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OKC Store

I just came from the OKC store and that place is huge. Its a DJs paradise. They have is set up like Guitar Center, but DJ gear only. I went in for the SX3 and walked out with the SX3 and Gold SZ2! Wife is going to be mad in a few minutes but hey, these prices are too good to pass up! 

Wrong Order, Corrected.

I ordered the wrong item (SZ2). They corrected it asap. Will be back!


Site is pretty cool. Visited the Atlanta store and they told me about the online sale and I thought that was pretty nice of them. These guys put the customer first.

Amazing F*cking Prices!!!

Best prices in the country. These people stand behind their words and their prices

Will be back.

Love the site design. It is easy to use. We will be back for more.

Thanks guys!!!

Great site. Great customer service. Great prices. Why are these guys so great. Loving my new DDJ-1000


Man! Let me tell whoever the heck is reading this about this company. I did business with them last year in Houston, right before Hurricane Harvey. It was great. Harvey hit and after everything died down, I thought these guys were done for. I get an email from them saying they are back and they are better and I was happy!!! They look out for DJs man. Its not about the dollar to these guys. They are DJs too, so they know how hard it is for us to keep saving to buy the crap Guitar Center sells. They have came through so many times for me on last minute needs. BEST IN THE FREAKING WORLD!


Got my controller from this company. Thanks! It works pretty good. Not really a big step up from the 2 but ehhh. For the price they sell it for, its a great buy

Pretty cool

Love the design and customization of the site. Made it easy to buy. Just got my 110% coming back for more and those head lights.


Prompt shipment, great services, great description of item. Will do my holiday shopping with you guys!


My third time ordering and it only gets better. Thanks alot Dena and Jenna. The Conroe location is the DJ place in Houston.

Great Customer Service

I enjoyed the online chat with Dena. She was pretty great and helped me with my purchase and answered all my annoying questions.