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Michael and Michelle were great in helping me with my new gear purchases, they were polite and did not try to over sell me anything i did not want, I did end up getting better gear than i was looking for, but at a great price, I will be back.

Very friendly staff and good customer service

From Angie's List: 
I had rick at RNR set me up for two new tires and an oil change nothing major. Very friendly staff and good customer service. I enjoyed my experience.

Five star rating!

I would like to take a min and give RnR Cycles a five star rating! I'm pretty sure without them fixing all my bikes threw the years, I wouldn't be as awesome of a rider that I am.

I dealt with a few shops before I found them when I had my first bike in 1999. I wrecked here and there and did upgrades so I was getting work done regularly. Ran into issues like missing bolts/revits, loose bolts, poor communications, high pricing, excuses and missed riding time due to their Unprofessionalism.

Then I was referred to Rick and his team, and over a decade and three bikes later, never had a complaint or a let down. The guys are so nice and have so much experience, you feel good about the whole process from beginning to end, and confident about the work performed. They promote our sport locally and have some cool weekend events from time to time. Very good on their pricing, and always
have been very knowledgeable and given good advice when I had to figure something out with my bikes. I will be a loyal customer and referring them/you guys out, as long as I live in the area.

Jeremy Dasher-AllStarTint

Straight forward, honest, knowledgeable...

Rick and team,

First let me say I appreciate being on the email list and keeping up to date with your specials and offers. I have had some work done by you and the team on my friends motorcycle and mine as well.

I have found that you and your team have exceeded our expectations! Straight forward, honest, knowledgeable, and have provided the service you promised at the price you stated and even more with some detailed explanations and recommendations.

I like that you are “small” in size only, not in service.

Huge 'Thank You' to RnR Cycles!

I called RnR on Thursday afternoon. My Versys blew a fork seal and
the valves needed to get done before I put it away while I'm on vacation. I told
Rick that I needed to get the bike back by Tuesday at the latest. As I was
leaving for Colorado Wednesday. We planned on doing some suspension work and
parts had to be ordered. I brought the bike in Friday evening.

story short, we opted out of said suspension work because the spring rates
weren't exactly right (Had this conversation Saturday evening as they were
closing) Rick called me Monday morning (RnR is
closed on Mondays) saying that the bike was finished late last night (they are
also closed on Sundays) and he would open up the shop for me to come pick it up
because of my time crunch.

If this isn't customer service I don't know
what is. My bike was worked on when the shop was closed and the owner came in
personally to open up and hand me the keys.

This is the first time in my
riding career that I have taken a motorcycle into a shop. I prefer to do it
myself and have for the last 6 years. But I can honestly say this was a pleasant
experience. RnR's rates are spot on if not cheaper
than most places around, and they know their motorwork which is rare around
these parts I find.

It doesn't get much better than this. I just wish I
would have found these guys 2 years ago when I moved to PG County.

Thanks again Rick!

Knowledgeable, skillful and passionate

As a father of 7 that rides, we have 5 bikes all which all are serviced, repaired and/ or modified at your shop. I've been a customer for about 10 years now, so its been the shop where you are now and when you were Fast Lane Cycles in Chantilly.  The bikes- they've been all makes from cruisers, sport to Harley's. I feel you guys are knowledgeable, skillful and passionate when it comes to  motorcycle motorsports, other then a few times, and they've been because of  miscommunication, you all have done great. I'll not only continue to be a customer but friends as well so lots of luck to you all this season with the race team. I'll be seeing you all soon.

Honest, fair, reliable, and fast!

From Angie's List: 
I've been going to RNR Cycles for roughly 2 years now, and they're always honest, fair, reliable, and fast! I have even walked in without an appointment for small issues (e.g., brakes, oil change, adjustments, etc.) and they worked on my bike right away (of course they do prefer an appointment though, and I generally do make one). 
They often explain things quite well to help me understand what's going on with my bike and what it needs or doesn't need. I remember one time in particular that I thought I needed brake pads replaced, but they told me to save my money because they still had half their life left! I think they always do a 21(?) point check with any service just to make sure that everything is okay too, such as brakes, tires, chain, etc.. 
They are very good at what they do, and they don't rip you off (unless charging $100/hour is a rip off, but you can't do much better than that in this area, especially not with professionals who really know what they're talking about). 
I don't think you'll find a better motorcycle repair shop, and if you could, there's not much room for improvement. My only complaint is that they're human - they once forgot to put a cotter pin in after replacing my new tires, but I had asked them to finish ASAP because I was on a time crunch... so they rushed and they did finish on time. I picked up 2 cotter pins at Lowes a couple days later for $0.59 and took care of that myself... hardly worth mentioning. Hey, they're human too. 
Last Saturday they offered free dyno runs and had hamburgers and hot dogs! They value their reputation and know you'll come back if they treat you right.