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Quick dispatch and delivery despite the delays due to the ‘rona pandemic.

First impressions - “a no frills hammock, you get what you pay for”....well not exactly.
Yes the hammock doesn’t come with all the tricks, bells and whistles, but what it does come with is quality. Fabric looks to be a good solid material, stitching is well finished with suspension all well tied and secure. Nothing had to be “fitted” before use.

First set up was a bit fiddly, but a quick chat with the guys got everything all sorted and it was set up - the Trekker plus is a good size which makes for a very comfortable lie.

Well impressed with customer service with messages being replied to within the hour.

Thanks again guys!


I ordered the pocket hammock and a few hours later Stephen hand delivered the hammock to my house. What fantastic service. The item itself is of excellent quality, great fabric well stitched and neat. The attached stuffsac with included carabiners is so well thought out and neatly packaged. Terrific product and Stephen could not have been more approachable and eager to assist with any issues or enquiries. I look forward to purchasing more products in the future.


Great hammock for the money. wish od found them earlier. I bought trekker plus during lockdown and still got it on time. I then messed up the ridge line, messaged using website and got an almost immediate response out of hours. video call once I'd rehung hammock. Sorted. Totally my fault, Thank you Stevie


Local, friendly, and give good advice

A Novice Hammockers, honest review!

Where to start…I know I’ll start with were the idea came from!

Well I’ve never been a very big fan of the off the ground sleeping style in fact I’ve been quite militant in my opposition to this form of camping. Not really understanding the point when a tent and roll mat are perfectly adequate! My friends who sing the hammocks praises never seem to choose this form of reclining in my presence and proofer many excuses for the lack of hammock usage  for my opinion to have any chance of changing! Fast forward to a Scouts Survival camp I was running when low and behold while I chose the safe option of mat and bivvy bag a couple of my young Explorers who had just completed their DofE Gold removed the afore mentioned mythical article from their packs…here was my chance to prove my point! It didn’t work …I was Curious (Bugger)

So started my long  and for my Wife tortuous process of reviews and YouTube videos to make this monumental choice and so I went for what seem to be the standard in the UK a DD front line and 3x3 tarp and then waited like an impatient child for the package to arrive! And so the glorious day arrived and off to the woods I went with my now starting to become annoyed Wife (A Hot Chocolate bribe needed)

We arrive in the chosen place a friend’s ancient woodland and begin the task of locating two likely candidates to suspend this mysterious contraption from with my Wife’s increasing doubts in my new purchase starting to deflate my enthusiasm…ever so slightly! Viola there they stood two chestnut trees paced out perfectly and so I began? I used the included suspension package of nylon style webbing and proceeded to tie the knots as per DD’s instructions  I turned to the wife with apprehension and said weakly practice makes perfect…I think? Now for the tarp which I was using Para cord and prusik knots along with tasking my wife to find some green wood as toggles as per the many wonderful instructional videos on YouTube all this with my wife’s doubtfully trying to remain optimistic through this whole convoluted task …and now it’s started to rain! Damn I’ve strung it to high off I go into the rain to lower the hammock to a more suitable and accessible height (for the wife) I couldn’t work out if I was trying to convince her or me I’d made a good purchase?

Anyhoo..a couple days later I was sifting through the YouTube recommendation’s when one caught my attention as due to all the hammock related videos this was the general topic recommended except this video was a brand I hadn’t heard of (Mmm..Very cryptic?) So I clicked play and four days later there we were standing in the same woods, same trees and guess what? The Wife, in rain….again! But this time I was standing there with a NapSack hammock from a small  company from two guys north of the border! This was my time to shine and prove to my now (definitely) anti hammocking wife (and me a little I think) that this latest haired brained scheme was goodie!  

So as per Stevie’s very simple instruction via YouTube slightly over one minute later(Wife stunned) the hammock was up and ready for its first test which I assumed would be me, but alas “NO” my now very confused wife who’s only comment had been you must of done it wrong was now sitting in the afore mentioned “One minute wonder” A chink in the negative money wasting armour I could sense had a appeared followed by the now usual comment of “Why did you get the other one” Victory!…and off to the New Forest buoyed with confidence I headed for two rainy nights of Scouting. My experience of the Napsack hammock during the weekend was a little mixed, while the actual sleeping was fantastic which also included the now obligatory facetime to the wife who’s interest in my first nights experience was of quite a surprise to myself! The issue I had was that I am now quite practiced and this hammock suspending lark due to the very large interest and disbelief at the simplicity that the guys at NapSack have used for the suspension system…

Firstly, Once the purchase has been made you don’t find that an upgrade is needed to be made to ease the frustration for the first time users in getting the blasted thing hung right and having to dip into the beleaguered wallet for the all singing all dancing suspension system that’s “NOT”  generally included, this is often one of the main things that puts people off becoming an air borne recliner!

