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jide Robinson

London , SE23 2BG

Testimonial #4

NE wear...Best for gym. Really comfy and delivery was really swift!

Hench Hoodie / T - shirt

FANTASTIC & STYLISH!!!, I bought the Hench Hoodie for my workouts during the winter months...and ended up wearing it more for fashion and style with my casual wear. I bought the T-shirt and wore it during my trip home to Miami, USA and people were LOVING IT! FANTASTIC QUALITY!...GREAT PRODUCT!


Tried out a new brand. One of the best decisions I've done this year!Fantastic quality stuff! Looks good and extremely comfortable.Discount offered to returning customers. This is my 3rd visit thus far.Brilliant!


I spend a lot of time in gym gear and have tried many brands. I can say I'm very impressed. My tracksuit looks amazing, is very comfortable and was great value. Would definitely recommend.