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Caroline Gordon-Elliott

Learn alot

Thank you very much...i have learned so much and i cannot wait to take screenwriting 201 to continue to learn as i move forward in my acting career.


Caroline, it was a pleasure, even with the brain stretching, being with you and the other players today. Had fun. I’ve done some improv theatre productions but with COVID shutting down those things I’ve missed the work.

Thank you

Content was informative and useful. The examples provided were targeted and relevant. Workshop was accessible at 11am on a Sat NZT - total bonus! Would absolutely take another workshop if run at this time again.

I recommend

Enjoyed the class. Wish this class was done in person.


It was fun because it was my first time learning to act. I wish it was longer.

Took the screen writing 101

Very cool teacher. Easy to talk to. Will be using her methods in the future. Advertised her to my Artists for Art theatre Film and Tv group on Facebook


Class moved very quickly but Caroline provided the necessary basics involved in screenwriting. I am looking forward to taking more classes again you! Thank you!

No longer bound featured film

Thank you

Clever Creative Sparks Kids' Imagination

Acting for Kids has been a game-changer, drawing our daughter out of her shell, and bringing her to life through dynamic improv and fun role play. She looks forward to each class with excitement, sitting, riveted, on the edge of her seat. Caroline Gordon-Elliott is a whiz, a wonder, at engaging active kids and keeping them engrossed. My hat is off to Caroline, as one of the first to pivot, offering online classes in the spring – and doing so agilely. Her enthusiasm and quick, creative thinking shine, while she takes conscientious steps to include and engage every child in each activity. This is a wildly popular class – not one to be missed!

Really great

It was fun and engaging

Great class

My daughter absolutely enjoys her acting class. The teacher is on time and professional.


This was a great class. I learned so much!

Lots of fun

Fun learning. Lots of acting exercises and practices.

Screenwriting 101

Caroline is an AWESOME instructor. I reached out to her afterwards for help and she was very helpful.

Great teacher

Awesome class. Engaging and fun. Great teacher.

I Love Everything About This Group

I have been part of WAG since the Fall of 2015. The wonderful, courageous and honest but always supportive Caroline Gordon-Elliot helms this group of awesomely talented, committed, ambitious, creative and genuinely kind of writers and actors. I feel like I have a real creative community for the first time in years. Highly recommended.

The best writers group in the world!

I’m a writer and WAG has been an incredible place to workshop my scripts, act in other people’s and meet friends and collaborators! It’s not only helpful but also so much fun! :D

I am an actor, and I approve this message.

When I first joined WAG, I had no idea what to expect. To my surprise, it has become an artistic home for me, thanks to the incredible actors, talented writers, and, most of all, Caroline's exceptional leadership. For an actor like myself, its so fun to play with a different script each week, as well as learn more about the writing process, and what makes a good script. Thank you WAG for being a place where I have fun and grow at the same time!


A wonderful, supportive atmosphere that is always a unique experience. A place where you can grow and be free to fall flat on your face. I joined as an actor then ended up pulling three screenplays out of my trunk, writing a full-length play, and workshopping all of them in the group and had a wonderful experience all the way. Highly recommended to anybody in the performing arts who wants to show their wares or anybody who just sit back and have a good time with some great people.

Thank you wag!

Thank you wag for helping me to save thousands of dollars on therapy cause every Thursday no matter how I'm feeling, after a session of the wag, I leave feeling like a million bucks! I recommend the wag for anybody interested in acting and writing wether your a professional, beginner, amateur, or just do it as a hobby like me, its a great place to practice your craft, network, make new friends and just have a great time. Cudos to our lovely hostess the smart, witty and wise Caroline who every week manages to bring it all together and make us all feel comfortable and important and welcome
in a fun and warm environment.

Worth every penny

Of course the feedback from other writers and from the actors is fantastic to have, but the process, which allows you to hear your script, is invaluable. There is nothing like a table reading to help you hear the lines as an actor would act them, and nothing like a very basic staged reading to help you "see" your script in a fundamental way. The community is a godsend.