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Fun and effective

ShanShan laoshi is absolutely amazing. Her lessons are so fun and engaging that my kids drop everything (including IPads!) when she arrives. Our 9 and 5 year olds have now been her mandarin students for 2 years and we could not be happier with the results. Prior to studying Chinese with ShanShan, we wasted two years at a weekend mandarin program where my son did not make any progress. After two years of twice a week hourly classes with ShanShan, he can now hold a basic conversation in Mandarin and write short essays. ShanShan is the most incredible Mandarin teacher. We are very lucky to have found her.

Fun Mandarin school for your child

If you are looking for Mandarin School for your kids, come to mandarin discovery preschool. This school offer fresh materials every week and focus on oral practicing. Let your kids pick up the language through fun activities and real conversations!

Excellent Mandarin tutor

Shan Shan is a wonderful teacher!! My son needed to learn a year's worth of Chinese in 2 weeks so he could pass a placement test- she was organized, methodical, and encouraging- he did it and we are thrilled- Thank you!!


Shanshan is a great Mandarin tutor. She works with our 4-year old and does a great job preparing and presenting fresh and engaging material every week. I would absolutely recommend her services.


Our 3 year old son loves it! My husband was dubious initially that our son would be willing to go on a Saturday but he's genuinely excited to go to class every week. He loves his teachers and classmates. The format is great with a mix of one on one, small group and big group activities. Everything is age appropriate and designed to be fun. And best of all, he's actually learning to speak Chinese!

Testimonial #16

Shan Shan is a fantastic Chinese teacher.  She is engaging and creates a fun learning environment for both my children.  My children's Chinese has greatly improved in their time with Shan Shan.  I would highly recommend her classes and tutoring.

Testimonial #15

Shanshan has been teaching our kids for about a year now and we are very happy with the progress.  Her lesson plans are well thought out and keep the kids engaged.  They are learning Chinese while having fun!

Testimonial #14

Our daughter attends weekend classes and she loves the activities, lessons and interactions among both students and teachers. She is able to retain a good portion of her studies and learns not only Mandarin but is becoming familiar with various Chinese customs. Definitely a worthwhile program!

Testimonial #13

My 9-year old son attends a Chinese language school. As he's advanced, the work was difficult for me to keep up with as we're not speakers in our home. A parent recommended Shanshan to tutor him; she has exceeded my expectation! She's encouraged him to speak more Mandarin in his everyday activity. She's very organized and patient. She really cares about how he's been progressing in his study of the language. I like how she works with him and explains every lesson and next step with me after every tutoring session. My son is showing a renewed excitement for learning Mandarin and it's because of Shanshan.

Great experience

Shanshan and her team do an excellent job having the children learn and understand mandarin. Her methods enable the children to learn through play, music, activities and projects. The classes are structured and interactive. The follow up she probably hides with parents and homework assigned for the kids is a huge help for both parents and students. We are having a great experience with this with both of our children.

My children love to sing Chinese songs

My children love going to Li laoshi class. They are speaking more Mandarin and love to sing Chinese songs they learn from class.

Great teaching method

Grandpa wanted my kids to learn mandarin and I said let's give a try and my kids love it. Shanshan makes this summer more enjoyable, she makes learning so much easier with her techniques. One of my favorite parts of learning mandarin is listening to my son singing in Chinese.

Great Mandarin Preschool

My husband and I are so thankful we found Mandarin Discovery School. We decided we wanted our daughter to learn Mandarin as a second language and Mandarin Discovery has made her learning process so enjoyable! Shanshan Li is extremely professional, wonderfully warm and cares deeply about helping her students to love learning Mandarin. Her and the staff are very committed to the student's learning process and provide a fun yet firm foundation for acquiring not only language skills but social and school skills as well. Our daughter loves Li Lao shi and looks forward to going to school!! While not yet three, she confidently weaves her Mandarin throughout her ever growing toddler vocabulary!! Thank you Mandarin Discovery School!! 