Secondly, It’s big and as I’ve found through my very limited experience, the bigger it is the easier it is to find the sweet spot and drift off to lullaby land…zzzzzz also the side adjustments allow you to tweak the side sleeping angle to perfection, simple solution that works again!!!

Thirdly, I personally love the ridge line (made from the same material and system as a whoopee sling) which has three great functions, 1) perfect adjustment on lay angle with the easy-peasy adjustable suspension system, 2) Bug net is not attached directly to the hammock and as such gives plenty of head room if used, I’m also not paranoid about tearing the bug net when entering! 3) You can hang everything from the darned thing including bags with clothes, lights and my boots in a bag(very useful in torrential rain) 

Fourthly, the price point is “Amazing” for a product of the UK,  as a complete novice to Hammocking with a colossal two nights under my belt, the quality is fantastic, I have as mentioned earlier a DD and I also had the chance to compare it to Hennessy recently and my friends and Scouting colleagues loved the simplicity and usability that’s incorporated into the NapSack hammock and I’m stunned to say not nearly as well-known as it should be fantastic product from two guys who have looked at product they have used for years and have chosen to simply make it easier  to use and in my humble opinion better because of this. 

I’m not that easily impressed by products these days with the internet making things all to easily accessible and confusing with videos and reviews and us having to balance the all too often negative and positive to try and glean some reality and middle ground from the countless blogs and reviewers!  NapSack was a little different as no real reviews seemed to exist? Only the two or three videos uploaded on to YouTube from NapSack themselves, it didn’t help that I hadn’t really heard of this brand until the hit and miss YouTube algorithm for once hit a home run! The lack of information or reviews allowed me to make that very rare thought process…and make up my own mind and it just goes to prove that sometimes, just sometimes thinking for ourselves can produce a Winner!  

Thank you to the Guys at NapSack


Had a very cosy night in my fabulous tarp and hammock set up from the guys at NapSack Hammocks last night.  So easy to set up quickly, very roomy and comfy and the zipped doors and bug net tent meant I wasn't bothered by any mozzies.  Two guys making a great product. 


got my hammock out for first time, all good plenty of room, looking forward to using it in very near future


Top notch customer service. Order arrived when they said it would and no problem returning
anything. Refunded very quickly. Def recommend.


unfortunately, in the past, the availability of hammocks and tarps within the UK has been limited to a few companies. these companies never bothered to change or improve their kit. I've always bought from the US as the kit over there is a much higher quality, in both materials and design. But now that Napsack Hammocks is here it should be a game changer...


Well made .. quality hammocks.


"I was asked to try out some of NapSack Hammocks range.  Being a ground dweller rather than a hammock user, I tried the tarp and it’s insect mesh system.

The build quality was proven when 50mph gusts came through camp, the tarp not only stood up to these conditions but also due to its shape and design kept me dry even when wind and rain switched direction several times.

The mosquito net attachment makes this tarp similar to a tent but more airy and comfortable for those who prefer to be closer to the elements.

I’m looking forward to seeing what modular components the guys come up with going forward"


Comfortable and portable highly recommended, perfect for the garden


I have had the privilege of owning a NapSack Hammock for some time, using it for Scouting and Bushcraft trips.

I am happy with the build quality and having different accessories meant that I was able to have the hammock tailored to my needs in terms of storage and getting a good nights sleep.

I would recommend NapSack Hammocks to anyone looking at getting into hammocking with good advice and service. And for the more seasoned hammocker that knows what they like can have it tailored the way they want it.


I'm 6ft 8' and I can't get a bed to fit but this hammock is the comfiest thing I've ever been in!


If you are looking for a hammock Stevie is the go to guy. I dont own one but have used one - I would highly recommend them. The materials used and the build quality is fantastic, and the after sales service is top class.