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Fridge fan

Great product, easy to follow fitting instructions and materials. Yet to be used in the real heat but tested out fine.

Thetford Fridge Fan

This is a very high quality fridge fan unit. It has been meticulously manufactured and fits straight in to the vent on my Jayco Penguin. The instructions were also first class.

Dometic fridge vent fans

We purchased your Dometic fridge vent fan kit. I must say I’m very impressed with your product. The quality of the fans and mounting kit makes fitting them a breeze, not to mention the awesome detailed instructions! Plus your prompt postage meant that I was able to fit them before our trip. And our fridge is now nice and cold. If anyone is looking at getting one of these fan kits , I highly recommend them.

Fridge Fans

Had cooling problems with my fridge (faulty Fan) in my Swift Caravan. Fitted the deluxe fridge fan kit I got from you (3DprintCQ) yesterday without any problems! I am very impressed with the product and would recommend it to anyone with fridge cooling problems, I have not tried running the fridge yet but will do so before my next trip. Great product ***** and so easy to install*****. Well done Royce!

Fridge Fans

I have now installed your Caravan Fridge Fan Assembly and used it over about a bit more than a week. By following your installation instructions it was very easy to install. From what I can see with my thermometer the fridge temp was lowered by about 3.5 Deg C on the hottest of summer days and held a reasonable where in the past the fridge did not recover until the sun went down on the cooler summer days the fridge was cycling which I have not seen before. I am very happy with the kit.

Fantastic service and products

Very happy with the bag tags you made for my grandchildren. Thank-you!

Personalised Tags

Had many tags made and each one was perfect.Delighted faces from those who received them!

Excellent Service!

Excellent quality product. Super fast delivery. VERY HAPPY!

Great service and product

Wow such great service. I got a txt and phone call to make sure that i have ordered the right product. I will be getting another fan for our new caravan soon and will be recommending this company. I got the product in about 3 days from ordering and it was free posting. Keep up the great work and service.

Caravan Fridge Fans

This was a great purchase, simple and easy to follow instructions, good quality equipment and everything required for installation supplied.

Flush Mounting for 50 Amp Connector

These make Anderson plugs look good as they really neaten them up. Great job excellent design work and quality.

Fan Modification for a Jayco Dove and a Jayco Swift Camper Trailer

I've just finished installing the Fan unit on the Jayco Dove and about to start installing on my mates Jayco Swift... The whole kit is very well constructed and super easy to both put together and fit to the camper. The instruction are very well documented and would make it easy enough for anyone to follow. Super happy with the fit and function and very excited to see the difference it makes when we go away for our next extended trip in a few weeks.

Plastic fish hook replacement for children’s fishing rod

Thank you so much for replacing the plastic fish hooks on our children’s toy fishing rods that we use for sensory play at our library. Your replacement is stronger and will last a lot longer than the ones that came with the rods when we purchased them. The children will enjoy catching plastic fish for a long time.

Good Stuff

This was my first 3D printing project and Royce was a great help. Very reasonable prices too, would definitely recommend, especially if it’s your first foray into 3D printing.

Flush Mounting for 50 Amp Connector

After looking everywhere for a mount for an Anderson SB50 connector. The problem was I live in Japan and international shipping was not available. After contacting them directly, I explained my problem and they were happy to process my order. I ordered 2 mounts just in case but after I received it I decided I may need to order more. I have more ideas. Top quality backed by excellent service. Can’t do any better. Thank you 3DprintCQ.

Flush Mounting for 50 Amp Connector

Absolutely the best cover ever put on the side of the Silverline and it looks great. Now I have an external plug for the fridge.  Thanks heaps.

Fridge fans are great!

VERY Happy with my RV fridge fans, fit perfect and the fridge is running so much better! Great workmanship and an amazing amount of effort to make sure they fit correctly.

Excellent seller and product

Looking for a long time for a low profile Anderson plug mount for the side of my camper and then found this one on eBay. I am very impressed with the mount, the supplier had put a lot of thought in to it. It fitted the plug like a glove, and mounting/installation was easy and straight forward with the detailed instructions included. Thank you so much for a quality product at a very reason price.

Flush mounting for 50 Amp connector

Was looking for a product exactly like this but just couldn’t find anything. We wanted to fit an Anderson plug to the side of a caravan we were renovating but always thought wires coming out of the wall exposed just looked tacky. After resigning ourselves to the fact that nothing existed, we tried to make a cover to neaten it up. Then a chance find on a caravan renovating site I saw these.I purchased a few and they arrived very quickly. They have a quality finish and are well made. Easy to follow instructions and it was fitted in no time. Very, very happy with the end product. If you want to fit an Anderson plug to a wall with the wires passing through the wall then this product is for you. Very neat way to install an Anderson plug. Can’t believe nothing like this had been done before. Highly recommend.

Deluxe fridge vent fan

Had cooling issues with my fridge in our 2010 Jayco Flamingo. Fitted the deluxe fridge fan kit I got from 3DprintCQ. The fridge gets so cold now, down to -12 if I turn it up & quickly too. Keeps the beers ice cold,  great product!

Plastic bullbar inserts

Customer service, communication and commitment to customer satisfaction is amazing! Royce's quality of work is A+. Thanks again mate!


Over the past couple of years I’ve been throwing challenges out to our favorite 3Dprinter and he has nailed it each time!  Lids for my 1940s jars, free standing logo, Pokémon pots and my all time fav - baby Groot!  I was so pleased with Groot that I had to show my son over FaceTime ( it’s a birthday pressie) I just won mum of the year award!!!  Highly recommend Royce’s work!  Thank you

Caravan Key Tags

Thank you 3DprintCQ for the fantastic job on our Caravan key tags. With so many keys for so many different compartments on Caravans the simple organisation of the tags have made it so much easier to find which key goes where. All together on one ring. Highly recommend these to anyone  looking for a simple solution with so many keys for the one thing. Thanks again Raelene and Kim :) :) :)

Excellent service!

Requested custom design tag order for my basketball team.  Service was professional & efficient.  Product was of excellent quality.  Can highly recommend 3DprintCQ's products & service.  Thank you!