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2nd Shot SX70 Service

595 Jewett Holmwood Road
East Aurora NY , 14052

2nd Shot Service keeping instant film alive!!

I sent Matt a few Model 1 SX-70s that were purchased through eBay. Matt offered the most flexible and innovative services for my refurb and repairs, and I was excited to find him. One SX-70 was getting the "minor" repair and another was getting the 600 modification and "minor" repair. Both cameras came back in excellent condition with crystal clear, dust free lenses and the mechanics sounded so smooth and clean. So I took the SX-70 with 600 mod over to Amsterdam on a short trip. It performed flawlessly in all kinds of lighting, even some high contrast shots! I was really impressed. I'm going to be sending a few more cameras back to Matt for the i-Type upgrade he now offers. Thanks Matt!


All I can say is WOW!!! what an amazing job Matt has done with my old SX-70. I send him a dead camera and received back a beautiful new one that functions flawlessly. I would recommend him without question and I cannot wait find a 680 for him to make like new for me as well!

Testimonial #24

This is the second camera that I've sent to Matt for rejuvenation. This one was an SX-70 Alpha 1. Matt serviced this old creaky guy and gave it the ability to shoot 600 film. What I have now is not too far from a camera that would have been factory fresh in the 1970's. I wasted no time in running a pack of 600 B&W through it and I'm overjoyed with the result.

Superior workmanship!

I sent one of SX-70s up for the f8 modification without checking to see if the flash socket was even working. Matt returned it with the f8 mod in a timely manner. When I tested, no flash. I contacted him and sent it back up. He took care of the issue. It was a apparently dead socket I guess. He returned it in less than a week. I call that above and beyond excellent customer service. I’ll be sending any other cameras his way when I need quality work done. Many thanks Matt!

El Jefe

Matt did a wonderful job on my venerable, but tired SX-70.  His workmanship is impeccable and the camera performs as new, and looks even better with the snazzy red skins which replaced the original black.

The absolute best.

While I happened to be looking for one, my great-grandfather's Polaroid SLR680 appeared out of the woodworks in a crazy quirk of fate. Thought to be lost to time, this camera was his go-to on his travels around the world. From Egypt to Brazil, from Germany to the US, this camera had gone the distance. But as you might imagine, all that time and milage did a number on it.Lucky for me, I sent my camera to Matt and 2nd Shot. There are maybe a handful of people who still do what Matt does, and man I'm thankful for his business. Matt is super nice and patient, and he did a amazing job repairing my camera. He breathed new life into a family camera, and now I'll be able to carry on with it myself. While he may describe his service as repair, I would argue that it's more like preservation. Easily a five-star business.

Testimonial #20

I found my old SLR680 in a storage shed where it had been forgotten for more than 15 years. It barely limped along. Autofocus shot, manual focus stuck, viewfinder was like looking through a dark cloud. Matt made that camera new again. I'll repeat that -- new again. I couldn't be happier 

This guy is a genius!

I got my SX70 tan with 600 mod from Matt, it is amazing so far I love the capabilities I have now being able to shoot in different lighting situations.

It's like buying a brand new camera

I bought a refurbished Sonar SX-70 converted to 600 film. I was surprised at how perfect the camera looks, like it just came out of the box in the 1970s, and it works perfectly. Highly recommended.


Very good SX70 service, Matt is the best. I send my SX70 Alpha1 to him and fixed it in one day. very quick work and very good work!!

SX-70 Sonar Restoration

Matt has done an amazing job of showing that Polaroid's Are Not Dead. Film is alive and the way that he has restored my camera to not only working, but beautiful condition is amazing! I had taken several shots with my camera before thinking everything was basically fine but after his full restoration I have seen a drastic difference in both the focal points as well as the contrast of my shots. I only wish I had sought him out sooner. Amazing work! All camera work goes to him from now on!


i received a battered old 1st generation sx-70 as a gift - of course it was completely non-functional.  i sent it to matt for servicing and replacement of the peeling leather exterior.  my camera now works beautifully and looks spectacular. i highly recommend his services and should it need it, will not send my camera to anyone else. in all, he did a fantastic job.

Testimonial #14

I recently purchased a beautiful Polaroid 680 from Matt. The entire process was characterized by stellar communication and a camera that looks like it just came off the assembly line. Far from the type of transaction you might typically experience from corporate sellers, when you deal with Matt you are in direct contact with the artisan/craftsperson who does the work (and stands behind it).Could not be more pleased. I will be back.

Probably the best Polaroid repair service in the world!

