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Testimonial #17

Sam is a very talented artist, I have several pieces, too many to count and I cherish everyone of them!


Wrinkle Art has beautiful art work for sale or rent. And the owner's commitment to getting fine art in the hands of people is completely commendable. I would recommend anyone to get their art from Wrinkle Art.

Wrinkle Art

Wrinkle Art is the most beautiful online gallery with art you can buy or rent. How good is that? Wonderful collection of all genres of art, styles, artists and is visually delicious. Check it out!

Testimonial #14

Sam G is a very talented artist.  His works encompass a wide range of different styles and techniques.  He is diligent in updating and maintaining the Wrinkle Art site.  He is also fair and easy to work with.

Gallery /Artist Review

Samuel Gillis is an artist of the purest and highest form, and all his endeavors reflect his noble spirit. He creates because he knows no other way. He has literally painted thousands of wonderful works and shared, given, and sold them over the years to thousands of people. is a continuation of his exalted ventures, wherein he is establishing a marketplace not just for himself, but for his fellow artists. I love browsing the site and reading about the artists, and I look forward to its growth and development. A physical gallery where we can walk in so as to enjoy the art on walls is something I am very much looking forward to. I get the sense that Samuel is just beginning something far vaster than he even knows, and I wish him and all his fellow artists all the best! --Dr. Elliot McGucken


Beautiful art, great customer service. I own several pieces from this gallery and I couldn't be happier with them! Highly Recommend!!!

Great work

Samuel is an amazing artist. My fiance commissioned two pictures for me. The first was a picture of my 2 favorite movie characters & the second was a portrait of my fiance & myself. I fell in love with both of them & they are now my absolute favorite works of art. Amazing job! Thank you again Samuel.


I enjoyed working with Gallery Swarm/Wrinkle Art for my art needs. They
have a wide range of art styles, mediums and techniques to choose from. I
would recommend getting your art from them.


Gallery Swarm/Wrinkle Art, and especially Sam Gillis, work extremely
hard to make the GALLERY SWARM/Wrinkle Art site successful.  Sam is easy
to work with and very fair and honest. He has the client and artist at
heart, and he aims to please.  I am so happy to have sold one of my
paintings on his site in less than a week after it was posted.  I highly
recommend Gallery Swarm?Wrinkle Art to both art lovers, buyers, and artists. 


few weeks ago I purchased two paintings from Gallery Swarm/Wrinkle Art 
and when the pieces arrived I was happily surprised; the work was even
more stunning in person then in the photos.  The pieces are fantastic
and the prices were  terrific.   I would strongly suggest that  anyone
looking to purchase good art work at reasonable prices have a  look at
the Gallery Swarm/Wrinkle Art website. Enrique

Gallery Swarm/Wrinkle Art

I can attest to the huge amount of support that Gallery Swarm/Wrinkle Art gives its
artists. My brother Che was welcomed and encouraged from the beginning
by the Gallery Swarm family, and it enriched his experience as an


I have had the opportunity to work with Sam and Gallery Swarm/Wrinkle
Art through Chicago Art Leasing and the quality, professionalism and
creative have all been exceptional. Sam's work has been very popular
with a wide range of clients including designers and home stagers, and I
could not be more pleased to have one of his works as part of my own
private collection. I recommend his services and skills without


I found work with Sam as a very positive experience: he is very
professional, very helpful and very friendly. Gallery Swarm/Wrinkle Art art events are
amazing; not only in the number of people who came, but the great
variety of people who were truly interested in the art.


I think Sam is a great Artist!  I love his Landscapes.  He also does
great portraits.  I love nature, i have a few of his Landscapes, I get
compliments on them all the time.  


I have purchased several pieces from Gallery Swarm/Wrinkle Art ( Sam )
over the years and I've found some great pieces at amazing prices.  Sam
is a very talented Artist and he's very enterprising as well, he's
always trying to help others by bringing other talented people to the "
lime light " via his website.  I truly LOVE my pieces I've purchased in
the past and plan to buy more in the future.  I would strongly suggest
anyone reading this take a look at the Gallery's website because I know
you'll find something you'll LOVE as well !!  Keep up the good work Sam
and producing those wonderful pieces of Art !!!!


Sam and Gallery Swarm/Wrinkle Art are amazing to work with! I have been
so lucky to be a part of his growing artistic family. He has an amazing
eye for talent and never takes short cuts for his clients. If you
haven't had the chance to check out Gallery Swarm, DO IT!! You'll be
glad you did! :)