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EOW Dallas Sr Cpl 5484 Jamie Givens

It was wonderful to receive our Thin Blue Line Flag and card. It took months for the PD to ship anything to us, so when we recd it--the box of items from the great members of the World who also felt our loss was amazing. Here my brother was a year before he was murdered, memorializing those killed in downtown Dallas by a ruthless gunman. He was on the Cover of the Dallas Newspaper, to be the Cover of CNN and the World News a year later at his murder.

Testimonial #23

Hello Kristen, my name is Danielle. I messaged “retireddeputy121” about helping law enforcement officers and those who have fallen. He sent me your link Blue Angel of Hope. I absolutely love your story. Any one I mean anyone I see in uniform I thank them for their service. No matter what time, what day, or anything I say thank you. I make mom pull over on the side of the road, parking lot, or wherever they are so I can say thank you. I hate that law enforcement officers get killed in line of duty. It just breaks my heart to know that there’s so much hate. I am a future law enforcement officer. I’ve wanted to be in Law Enforcement since 7th grade, 5 years now. I was inspired by @tnorman23 on instagram and my sro at middle school. I love all officers no matter how they act or who they are or even what color they are. A thank you will always warm their heart. If I see a officer in need I will help. No matter the cause or even if it takes my own life I will absolutely help. Thank you for such a inspirational story. God bless you!

Testimonial #22

I recently connected with Angel of Hope via a mutual friend on Facebook.  I had no idea such a wonderful organization existed.  Take a moment & read the history & see what this woman and her son have done to support the law enforcement community.  I am honored to be a small part of Angel of Hope.

Testimonial #21

Kristen and her son are doing such an amazing job bringing awareness and support for Law Enforcement. I admire the way Kristen is raising her son. From a very young age, Kristen began setting an example for her son to respect Law Enforcement officers. She's grooming him into a fine man. He makes a B line for all uniformed men and women to shake their hand and thank them for their service. This, in my opinion is a true example of parenting done right. Thank you Kristen and Parker. Much love

Blue Angel of Hope defines Kristen and her son.

I don’t remember exactly how long I have known about Kristen’s passion in life now known as Blue Angel of Hope. I am a retired California Highway Patrol Officer. I entered the world of social media in a way to stay connected to my law enforcement career. That is how I became acquainted with the Blue Angel of Hope. Kristen and her son go out of their way to reach out to Officers injured in the line of duty, Departments of slain law enforcement officers, and the families of those officers. Kristen takes the first step to befriend emotionally distraught people to say thank you for the service provided to the public. Kristen and her son present a Thin Blue Line flag as a symbol of support and friendship. I’m definitely in support of good people such as Kristen and her nonprofit organization known as Blue Angel of Hope. Time is a valuable commodity. Kristen and her son share their time willingly to bring happiness and lift the burdens of others they don’t know. I’m glad I came across their posts on Facebook so I could become acquainted with nice people. I hope you are able to provide monetary assistance to Blue Angel of Hope because your money will be returned with love and support to law enforcement officers and their families worldwide.

Testimonial #19

Kristin ist a wonderful Person..she die Not knows me,only from my Work at @support our Heroes Oregon..
I'm from Germany, and the first she did, was send me a blue line flag and a blue Angels coin...this Lady Gaga a Heart of Gold

Patrolman 1

Kristin has a heart of Gold and she most definitely has a servant's heart, especially when it comes to honoring law enforcement officers and families of the fallen.
I'm proud to call her my friend !
Ofcr. C.P. Hart
Former Patrol Sgt. / DCSO

Retired Chief of Police

I met Kristen through the officer down we survived law enforcement page. She is a wonderful person caring person. She would give you anything to help you if you were in need. Myself I suffered a spinal cord injury on the job and had to retire after becoming Chief of Police at age 34. I have 3 small kids 9 6 and 2. Kristen has personally helped me when I had no where else to turn without hesitation. She is also a great friend to have.

