carry with them with me to work to apply during pain flareups which most often occur around barometric pressure changes. My pain causes me insomnia waking up throughout the night but now that I found the naturopathic gel I reach over to my nightstand apply on my feet and legs and within 15 minutes start to feel relief and can fall back to sleep. As Mother’s Day, I’m trying the facial cream product too.

Bliss Balsam - Great for Sensitive Skin!!

This gel is amazing!! I have psoriasis on my scalp and have used medicated shampoos and tried every trick in the book to clear up the scales when it flares up. Two days of using the Bliss Balsam and the scales are almost gone!! I just massage a small amount into my scalp after my mess, and it doesn't leave my hair oily like other treatments have in the past!

Tough Defense Hand Sanitizer

I love this hand sanitizer! I have issues with eczema and psoriasis and this hand sanitizer does not burn, itch or dry out my skin. It's like using lotion, not sanitizer. I am now a life long user and cannot wait to try Carina's other products.


I used the root chakra gel for the first time at around 3:30 PM , then in the morning, I feel that I must have been really out of alignment in my root chakra because starting my day off , I was more motivated than I have been for some time. I felt very at ease with my day, usually I rush around in the morning and accomplish very little before leaving late for work. Yesterday I was emotionally stable and bodied instead of my mind feeling flighty. I was in a mood that was self aware of My happiness and others around me did not effect me negatively as they normally would, Today the same thing. I also did not crave the normal junk food and sugars. There is defiantly some good changes happening with these gels and they are affordable!

Chakra Reading Spot On

Met Carina today for the first time today. Had a wonderful chakra reading. Her husband was very nice and explained all her products. Bought the chakra balancing set. Can't wait to use it. Everything she revealed through her reading was spot on. Lovely people.


I met you and your husband at the convention center held in Fort Wayne on the 24th of August. I just would like to thank you for giving me confirmation. I knew exactly what Chakra you were going to read me for because I already knew. I also want to thank you for allowing me to hold your hand briefly before we began the reading. I wanted to see if there was a connection and there was...I mean I cried during the reading ???? I don’t cry in public but it meant that much to me. I purchased my chakra ???? gel needed and also I got the pachamama as well. Your husband was very welcoming, and informative. You two keep at the path you’re going, changing/ guiding others more ways than you know. ????????????????????????❤️

Bliss Balsam

I love the Bliss Balsam. Works great for many things. I use it most on my hands for inflammation around joints from working on computer 8 hours a day.

Chakra Balance Gels at 2018 Veg Bash Festival

In Aug, 2018 I visited the Great Lakes Veg Bash and here is one of the bash’s notable vendors and products: Carina Eden markets topical gels to balance the body’s seven chakras. These energy centers run along a vertical line upward from the groin area to the top of the head. Carina Edenburg, this business’s creator, designed one gel to correspond to each of the chakras. She is a certified natural and integrative medicine therapist. Her red-colored gel, for example, is meant to enhance the root chakra in the pelvic area; this chakra is associated with safety, grounding, and physical power. In addition to a base of organic aloe vera, these chakra gels contain fruit pigments, essential oils, and homeopathic remedies (e.g., Bach Flowers). Plus, Edenburg infuses them with “intelligent spiritual energy, frequencies of light, sound, color, energetic stones, crystals, and sacred geometry,” states the Carina Eden website. Edenburg did a reading of the condition of my chakras at her table at the festival. (She was doing these consultations for anyone who wanted one.) She was spot on in identifying the area of my body that needs attention. Carina Eden also sells an earthing gel and a bliss balsam.

A Must-Have for Anyone Wanting to Live Their Best Life

I love Carina Eden Balance Gels! The gels help me perform at a high level every single day. Not a day goes by that I don’t use the Solar Plexus gel, the Root gel, and the Sacral gel. The Root gel grounds me and gives me the motivation to work hard and accomplish the days tasks. The Solar Plexus gel helps me be more expressive. My very favorite is the Sacral gel. The confidence I get the moment that orange goodness hits my skin is unparalleled! I am very thankful for these gels! I also plan to try the other colors in the future. Thank you Carina for making such powerful, mindful medicines and sharing with myself as well as the world! Mitch Perry Pure Vitality


I had the pleasure of meeting Carina some years ago and I found her a great therapist! After she developed the chackra gels, I appreciate her work even more, as we can use it wherever we are. As a psychotherapist with 15 years of clinical practice, I understand that our whole being cannot be healed only through speech, or physical care, so we should look over all the aspects that make us whole, and the gels work beautifully in our vibrational body by sustaining all the invisible parts that integrate us. I love using the gels and I love to hear Carina every time she updates the gels for me. I really recommend a consultation with this wonderful and loving therapist, who loves helping other people!Tive o prazer de conhecer a Carina há alguns anos e a achei uma ótima terapeuta! Depois que ela desenvolveu os chackra géis, passei a apreciar ainda mais o seu trabalho, já que podemos usá-los onde quer que estejamos. Como  psicoterapeuta com 15 anos de prática clínica, eu entendo que todo o nosso ser não pode ser curado apenas através do recurso da fala, ou do cuidado físico, então devemos olhar para todos os aspectos que nos tornam íntegros. E os géis funcionam lindamente em nosso campo vibracional, sustentando todas as partes invisíveis que nos integram. Eu amo usar os géis e adoro ouvir Carina toda vez que ela atualiza os géis para mim. Realmente recomendo uma consulta com esta terapeuta amorosa e maravilhosa, que ama ajudar as pessoas!

Amor no frasquinho

Conheci o bliss através da minha mestra de Terapia Vibracional. Adquiri no mesmo momento, não só ele como os géis para os chakras. Tenho usado sempre e foi muito perceptível seu poder. Os chakras e pontos de bloqueio estão aos poucos se equilibrando. Além disso, sempre há uma conexão quando olho para os frasquinhos, me avisando qual devo usar em certos momentos. Além disso, a Carina é uma pessoa incrível. Amável e atenciosa desde o primeiro contato, sempre preocupada com nosso desenvolvimento. Um verdadeiro ser de luz. Indico sem nenhuma dúvida, como cliente e também terapeuta


Eu amei desde o primeiro dia que usei , estava muito ansiosa , quando começei a usar o gel fui melhorando muito . Sao barbaros , porque temos gels para todos os momentos que necessitamos . Muito obrigada carina.


Amazing gels handcrafted with the upmost care and love. I would recommend these gels to anyone who's looking to improve their well being through growth and spiritual healing. Keep an open mind and try it for yourself.


Os gels sao simplesmente magicos. Nao sei explicar mas eles mudaram a minha vida. Nao deixo de usar eles nem siquer por um dia. Obrigado Cari! Keep on rokin’


I was shaken excited, very depressed and lived sad, could not understand and accept who I really am. After using the gels I felt a positive energy flowing inside me as if something always sent me good energies and vibrations. I believe gels are more efficient and potent than many remedies. I am very happy with my treatment and I indicate to all those who believe in a natural treatment.


My young daughter (age 4) can be controlling, anxious, and difficult to manage at times. These qualities can make mother-daughter bonding very trying, in spite of my love for her. We tried samples of the pink, green, and yellow gels, inventing a bed time ritual where we put them on together. I noticed a difference in her self-confidence and happiness right away. Now, when she is upset, I ask, "Would you like to put on some gels?" And it calms her down almost immediately.