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Child Custody Case

I had a prolonged child custody dispute that followed my original divorce decree seeking full custody. Ms. Smith walked me through understanding some steps and options and brought on board other legal entities to ensure my child had an advocate of their own in the system. Ms. Green also assisted in taking up my case to do a great deal of the back and forth and explaining to me the details of the law I wasn’t aware of and familiar with to help me make more informed decisions on behalf of my child. Their team worked on my case and worked towards more immediate resolutions that helped to avoid prolonging the issue further.

Professional and Responsive

Monica and Angela were steady, provided their expertise, listened and responded, and maintained professionalism. Thank you.

Bedford Office

I was very pleased how Carey & the ladies handle my case. From the very first day, Carey explain to me the process into which we would move forward in my case. She was very professional and kind and courteous toward my needs. Although I hope I never need to call upon her services again I would not hesitate to do so if needed. The few times that I was in the office all of the ladies welcomed me and made me feel right at home.

He knows

He knows his stuff. He is very thorough. He is honest. He is experienced. He has pointed me in the right direction to take a shot at justice. Thank you.

Great with family law!

Carey was very patient and helped us understand all the legal terminology when it came to producing our will. She waited on us and answered questions till we had exactly what we wanted.

Professional & Convenient

Jennifer B. and Atty. Carey - Prompt, Professional, Friendly & Convenient. Will definitely use their services again.

Excellent Experience

Monica Smith and Jennifer Brad are a winning combination. They seamlessly support you, are responsive, knowledgeable and patient with every question and concern. In particular, they are both willing to take the time to allow you to tell your story in your own words and then backtrack to fit it into the appropriate legal framework - a huge benefit for those that are not cognizant of all aspects of law relating to your issue. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone needing assistance with a legal matter.

Professional and Proficient

Jennifer B. and Atty. Carey were very professional and compassionate with my inquiry. If I need any other legal services, I will certainly contact this office. Thank you for all of your assistance.



Our non-profit organization needed help getting everything set-up. We didn't know what to do or where to start. Monica Smith at BeachleySmithLaw went above and beyond assisting us to get everything perfect, and of course legal with the IRS. I could not recommend Monica and the folks at BeachlySmithLaw enough. It is so comforting to know our non-profit organization was set-up properly and Monica was readily available to assist with any questions or concerns we had, at any time of day. Bravo!


Carey was super helpful in my dispute. She is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions with ease. She gave me all the information I needed to effectively evict tenants. I would certainly recommend this firm to family and friends. Thanks for all your hard-work and help! :)

Thank you Monica

I spoke to several attorneys about the lease I was offered. You were the only one who actually cared. Thank you for taking the time to help me. I would never have gotten such a good deal if I tried to negotiate this myself. I don't know what I would have done without you. Thank you.


Monica Smith is an outstanding attorney. She negotiated a real estate contract for me, and I got a better deal than I ever expected. Monica answered all the questions I had, and made sure I understood the process every step of the way. Knowing that she was handling my case made this a smooth and stress free experience. She was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs an attorney.

Thank you Monica Smith!!!

Monica, was very supportive, took the time to lessening and give me the best advise. I do reccomend the firm and specially Monica, she was very easy to work with. Thank you again!


By far the best set of lawyers and paralegals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. After 11 years post divorce, my ex showed up out of the blue to try and get visitation rights to my kids, and even further complicated the situation by asking for custody of the kids he hadn’t been involved with at all. Mr. Beachley and Mrs. Smith represented me so well and were very informative throughout the entire process. They provided me with options, suggested other options with some of my requests, but ultimately supported me in how I wanted the case to go. Fast forward about a year after the original case was completed and here comes my ex again. Mr. Beachley and Mrs. Smith didn’t miss a beat! They remembered my case, was there for me in a way that felt genuine and professional. I pray I don’t need a lawyer for the third time, but if I do, it will be with Beachley Smith Law!


Child Support Case.. I filed with Texas over 10 years ago and didn’t get anywhere. I tried going to the big law firms (TV ads) and was told since it was out of state it would be a lot of time, work and money. As a single parent there was no way I was gonna pay triple the price. So I just relied on the state to help me find him. Till I found Beachley Law firm. I met Monica Smith during my consultation and left with an agreement in hand. Not even 30 days my child’s father was found in another state and paperwork filed. Monica got me temporary child support in less than 60 days til the DNA results came in. Court date was set but she worked with his attorney where my child and I didn’t even have to step foot in the court room. Monica got me back child support and setup monthly child support payments all within 4 months of her taking on my case. As a added bonus, my custody terms were written out and granted. The terms was sent over to the Texas OAG, I setup to receive auto payment and my childs payments came right in. I wish I found her sooner, I wasted 10 yrs but THANKS AGAIN to Monica Smith, she made him PAY!!!


