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Marley- Phoebe x Poet puppy

Marley very quickly got moved up to
the next class after attending puppy classes, he really was the star of
the class and that's not just me being biased. He got paired up with
difficult dogs as he's so responsive and sociable. These classes are
aimed for moving towards obedience. He constantly watches me and
responds very well. We started Heather Smith's classes on Monday night
upon her return from judging abroad and she was extremely impressed with
him and wanted to know all about the background of the Australian
Labradoodle, Marley being the first she's come across. She was
particularly impressed with his confidence (nothing phases him). All of
this of course is down to your excellent breeding program.

has the perfect temperament. Clever, placid, confident, playful and a
real approval seeker. His intelligence is something I'm looking to
channel in the right direction and Heather has recommended I attend her
dog dance classes and obedience as well to encourage his intelligence
and keep him stimulated. She's invited us to an obedience show this
weekend to spectate and learn the ropes.
only thing we're working on improving just now is his excitement
levels. When he wants to play he does occasionally bite my arms out of
sheer excitement and I'm working on this at the moment. All natural for
such a young puppy. Interestingly, he does not do this around my two
children. Perhaps he instinctively knows they're smaller and need more
caution. He only tries to grab their clothes to play tug. Again, we are
working together as a family to distract him when doing this and ignore
whenever necessary. Heather is all about positive reinforcement and I'm
using clicker training to promote this. He loves nothing more than a
good training session with me. We also enjoy some games (hide the treat
under a cup), he wins every time! His favourite position is on his back,
Marley loves nothing more than a good belly rub from anyone who will
offer their service automatically gets added to his best friend list.
This has been the case from the moment he arrived home to us.
can't begin to tell you how overwhelmed I am with how perfect he is. I
could go on forever, he truly is the 5th family member and I know he
wouldn't have this any other way. The bond we have already is very
strong and this will only get stronger with time. On his little walks
he never strays and when we're out for a longer one with my two children
he lies contently in my youngest boy's pushchair to rest his legs when I
feel he's done enough at this age. Thanks Shivan