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Testimonial #4

This morning was my second time using the mango shave bar. I am in heaven. First off it is so much easier to shave. The bar doesn't lather using it like this but it's still visible so you know where you have shaved and not. Therefore I don't have to rinse my razor off fifty million times. 2nd my legs are so soft afterwards. Not to mention I love the smell! And 3rd I have always had problems shaving my underarms. Because the shave bar makes it so soft under my arms too it is a lot easier to remove the hair. When using the bar I was afraid that it would slip out of my hands because I was thinking it would be like soap (slippery). It didn't it was really easy to use, smells amazing and so soft. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Amazing quality; great prices

So far I have tried shave soaps, lip balm, and the oatmeal and charcoal soaps.  I was really impressed by all of them.  I have chronically dry lips and almost every balm I try dries them out more. However, Ruraco balm was amazing because it didn't do that, plus it smells great. The soaps fragrance my entire bathroom (huge bonus), and I love the way they feel. They clean superbly and moisturize - I completely love them. The shave soap is excellent as well - I actually look forward to shaving now! You can't go wrong with these products, and for the price, there is no reason to not try them.  You will love them too!


Good prices on good products! I ordered three soaps - pink sugar, activated charcoal, and honey oatmeal scrub - and they all work as well as expected. They lather quickly and don't dry out my skin like other soaps can. I use the soaps to wash my hands during the day and in the shower on my face and body. So far, my skin feels clear and clean after the activated charcoal soap and hopefully it will help with my oiliness soon. A lot of soaps leave me with peeling skin around my fingernails like they literally sucked all the moisture from my skin, but these seem more gentle and creamy, if you can imagine creaminess from a soap, lol. All in all, I would recommend if you're looking for products that don't use scary ingredients and are gentle on the skin. That's all I have to say about that.