Kristen Millard

Kristen Millard is a kind hearted loving person with a passion for law enforcement. Me myself am a Law Enforcement Explorer and I met Kristen at Rubios in Elk Grove. I saw her sitting across from me I noticed she had a blue line flag purse. I went over there saying that I noticed her bag and told her I am an explorer. We talked for about an hour or two which built a friendship. We both support law enforcement to the fullest and I thank her for all she does for them. It is nice to know someone who backs our brothers in blue.

Testimonial #15

Kristen has had an incredible impact on law enforcement officers across the country. Her selfless giving and generosity are unlike anyone else. She is always ready to lend a hand to someone in need and put the needs of others ahead of her own. I have had the pleasure of working with Kristen through Thin Blue Line USA over the last year and I excited to see the continued effect she will have on the law enforcement community.

Blue Angel of Hope Kristen Meyer-Millard

I have thought long and hard about what to say about Kristen
Meyer-Millard and her nonprofit, Blue Angel of Hope.  Let me start by
saying she has always been a FAITHFUL SHEEPDOG of all first responders. Police
have always seemed closest to her heart. Then on 1/15/2013 Officer Kevin Tonn, from our
home town of Galt ,Ca was killed while on duty. Kristen had never met Officer
Tonn, however, his passing while on duty dropped my dear friend to her knees.
Instantly she wanted to do something, anything, to honor this fallen officer.
Within  a day she had contacted our local police station and just days
later she spearheaded the Officer Tonn nonprofit as its Vice President. 
For the next few years they held fundraisers to build a wonderful memorial for
Kevin  and all First Responders. It is at City Hall in Galt . Let me say
as her best friend she has turned me into her sister in her wonderful journey.
She has dragged (lol) me to every event from the very beginning. I have watched
her evolve into the woman she is today. Kristen has spent the years since
Kevin’s passing donating her time, money, heart  and every fiber of her
being to reach out to ALL Officers across the United States and beyond. Every
family of an officer who has died in the line of duty will receive a Thin Blue
Line Flag along with a letter from her and her son, Parker, to honor their
loved one. She also sends them to the station where he or she worked. If that
wasn’t enough, she has also been sending these TBL flags to officers who are
injured or have an illness that’s stops them from working. She has made
lifelong  friendships with many of these officers and their families. She
has sent them gifts for their children at Christmas & food for their table
during the holidays. She also sends them food for everyday meals. She has paid
their bills  to keep the lights on & Every bit of this has come from
heart and soul. She has spent her own money on this for years. As her
friend/Sister, she has taken me on the journey with her & as she starts up
her nonprofit, Blue Angel of Hope, she has elected me to be the treasurer. I
hope all of you who read this can help fund the Blue Angel of Hope. Every
dollar goes to fund this great nonprofit. She has never accepted money for
herself for what she does, nor will she ever. Every dollar donated is needed to
honor the men and woman who put their lives on the line for us.


Peggy Luis

Treasurer of Blue Angel  of Hope

Testimonial #13

Kristen has been the most passionate and driven law enforcement supporter that we have seen. She has partnered with Thin Blue Line USA to help spread positive awareness, establish fundraisers, and give back to the community. Her generosity knows no bounds. We work with many law enforcement personnel and families at Thin Blue Line USA, but we are yet to find someone like Kristen. The enthusiasm and love she pours into everything she does is truly inspiring. We look forward to our partnership with Blue Angel of Hope and discovering new ways we can help the amazing law enforcement community together!


I was blessed to be connected with Kristen recently through an officer I know of who had been injured in the line of duty. I am an officer, and was the 75th officer who was shot in the line of duty in 2016. I am now facing a medical retirement because I am now permanently disabled and have been searching for and thinking about what my new purpose will be. How do I continue to help people? Well that's how I ended up connecting with Kristen and learning about Blue Angel of Hope. I have gotten to know her thru my injury and her mission and think the world of her and what she is doing. I hope to do some great things with her and Blue Angel of Hope to help officers and their families who are affected by line of duty injuries. Kristen is the real deal, compassionate, caring and just so genuine.