Monica Smith is an excellent, caring and compassionate Attorney. I couldn’t ask for a better Attorney to handle my case. She is always up front with me and makes me feel like I am important. The entire staff at the Bedford office are amazing. Monica, Carey and Robin are all so caring and supportive. If you want an Attorney who will fight for you, you can’t go wrong with Monica or Carey.


I had the pleasure of working with Monica Smith as my lawyer, and she made everything a very easy and smooth process. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need. Very thankful for all of her help!


Where do I begin? Most simply put, Attorney Monica Smith whole heartily took on my child custody case when it seemed there was no hope for a father. The time, detail and dedication put forth far exceeded even the high recommendation I received from a family friend who has also benefited from this firms services. Monica has been nothing short of fair and honest throughout the entire process. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Beachley Smith Law pllc to anyone in need!!


running ads that say free consultation and then charge you $100 for a consultation.


The team in the Bedford office was amazing in handling my legal paper work for my last will and testament. Not only was the staff courteous, they helped me through the emotional and familial concerns related to my documents. Lawyer Smith was intelligent, professional, and explained all the paperwork to me in a way that made me feel confident that I understood everything. I look forward to working with the practice in the future as they explained they can help me with the closing and title documents to my new home. I highly recommend !!


I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for helping
me. I know these things aren’t easy and I just wanted to say thank you taking
your time and making sure this was a clean cut and done case.


Thanks for the helpful advice and insight into helping to settle a lawsuit to our satisfaction. Mr Beachley III helped us out every step of the way, and their office had great customer service.



Thank you for the notice and the work
your firm did. If I or my wife should ever have any other needs in the future I
hope I will be able to use y'all again.


I appreciate the time your office took to review my case.

 Thank you so much


Thanks for Yesterday.  Everything went so smoothly. 

Testimonial #8

I have to say over the years I
have occasionally come to need the services of a handful of attorneys for a variety
of reasons. Wills, Adoptions, divorce, estate planning, and now a lawsuit
involving identity theft.  For me, it is usually the same story. When you talking
about hiring the attorney, at retainer payment time, they are going to go to
the moon and back for you. Then come court day, they are late, unorganized,
no real plan and seem to be playing catch up the whole time while charging
you by the hour, when really they just didn’t do their homework.  I know
some of you have been there! Right?


This was NOT the case
with Monica J. Smith, Attorney at Law,
PLLC.  Most professional attorney I have worked with. She showed up on
time and she had done her homework and had a solid plan. Most importantly
beforehand, she and her staff took the time to listen to my needs in the beginning
that allowed for clear understanding and communication throughout the process.  When
the case was called, Monica knew the law, had a solid plan, the facts and she professionally represented me. Win or lose I
was impressed. It was seconds and she has the other side speechless with no
possible comeback for their case. We won hands down. If it were a boxing
match -- it would have been a TKO in first 10 seconds and the next 10
seconds walking away with class.  Now I know not ever case can go
this smooth. But I assure you this attorney does her homework and she is TOP
SHELF in legal services.  I highly recommend her and her team.
Thank you Law Offices of Charles E. Beachley III! 


I felt that the service I received was nice enough, but I did not feel like I got what I paid for. It took more than 48 hours, most times, for someone to respond to my questions. I felt that I did not get good legal counsel about what my options and rights of action were, resulting in me not getting what was expected. 

Testimonial #7

Thank you, Monica, for a job well done. 


I am very well pleased.

Testimonial #7

I just wanted to reach out and send a big thank you to Monica!! I received a refund in the amount of $663.92 from Spring Lake Apartments. This was my deposits and an over payment. Thank you again for your wonderful service!! I wish you all a wonderful day!

Testimonial #7

I would like to thank you for all the help,fast and easy handling of my case. 

I never had an experience before in dealing legal matters  and I was so scared when I learned I got a lawsuit.

But Attorney Smith and your office made it easy for me to be not to stressed or bothered at all about it.

Since i handed out the case to you all I was at peace and the prompt communication was very convenient and

I was never worried of anything for some reason.


Thank you very much.

Testimonial #7

Chuck, thank you for the business.  Monica, is great to work with and did a super job.  She was well prepared and had good rapport with her client.  I am not surprised, given her mentor.

Testimonial #7

Just sending a simple thank you.  I really appreciate your expertise and help yesterday.