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Melissa you are so great at what you do. We are so glad that our family has had your support for both our kids!


Melissa is the best! I'm so thirlled to report that after working with Melissa my daughter was accepted as a freshman acting major at Dreyfoos School of the Arts. I'm looking forward to having my daughter continue to work with her on her singing!


Emma just can't say enough about you.  She is so glad we found you and she tells everyone about how working with you has changed EVERYTHING for her.  She says no matter what happens she is so glad she worked with you as it has transformed her confidence so much!!


Gabby's audition went really well!  The choir director's eyes got as big as saucers when she sang her piece and he asked where did that come from?  Her audition was excellent.  She felt very confident - it's unbelievable the amount of confidence you gave her and how her voice improved tremendously in just a few lessons.  She can't wait to continue to work with you!

Successful Bak Communication Audition

Yes!!! Peter got into Bak for Communications! I cannot thank you enough - thank you so much for coaching him!


Melissa prepared our daughter for a performance at her school. We were blown away. It was spectacular and amazing!

I Couldn't Have Asked For A Better Teacher

Melissa is amazing!  She explains everything about how your voice is an instrument and really makes sure that you understand how it works.  I couldn't have asked for a better teacher!

Fabulous Experience

Mrs. Jacobson helped my daughter prepare for a lead role in a musical..and the results were spectacular! 


Justin got almost perfect scores on his Dreyfoos audition! He is in and he couldn't have done it without you!

Bak Student

When our son was asking to switch majors at Bak into theatre, we knew we had to find an expert to properly prepare him for the audition.  Melissa Jacobson was that person. Her background and love for theatre arts allowed our son to get excited about the theatre audition process.  Melissa knew how to connect with our son, and helped him develop, build and executive skills based on his creativity and natural abilities. Our son went into his audition completely prepared for several scenarios, and more important - he went in confident and excited!

Dreyfoos Student

Working with Melissa was the best experience I could ever ask for.  She's helped me so much vocal technique such as pitch, breath control, and so many other things.  She focuses on every thing which has been really helpful especially in preparing for auditions. She's just an amazing teacher - you'll love Melissa Jacobson.

Talented Singing Coach

Melissa is a very talented singing coach.  She relates extremely well to both children and adults and has a very practical way of teaching. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for audition help as well.

Excelllent Teacher that Goes Above and Beyond

Melissa ha been teaching my daughter voice lessons for several years.  Because of her training my daughter is learning how to control her head voice using proper technique. Melissa goes above and beyond to help her succeed at auditions. 

Dreyfoos School of the Arts Success!

My daughter came to Melissa with very little theatrical and voice experience for audition coaching for Dreyfoos School of the Arts. After training with her for only a short time, not only did she develop the necessary skills in vocal and theatrical performing,but also her delivery, presentation and most importantly, she developed her confidence. My daughter truly matured as a performer and as a person. It is because of Melissa that she was accepted into Dreyfoos.  We look forward to the years ahead with Melissa. She is an outstanding talent, life coach and teacher. She loves what she does and it shows!

Worship Leader Journey Church

From the second I met Melissa I instantly knew she had a passion for music and teaching. She not only teaches you proper technique on how to achieve your best vocal performance, but she does it with a passion that is contagious! She will work with you and keep pushing you to the max because she believes in you. You will not be disappointed!

He Did Great!

He did it! He he said he did great - thank you so much for everything we're so excited!

Thank You!

hi! Quick message to let you know Ali felt she did pretty well at her audition and was definitely much more confident and well prepared after her time with you!"Stacia K.

Confidence Builder

I am a Palm Beach County resident with 3 kids in public school. I came across Ms. Jacobson's name while speaking to a friend one day and called her to help tutor my son for an audition to Dreyfoos School of the Arts. I watched my son transform into a confident and much more realistic and skilled actor/singer in just an hour! I owe her instruction and most importantly confidence building to my son's acceptance at Dreyfoos this year. Her skill as a teacher and ability to inspire and motivate young actors/performers is second to none. When I first went to the Plaza Theatre, I realized the importance of the type of program she has created. Two of my kids have now performed in her educational productions and have learned so much. Melissa's conservatory is literally forming the actors of the future as well as the financial supporters who will one day fill the audience when the current generation has passed on. Even students who aren't performing are drawn to her shows to see their friends on stage. The result is a cultivating and growing, lasting love of the arts for students who many times would not have this exposure. She has been very successful in educating students in acting, theatre, movement and voice in a unique way that keeps the kids interested and wanting more.
Tracey Powers, West Palm Beach, FL

Great Audition Coaching

Melissa goes above and beyond! She helped me with my audition for college! She helps you build confidence and has such a positive attitude! She is also very helpful when trying to pick music selections! I would highly recommend her!

Endorsement by Speech Pathologist

As a certified, licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, I heartily endorse Melissa Boher Jacobson in her endeavors as a voice teacher, coach and stylist.  She has demonstrated her knowledge of vocal anatomy and preservation when observed during teaching sessions.  It is crucial that students receive proper vocal teaching to prevent anomalies that could damage their vocal mechanism. Her diplomatic, warm and encouraging personality make for a dynamic learning opportunity. Melissa's 's teaching methods reflect the best standards in vocal performance.
Lynn Chvotkin, M.A. CCC-Sp.
Speech-Language Pathologist
Jupiter, Florida

Thank You!

Melissa - Dylan's performance of the song you worked on was awesome. Dylan got a LOT of compliments!  Thank you!!!

Great Experience!

Dear Melisa I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for my son to be a part of an amazing cast Into the Woods. He has been your student since this summer camp and he is so happy. He loves going to rehearsal because you make it fun for the students. He is learning so much . We are very happy to have you as his instructor and a teacher. You have amazing a amount of knowledge, patience and care. Thank you for being a truly wonderful teacher !


Awesome teaching/coaching with especially good eye for talent and bringing out the best in YOU!Linda Royer Prince