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Super skeptic to Amazed believer !

For basically my entire life I have been suffering greatly from severe anxiety and anxiety attacks and all their associated symptoms . I also have arthritis and a few other physical ailments. For years I endured the traditional medical route , but the traditional treatments and medicines only made my symptoms a 100 times worse. I was truly miserable! When someone would mention Reiki to me through the years I would simply smile and say I don't believe that could ever help me and walk away shaking my head in disbelief. After so many years of suffering, I finally gave in and figured what do I have to lose, really not expecting much of anything. But simply put, IT WORKED ! To me, it appeared to be a miracle! After all those years of suffering, I wished I hadn't been such a skeptic and tried it sooner! The sessions have helped me in every aspect of my life, physically as well as mentally and have just helped me become a better person. I have had reiki done by several different people, and Melissa is by far the best! She truly believes in what she's doing and helps you to believe also, even though I still don't understand It and can't really explain it. She truly and deeply cares about her patients and is committed to improving everyone's lives In whatever way they need help. So to sum it all up, if you're suffering in any way, don't be like me and continue suffering for many years because you are a skeptic, just give Melissa and Reiki a try, you really have nothing to lose but everything to gain! The only way that I can prove to everyone that everything that I have said is true is for you to call Melissa and give Reiki a try. You will not be disappointed and probably be amazed! THANK YOU MELISSA !


I have already done 2 reiki & crystal reiki sessions with Melissa & I already have my 3rd session scheduled. I am a person who struggles with anxiety & stress. During my 1st session I had a “breakthrough” & was extremely emotional. I burst out into tears & Melissa was so compassionate, understanding, & genuine. It was an amazing experience that is almost impossible to put into words. Melissa kept in touch with me throughout the week to help me with all of the different emotions I was feeling. I can honestly say that Reiki has helped me change my life. You have to actually experience it to believe it!


Great service. Couldn't be more pleased. I highly recommended Melissa.


Wonderful...highly recommend!


I was skeptical at first and hesitant to spend the money. Melissa’s wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm, and genuine care made Reiki a powerful experience for me. It gave me a relief from sinus pressure, a persistent cough, and a nagging lack of energy. I no longer came home from work exhausted with a tension headache! Energy seemed to radiate throughout my being, allowing me to be more productive and happier.