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Olivia is the most beautiful woman I have met in real life, after a hard time meeting her, she is special and worth everything. I highly recommmed.


I was in Brisbane on business last week and had the pleasure of spending some time with this amazing lady, Olivia last week. Arranged an appointment through txt and confirmed the appointment 1 hour prior.

I got to her apartment she opened the door and there she was. She’s gorgeous, has beautiful long dark hair and a firm curvaceous body. We sorted the formalities and I went off to take a shower. After the shower, I sat on the bed and we had some small talk and soon enough she eased me into some DFK. She’s a passionate kisser and I enjoyed that a lot. I kissed her body and sucked on her nipples. Then I slipped my hand down to her pussy. She was wet so I started rubbing her and then fingering her which she seemed to like as did I.

Then she took over and started sucking me. It was amazing. She has great technique and skills. I tried hard not to cum.  Then she slid a condom on and rode me on top. We tried a couple of different positions. I got to experience her beautiful body while she rode me. She has a beautiful ass. Then she finished me off with some more amazing BJ skills. The best I’ve ever had =D.

She was so sweet and attentive to my needs. After our session, we had some time left so we had a chat. She is an easy person to talk to. From our conversation, I felt she was a kind lady. Overall I had an amazing GFE experience with Olivia and I would certainly visit her again when I’m in Brisbane.


Olivia is one gorgeous lady. Very passionate,  a great kisser and looks to die for. She puts a lot into your time together and I will definitely be seeing her again ;-)


Just an amazing woman who makes you feel amazing. Makes you feel like you are in an amazingly lustful connection.

She kisses amazingly and makes you almost blow with the first touch of her lips. A beautiful soft skin and touch makes your heart race.

Her body is amazingly curvy and very firm. Her hair is beautiful and long and feels amazing on your skin.

Lastly, our lovely after talks are relaxing before having to sadly leave.

She is definitely a one of a kind.


A little bit of small talk, we exchange the money and I take a shower. After the shower she leads me to the bedroom and she pulls me close and kisses me deeply. DFK is definitely offered. She reaches down and pulls off my towel and grabs me downstairs while I try to take off the incredibly complex lingerie piece she's wearing. I fail so she takes it off for me, pushes me back and proceeds to the bj. Wow. Almost blow in her mouth but I manage to control myself and I engage in some DATY. I find myself going back to DFK alot as she's really great at this.

She then suggests for me to lay back and she mounts me and shows me how good her technique is. She also adjusts her position so that we can kiss or I get a good view of her body. We alternate between her on top/missionary before I blow.

Afterwards we lie next to each other and chat till the session is over. I could have pressed for another round but I was content just chatting to her as she's quite lovely.