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Infinite Gold Stars!

As I have been in the process of creating my own business, I recently received guidance from Dennis about creating a website for my business. As I am unfamiliar with the ins and outs of creating a website, I must say how blessed I feel for his guidance. Dennis, the founder and creator of his own business, graciously assisted me with this process from his own understanding within the realm of business running. I truly feel that Dennis went far beyond the extra mile with his guidance in this endeavor as it can be quite the process. Words just cannot express my immense gratitude, I just want to give him infinite gold stars, and I am so excited for my business to continue moving forward! Bless!

Life changing

I had a Reiki session with Dennis. I felt so comfortable and was filled with peace and hope. He helped me release alot I haven't been able to let go of. After the session he sat and talked to me and didn't rush me out the door. When I'm in his presence I feel light and love. Thank you Dennis!!

Reiki Certification Follow Up

Dennis led such a beautifully organized workshop for Reiki I and II certification. The layout and flow and information given was conducive to efficiency as well as deep transformation. I liked that he did it it on a Sunday and we had a week to process and let the energy work in our lives until we received Reiki II. I love the way he leads intuitively and from such a pure channel of love and light and clarity. My life and relationships, especially the one I have with myself, feel transformed.


I currently work with Dennis and it is an understatement to say he has changed the way I think about myself. When I first started to work with him I was in a dark place that I did not think would be possible to climb out of. I was wrong. Dennis gave me tools, ideas, and most importantly his unwavering support. Every time I left his office I felt rejuvenated and excited to take on my next life challenge. His confidence in me and caring proved to be the difference maker, I couldn't be happier with my life. I had seen 2 other life coaches before I met Dennis they cannot compare to him and his aptitude to bring out the best in his clients. I never expected true happiness would happen but Dennis opened my eyes to endless possibilities.

So grateful

Humble, accepting, non-judgmental, open-minded, gracious, insightful, divine wisdom, intelligent and integrity are a few of the countless qualities that come to mind for the beautiful soul of Dennis Terry! I began seeking guidance from Dennis in 2016 after a high recommendation from a friend of mine and can I just say how grateful I am for him. He has helped me find my way through many personal and professional obstacles that I have been working with this past year. For example, he has helped me understand how to trust in my own intuition and wisdom as well as express them in a humble and confident manner. Since I have been seeking guidance from him, I feel that he has helped me see myself in a new light- illuminating and inspiring me to bring forth my true self and become acquainted with my natural abilities. In addition, I feel that his advice pertaining to the realms of my career/professional life path and purpose have been a saving grace. I definitely look forward to continuing with him in the future. Thank you so much Dennis, you’re the best! 

Life Changing!

I'm so thankful to have Dennis in my life.  He came highly recommended by a friend and I will forever be grateful.  I've had some wonderful life changing experiences in my marriage, work, and family.  These changes would have probably never occurred if I didn't meet Dennis. He has helped me to shift my paradigm on life and how I choose to experience it, as well as what I choose to create in my day to day living.  I have felt a big load off my shoulders, as well as hope and a strong desire to commit to the steps I needed to work on in order for these changes to take place.  I've had some awesome epiphanies come to me as we met and talked. If life is getting you down or you have found yourself stuck at a cross roads, I highly recommend Dennis as your life coach.  He is a very trusting and intuitive person.  He listens with his ears and his heart and shares inspirational guidance as he coaches you through some of life's greatest challenges! Thank you Dennis!


Looking for great Life Coach, go see Dennis. He's the best. He's helped me so much more than he'll ever know. Dennis is very much in tune spiritually, very understanding and caring. Always have a word of encouragement and if you need a real caring hug, he has plenty to share. Thank you for your friendship and support Dennis. I'm thankful to have you around. :)Unlike

Thank You

Dennis is great! He really is a bright light of hope. his ability to help you navigate thru life and his understanding the challenges in today's world are amazing. I enjoy every visit I get with him and leave feeling refreshed and ready for more positive living. The hugs? They are the best! Thank you everyday Dennis!

Dennis Inspires

Dennis inspires the lives of all those he comes into contact with. He is able to connect on so many levels bringing healing and connection with body and spirit.


Dennis is one of the most kind and intuitive professionals I have ever come into contact with! He has never told me what I should do but helps me come to my own conclusion which is always in my best interest. I've been so much happier in my life since I have been going to Inner Guidance Coaching!! I would recommend Dennis to everyone, young or old, intellectual to nerd, he seems to understand all that is put before him!!

Life Changing

I didn't know what to expect from my first life coaching appointment with Dennis.  I was experiencing some things in my life that stirred up a lot of fear, and confusion, I felt stuck in those emotions and  couldn't see any solutions to help me move forward. He listened, with compassion and understanding, to my confusing tale and helped me make sense of it.  Dennis managed to help me see things in a different light and gave me a glimmer of hope as he helped me find solutions within myself.  Within a few short hours, I felt confident, for the first time in a long while, that I have the answers to bring about change in my life.  I am so excited to continue to work with him and I have hope and visions of amazing possibilities in my life!  Thank you Dennis!