I met Kristen about a year ago, through Lt. Randy Sutton's site. Kristen contacted me, and ask if she could send me a Thin Blue Line Flag  in appreciation of my service. She did this at her own cost. To get a gift like this from a complete stranger is not only an honor, but quite humbling. Since that time, I have become friends on Face Book with Kristen. She is with out a doubt a part of our Law Enforcement family! If every American had just one tenth of the support and dedication that Kristen shows for The Thin Blue Line, our Country would be a better place, and a lot safer. Thanks Kristen for your dedication, and support, and for being my friend ,and Sister!! 

Blue Angel of Hope PA Chapter

Kristen has been a great friend for almost 2 years now and I am proud to be a part of the BAOH Family. I originally met Kristen through Facebook as I was sending out my St. Michael Support coins to departments and families with LODD and now we work amazing together. I am so proud of her and everything she has accomplished. 

Testimonial #9

Kristen and I started to chat almost 3 years ago. It was right after the Boston Ma bombing (it hit close to home) and the Paris bombing. Along the way of our chats Kristen said that she gave out TBL flags to those who have had a loss in the force. An instant friendship started. Over the past 2+ years I have followed in Kristen and Parkers footsteps and have been paying it forward to all enforcement. All that I ever ask for in return is a smile, handshake, and a name. Even though Kristen and I are more than 2600 miles apart we still have an unbreakable bond in "Blue Sisterhood", for together WE are strong and can accomplish anything!

Testimonial #9

I first heard Kristen when Randy Sutton interviewed her on his Blue Lives Radio podcast last October. I have always been a strong supporter of Law Enforcement and I had been trying find ways to show them support. I am a member of the Reserve force in a neighboring town, when I heard Kristen I knew she was the real deal. I really wanted to help her and Parker in anyway I could. I never have met another person with the passion she has and the dedication to Law Enforcement. Kristen is The Blue Angel of Hope and I am so excited and proud that she has allowed us me to be a small part in helping her. She is a gift from God to the Blue Lives and those who have given there lives in the line of duty. Thank you Kristen.

Testimonial #7

My daughter, Kristen, became involved with the Thin blue Line after an Officer lost his life in the line of duty in her hometown. She joined a citizen's group that started raising funds for a Memorial to be built in Galt, Ca to honor the Officer and other public servants who lose their life in the line of duty.  As she became more involved in this project, she brought my Grandson, Parker, and I along with her to the fundraisers she was helping with.  Over time, honoring LEO's has become her passion. She has taught her son, who is now 8 yrs old, to thank LEO's for their service and he now does this without being prompted.  I am so proud of the dedication she has and the willingness to do all she can to honor these brave Men and Women and to raise awareness in all people to thank them for all they do to protect and serve their communities.Thank you Kristen for all you to educate everyone on the meaning of the Thin Blue Line Flag and sending them to injured LEO's and the family's of the Fallen.. 

Police Officer

I met Kristen some months back while I was injured. Since then, kristen has became family. To say she has helped out would be an understatement. Kristen has gone above and beyond for my family and I. She never takes no for answer and always keeps moving forward. Kristen truly represents the Blue Angel of Hope. Thank you for all that you do Kristen!


Kristen is not only an amazing and caring woman, she is incredibly dedicated to the men and women of American Law Enforcement.  She has touched many lives who have been filled with loss by her efforts and we at BLUE LIVES MATTER applaud and support her.  

Testimonial #5

I first met Kristen when my husband was injured in the line of duty. We had just gotten home from the hospital when we received the flag. Little did we know, this would be the very thing that forged a forever friendship from an East coast family to a west coast family. We cherish the flag as a reminder of hope and a bright future. Kristen and Parker will always be a part of our extended family. We thank God that He used a bad situation to bring good.

Thank You

Thank You Tanya ! I am beyond blessed to be able to Pay it Forward to all of these Heroes in Blue. I will continue to do so with the help, Love and Support of the Angels that continue to bless me. Thank you to every LEO ! You are appreciated more than you know.


I am so proud to call Kristen one of my dearest friends. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your Journey to Bless LEOs and First Responders. You are a Blessing to so many people around the Country and you have a "Beautiful & Loving" heart. I look forward to being part of BAOH for a long time. May the Lord Bless Blue Angel of Hope!