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I have nothing but great things to say about PuRex and what they stand for as a breeder.  Our Balthazar is over a year old now and the joy of our household.    I have had a Devon Rex since I was 14 years old and he recently passed away after 18 years together which is what led me to PurRex and Balthazar.  My cats aren't just pets they are family so having a breeder that cares about the health and wellbeing of her creatures is what is most important to me.  Meghan is devoted to the breed as well as making sure our babies are healthy and never hesitated to answer any of my questions no matter how absurd or silly they may have been.  Her communication was amazing throughout the process and put my mind at ease as I flew to Canada from Texas to pick up my new baby.  Balthazar has become a member of the family and his crazy antics and beauty keep us entertained daily.  There is no doubt I will work with PuRex again in the future if I ever need to extend my fur family with more babies.  I owe a great deal of my daily happiness to PuRex for allowing such an amazing little cat to be a part of my family.        


As my baby is now 8 months old as of July 7th, 2018. I have had plenty of time to fall completely in love and watch her grow. PureX Devon Rex, I sincerely cannot thank you enough for all of the time and love you put into your fur babies! And for giving me the love and joy I receive daily from my first ever cat and Devon


Nova is probably the sweetest, nicest kitten I have ever had. It didnt take her long to become comfortable and warm up to me bringing her home, and she wasnt very nervous at all. She quickly made herself a part of or family, and has won everyone over(including my husband who is not a cat person!). I can't imagine my life without her now and hope to get another from Meghan someday!I just love my Nova and am very grateful I was able to bring her home with me. Meghan made everything easy and was friendly the whole time, and always responded promptly to my messages and questions. She  was more than helpful and made the whole process of getting Nova very pleasant. She also cares a lot about her cats,, kittens, and where the kittens go, and it shows because i have a healthy little girl. 

Little Tony

We adopted one of Meghan's kittens, our little Tony, last month. He is our fourth Devon we have ever had and I can't say enough good things about either Meghan or Tony. People say that when you adopt a cat, you begin a long relationship with the breeder as well, and that is true. Meghan is honest, warm, kind supportive, flexible and responsive. We ere nervous about Tony being a goof fit with our existing cat, and Meghan was so helpful in picking the right cat for us. Turns out Tony is such a good boy, the kitties instantly bonded. He is everything you want a kitten to be, adorable, healthy, energetic, affectionate, confident and obviously well socialized. There are only a few Devon breeders that I would feel comfortable working with based on their integrity and Meghan(PureX) is top choice.