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Down 4lbs Week One of The Seamoss Challenge!!

Making my shakes and taking 2 servings a day for 7 days so far and I am feeling great, skin clear and down 4 lbs!  

Game Changer

I like using New Maroon's Products it has boosted my inner health and physical health . I've used the male roots and herbal sea moss and they have replaced my store bought vitamins . I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a pure source of nutrition .   

WOW! My kids actually LIKE IT!

I'm a busy mom of three and I was looking for something other than gummy vitamins and sugary "treats" to get clean, vegan and whole nutrition into my little busy bodies!  I'm so glad I found New Maroon Naturals Foundation Children's Herbal Nutrition drinks! I just add them to their lunches and know that they're good to go!  It's really helped with mental fog and focus at school and their skin is just glowing!  


Tried this product and it's fantastic!   My wife likes it too! ;-)


This is best quality seamoss on the market.  I've tried many that are runny, smelly and taste bad.  New Maroon brand has a great consistency, tastes and smells great.


I take the herbal elixir daily and have noticed more energy, clearer skin and better appetite control!  I'm losing weight and feeling great! Recommended A++++