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A valuable strategic partner!

We worked with Threegon in the development of our STEM education platform from early prototyping all the way into production. Oliver, Scott and the rest of the team communicated constantly with our industrial design team to ensure the feasibility of the designs, recommended materials and suggested changes when necessary. Thanks to their expertise, we successfully launched our product to market. The quality and speed of delivery made Threegon a valuable strategic partner and our go-to company when it comes to product development. I cannot recommend them highly enough!
Alexander Agudelo, CTO

Fantastic Partners

Threegon's dedication to quality, open communication, innovation, planning and efficiency assisted greatly in the successful roll out of our (Aim Lab Automation Technologies) largest tooling project to date. One project in particular had extremely challenging cosmetic and structural requirements and the team at Threegon were instrumental in ensuring a successful result, which enabled us to exceed our customers expectations.

Great team!

Scott has a great team working with him - Leo, Annie, Lisa, Hans, Mr. Tan have provided prompt and outstanding support and feedback. I cannot commend their proactive mindset highly enough! A pleasure to work with this superb group of professionals. 

I went in and hit the 5 stars!

Thanks Scott. Maurice is on it and we greatly appreciate your patience on the project.

Excellent support, adaptability and team co-ordination

I worked with Threegon during one of the most intense and time critical medical-device compliance project phases and found them very supportive and adaptable to quick changes. I found project team at Threegon absolutely brilliant at multi-tasking and keeping the track of changes being communicated using multiple platforms without losing any information even during pressing timelines for months together. Having worked with an injection company myself, I believe that team Threegon does have skills and expertise to help clients take project from concept to reality which comes in handy for early phases of product development. My best wishes to Scott and team Threegon.

Exceptional Communication and Technical Ability

Threegon are an exceptional supplier to work with, having engaged over many years of development and production there has never been any doubt in their ability to solve complex manufacturing issues and deliver a product that meets our expectations. Their communication sets them apart from most Chinese suppliers, having close contact with a highly skilled team of professionals in every area of the business gives me transparency and confidence they are the right manufacturer for our products.

Entrepreneur with a focus on developing new simulated technologies for paediatric training.

We have been working with Scott for close to 5 years now and have found both him and his team to be extremely reliable and resourceful. Throughout the process of manufacturing several products there is yet to be a problem Threegon haven't found a solution for.


I have been working with the team at Threegon for a few years and they have been active in trying to make my product a success rather than cut corners. They are competent and consider seriously all aspects of development and production. I have confidence that Threegon will deliver the best outcome.

An excellent experience.

Working with Threegon has been an excellent experience. We spent a long time searching for the right manufacturers and Threegon have definitely met and exceeded our expectations. They are dedicated, efficient, communicate well and produce great results. We have found a longterm partner with them.

Hard work, experience and dedication.

"Threegon has contributed significantly to our project. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and your team; your hard work, experience and dedication are clearly presented in the Pod we produced and for that we are thankful. We are certainly looking forward to working with you more in the future"

100% Happy with the final result.

Thank you so much for the fantastic Nail Snails. They arrived and I was so incredibly happy to see them! The quality is outstanding and I am 100% happy with the final result. I know that you and the Threegon team worked so hard to give me a quality that I was happy with and a product that I am really proud of. Thank you again. The customer feedback that I am receiving is fantastic!

Tooling, Manufacturing, Assembly

For my new products, I was fortunate to be involved with Scott and his team at Threegon offering an integrated service for tooling, manufacturing and assembly. Everyone worked together to achieve the quality end result I required. Threegon definitely values their clients and ensures expectations are met. It has been a very interesting journey, which I look forward to developing further.

On every occasion they have met or exceeded expectations.

Over the past 2 years, Scott and his team have been excellent partners in the development of our products. The working relationship has been open, collaborative, thoughtful and successful. There have been challenges with our products, but on every occasion they have met or exceeded expectations. They have also communicated clearly and warmly welcomed our staff to their facility on a number of occasions. I can highly recommend Scott and his team at Threegon - we certainly look forward to working with them in the future.

I cannot recommend highly enough.

I collaborated closely with Scott over the course of years as we went through the complex process of bringing a new mechatronic consumer product to market. Scott is one of the most competent and easy to work with individuals I've had the pleasure of knowing. He stands out in the HK/Shenzhen manufacturing industry as an individual of exceptional integrity. We engaged his firm early on, and we could not have asked for a better liaison.  Scott combines deep knowledge of manufacturing processes such as injection molding, with a commitment to getting the job done properly and a willingness to always go the extra mile. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

A pleasure to deal with.

Thank you all for your excellent work. I have found Threegon and the people who work for the company a pleasure to deal with, I hope our two companies will work together long into the future

Excellent product quality and product support.

I worked with Scott when I was Project Leader at TTI Floor Care. As Managing Director at THREEGON, Scott and his team provided excellent product quality and product support for TTI's series of portable pressure washers. Scott was focused on meeting TTI's production schedule while addressing any quality issues which did occur along the way in a prompt , cost optimal manner. I would highly recommend Scott and THREEGON for any OEM needs you may have.

Output has been impressive.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Scott Fong and his superb design team and the output has been impressive. Scott Fong and his team possess the unique combination of technical expertise and high level of integrity that guarantee the successful completion of projects they take on.

Great Results

Scott and his team at Threegon have worked with us on many projects. You can rely on them to achieve great results, on-time and at a competitive cost.

Tooling, Injection & Assembly

Since meeting Scott Fong and his team @ Threegon and trialing them on a variety projects/ products, I have now assigned all our newly developed plastics based product housings to be tooled, injected and where applicable, assembled by Threegon.