The absolute best

I am so lucky to have found Shan Shan. My half Chinese kids weren't paying attention in Chinese school and were barely learning anything. A few lessons with Shan Shan and my 5 and 7 year olds were willingly practicing Mandarin with me instead of rolling their eyes and groaning. She keeps the lessons interesting while still sticking to a routine that involves reviewing old material. She is firm with the children when they misbehave and entertains them when they get bored. She sends me lesson plans which often involve arts and crafts to keep them entertained and feedback every week. Homework is appropriate for their age and level. She is responsive to every emails and text. I am amazed impressed with Shan Shan's professionalism but the most important thing is that my kids are learning Chinese (including reading and writing!) and loving it. I cannot recommend her more.

Shanshan is a phenomenal Chinese tutor!

Shanshan Li has been an excellent caregiver for my three young children ages 6, 4, and 2 and is a phenomenal Chinese tutor. She helps them with their Chinese homework every weekend and is extremely thorough and effective. Shanshan thinks of creative games to play so the kids have fun while learning a new language. They can recognize, recite and even draw Chinese characters with great ease thanks to Shanshan’s thoughtful teaching methods.  My kids get excellent reviews at their Chinese school because of Shanshan's help and they all speak fluent Chinese now. I highly recommend her services.

Li Laoshi is a phenomenal teacher!!

Li Laoshi is a phenomenal teacher!! She is patient and loving, and can connect with the children exactly at their levels.  She has high expectations for her students, and she always encourages and inspires them to learn more.  My 3-year old son Justin was in her class when he was around two, and we liked her so much, we hired her to be his private Mandarin tutor.  In just a few classes, his Chinese has improved remarkably. He started with barely speaking much Chinese to being able to read and write several characters, and even write his own name.  I'm so happy to see that she has improved his self-confidence and enhanced his love of learning Chinese. He loves spending time with Li Laoshi - it's the highlight of his week!  I would highly recommend Li Laoshi to any parent!

Shanshan made learning Chinese fun!

My daughter is half Chinese and we send her to Chinese school. With me not being a native speaker it began to be very challenging to keep up with helping her study and do her homework. I was elated when ShanShan agreed to tutor my daughter. In her words: "Shanshan made learning Chinese fun again with not just practicing and reading, bilirubin with singing and little rewards".  I have personally been delighted with Shanshan's professionalism, and for bringing the joy to my kids of learning Chinese.  It was one of the best decisions I have made- hiring Shanshan!​                                                                                        

Shanshan is absolutely amazing!

Shanshan has been teaching our children Mandarin for the last six months.  She is absolutely amazing! From the first time she started working with them, she impressed us with how much she engages them every second she is with them.  For every session, she prepares songs, books, games and activities targeted to improve their language skills and generally develop them.  Our children's only exposure to Mandarin is a few hours a week with Shanshan -- yet, our toddler speaks as many words in Mandarin as she does in the two languages she hears all of the time. I think that is a true testament to Shanshan's talent, skill and dedication to her students.

She is very patient!

Shanshan has been tutoring my kids in Mandarin for many years and they have really enjoyed her lessons. She is very patient, prepares lesson plans that engage the kids in learning and provides useful feedback on their progress. She provides instruction on correct pronunciation, writing and reading. My kids are attending Chinese school and I chose to supplement their learning with Shanshan's lessons, which has been helpful. They look forward to her lessons every week because she knows how to teach kids effectively and has a warm, caring personality. I highly recommend learning with Shanshan as you won't be disappointed!"

Shanshan is a very dedicated teacher!

Shanshan is fully engaged and makes learning Mandarin fun by incorporating music, songs, and activities in each weekly lesson plan. Shanshan also communicates well with parents and is organized and diligent in her preparation for every class. Our son has no exposure to Chinese at home, yet after only a few lessons, he says some Chinese words and sings/hums some songs too! Highly recommended.