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Beautiful grief ritual

I am still in a fog from the ritual you shared with me. I cannot put into words how transformed I feel. Thank you for helping me. I can breathe again.

Head shaving ritual

Thank you for making this difficult time for my mother so special. You brought so much joy to our family and my mothers tears were tears of joy not of sadness. You're so special.

THank you

Thank you so much Christin, for helping my son through his long stay in the hospital with colon cancer. It took me many months to write this because it is still hard for me to write about his passing. He was so young and vibrant before the cancer. Thank you for allowing us to see his smile again. You were truly a gift to him. He looked so forward to your visits.


Christin saw me in the hospital for many days after I was diagnosed with CLL. At 50 I was certainly not ready for this long hospitalization. I was terrified. I was angry. I was afraid. The one thing that saved me from depression was seeing this angels face. When she would come in and work with me, everything went away and I was transported to some other place. I don't know how she does what she does but I can never thank her enough. She is an angel.

Tea Cremony

I was diagnosed with leukemia after taking care of my wife who had breast cancer. Both os us had a poor prognosis given to us. We have two biological and one "adopted" teens who cant cope with this. Ive been in the hospital for 3 weeks and my wife with breast cancer is home alone. Christin had been working with me nad even had a hair cutting ceremony because my hair was falling out. She offered to have a Tea circle with my entire family. We all shared so much. The next day, the doctors gave us both good news that the cancer was out of our bodies and the chemo was working!

Moms helper

Thank You for helping with my Mom during her painful and difficult times. The end-of-life was so hard for us and or her. Thank you for helping her through that. She looked forward to your visits daily and would ask for you only. Thank you for being her healer and her help. I rest knowing she left in peace.

Much needed relief

I haven't felt this relaxed in a long time after seeing Kristin. My Parkinsons has never let up and has rendered me a recluse and when she left I was not shaking and could complete a sentence.

First hand experience

Although I had heard through "the grapevine", mostly through our patients how wonderful you are & what a benefit you are to them; I must say to have experienced firsthand your expertise what SUCH a blessing!! I left "floating" having felt such benefit from your hand, and gentle, kind touch!! I have harkened back, so to speak a handful of times since them as I have had some difficulties, and simply the remembrance has helped me! Thank you!! Thank you!!! :)

Guided Death

Christin came to my sisters side during time of need as a family. We were not doing well handling the reality of the situation. Christin came in an made sense of everything and calmed our anxietes. She helped me to discuss the dying process, and make me feel okay about the subject matter. She also helped our family immensley by taking care of all the things we had forgotten to think about, all the little things. We couldnt have done it without her. She made something so scar and horrible, into a beautiful celebration and reminder of how to live!


My dad was getting more and more depressed as he lay in doors with low platelets because of his HLH. He wasn’t himself. Christin came in with such a cloud of calm and happiness that I felt his mood change. She said she understood the rationale of being inside but assured us we could go outside as long as he had a mask. She brought us out to nature and planned an entire afternoon. She put leaves and flowers and pine cones on my dads lap so he could feel them. We talked about his fears she did Massage and Riki on him. He wept. After the afternoon, we went back inside and redressed him and he said he felt like a new man. It was such a blessing. Thank you for thinking outside the box for Dad.

Nervous tick

I saw Christin for my nervous tick that had developed after I gave birth to my son and had developed post-partum depression and exhaustion. The first thing she did was touch three spots on my body that shot incredible pain in my body. She smiled and said "I see". She then had me sit down. She worked on me and I drifted off and afterwards my tick was gone! I had been put on multiple drugs to try and help and noting touched it. I don't know what she did, but Ive never been so shocked and happy. Miracle worker. Thank you.

Putting back the pieces

I was in the hospital and had just received not one, but two terminal diagnoses. I told my daughter how I was beginning to feel more in search of my spirituality and that's when she came in. Christian has such a way of calming me and bringing me closer to my place of spirituality. I felt I was breaking apart and she put the pieces back together. After our time together, I was able to make decisions abut hospice and my living situation. Thank You. I'll never be able to thank you enough.

As my mother passed

Christin met with my mom and my family many times. She was the only thing that my mom looked forward to in the hospital. She would bring her drums and her song, and use oils and touch and energy to create peace for my mom. When she left, my mom was a different person. She was calm and out of pain and suffering and talked less about her fear of her cancer. I don't know how she did it, but when my mother passed, she was there at her bedside and did something to alleviate my mothers breathing from being so terrible. She laid her hands on my mother and whispered a few things and then my mom got this peaceful look on her face, breathed normal, and passed away. We cried tears of joy instead of tears of sadness. I will be forever grateful for the work she did. She is magical.

Tea Talk

I attended a Tea ceremony with Christin recently. I had never attended one and had no idea what to expect. I was blown away by her grace and her love. I was instantly at ease. She was so humble in sharing that it was not her that offered the inner stillness, but the Tea and the shared space. I highly recommend a Tea ceremony with her. The messages she shares really resonated with me for my life at that time. I felt she was hearing my own thoughts.

Patient feedback

As a Palliative Care provider, I continue to get extremely positive feedback about Christin Ament.
One patient told me this week that Christin’s care was “life changing” during her last admit. The patient was getting chemotherapy, stuck in her room, having terrible pain and Christin did massage, energy, and body work with her. Not only was her pain relieved, but the patient was able to “completely get my mind off chemo.” She was able to relax and feel peace instead of stress and worry. I can't say enough about Christin's care.

Healing Presence

What a gift to have received Integrative Therapy from Christin.

I had 3 colleagues return to work speaking of the great sessions they had with Christin.

My time on Friday morning with Christin was exceptional and transformative. After listening to what was on my mind, she had me lie down and close my eyes. While Christin was silently present, I too silently prepared myself with a prayer. Toward the beginning of the session when she was talking me through this relaxation time, starting with the breathing, then at my toes and working up my body, my mind was still struggling to stay still. When the tapping on a drum began, I felt the vibration of the beats in my body. It brought me back to when I was in elementary school. The high school band would come and give a concert for us little kids all sitting cross legged on the floor of the gym. When the tympani drums were played loudly, I felt them reverberating in my body, only with much more intensity! What Christin did was so subtle but made me think about the therapy of that rhythm and how we physically "feel it."
When she first gently touched my shoulders, I was moved to tears by her presence and knowing her sincerity in the time she was offering me was truly meant to be sacred healing time for me.
I can only imagine the healing she brings to the patients who are lying in the hospital dealing with physical illness in addition to whatever other issues may be confronting them in their lives.

Thank you for having the foresight to introduce Integrative Therapy to me.

Ocean vibes

Christin is sooo amazing! I saw her this morning at 0430. I felt like I fell into ocean in less than a minute. She has a wonderful approach and a very soothing voice.