When i need to service one of the most precious cameras in my collection i send them four thousand miles away from my home straight to Matt because he is literally the most extraordinary camera mechanic i know in this part of milky way galaxy. Unimaginable precision, attention to every detail, vast knowledge and a responsible approach to the subject makes me trust him completely. I would certainly recommend everyone to use his remarkable repair services or buy his restored cameras!


My glow in the dark halloween themed SLR680 arrived! Super snappy compared to my currently 680. The custom paint job is amazing, and it even had a coffin to house the camera. Shipped via USPS, very well padded, and it even came in a day before the actual delivery date. Definitely going to these guys for some repairs/customs in the future for my other cameras.

The Best!

I have worked with Matt going on my 4th camera. He completely rebuilt my Model 1, reskinned and changed the rollers on my SLR680, and totally customized my Sonar Sx70. He is the best there is when it comes to your SX70. Hands down. Better than buying from the Impossible Project and the only one out there that offers this much customization! Now you have (almost) have any folding sx70 shoot 600 film! The exception is that Model 1 with its early shutter. I wouldn't have ever known that but Matt is the go to guy for everything! Just got myself a Deluxe? Model 2 in Ivory and can't wait to see what he makes of that one! Cheers!

Awesome work & great service

I found Matt on IG and immediately contacted him after I bought the camera from a seller at this action site who indicated that the SLR680 I bought was in great condition (Not!) My complete dismay was immediately eased when Matt quickly replied to my inquiry after describing him the issue. As promised, he was able to restore the camera in great working condition with new skin and all!! His work & customer service is definitely A++++. Thanks again Matt!!! 

Matt is the best!

I am so incredibly happy with the work that Matt did on my SX70!!! The camera was originally my father's, and he gave it to me a few years ago. I loved this camera a little too much, and soon the shutter was stuck closed, and the camera was stuck open (I actually had to send it to Matt open...). Matt got it back to me in incredible shape. I showed my Dad and he was convinced that I just got a new camera! It works even better than before. I cannot thank Matt enough for restoring this camera! 

Your one stop shop for all things SX70

Matt is the best. If you have a SX70 that needs some work or modifications he's your man.I sent in my SX70 Sonar and Matt quickly diagnosed the problem with the shutter and fixed it. He also modified my camera to use 600 film natively. The photos I'm taking with it are amazing.Thats much Matt

Testimonial #6

I cannot thank Matt enough for the wonderful job he has done on my SX-70 Sonar model.  He went over it with a fine-tooth comb and the camera came back to me looking similar to the day when the first owner removed it from the package.  The service included Clean, Lubricate and Adjust of the internals and in keeping with a high standard, the side body of the camera was replaced due to the previous owner having etched his information on it.  The Pebble Black skin is not only beautiful, but also provides for a more positive grip of the camera body.  Oh, and the camera works like brand new.  Photos have been coming out looking great.  Autofocus works awesome and the light meter is like new.  I cannot recommend 2ndShotSX70Service enough.  If you have an SX70 that is in need of a Polaroid expert, then do NOT hesitate to send this in to Matt.  He will assure that you are happy with the work he will happily put into your camera so that it brings you many more years of joy! Awesome work and a great guy too!  Completely recommend his service.Thanks again Matt!

A love for these cameras

Matthew did a 5 stars job on my cameras, because I'm talking of two Polaroid SLR680s! Both received a wonderful job and my cameras are working like it is their first day again.
You can trust Matthew, a genius that is not to confound with any other guy.
A photo of one of my cameras:

Matt is a true professional

Matt is a true professional and friend to the SX-70 community. He has expertly serviced my SX-70 on two occasions - with repairs necessitated due to my accidents. He goes above and beyond in his level of service and the camera has been returned to me both times in perfect working order. I highly recommend his service and capabilities.


2nd Shot Sx70 service is really good I have one of my Sx70 Viewfinder arm replace and had it back in one week. Also had the works done on my SLR680 and it can back looking amazing I will be doing more business again for sure. 

Testimonial #2

Matt is just wonderful. I'd be absolutely lost without my SX-70, it's the camera I now use for about 80% of my photos. I've had it stop working on me twice now, and both times Matt was able to return it to me as good as new. He always surprises me with how quickly he works, and he is so great at answering any questions I have about the repairs. I highly recommend him, if you're camera is giving you trouble don't hesitate to send it over to him.

Testimonial #1

Matt is a master technician with an artist's eye for detail and finish. I've sent in five cameras now in various stages of disrepair and neglect, and every one has come back looking factory fresh, running like a dream and with personalized touches that make them my own. No task is too difficult, and there's simply no one else that knows these cameras inside and out like Matt does. I cannot recommend his service strongly enough.