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Incredible Training Experience

My son and I attended the LPR1 2-2017 course. Great time, great training, top notch instructors.  Highly recommend Ron, Denise and the rest of
the DR Long Range crew.  They are the best of the best.

I Recommend LPR1


I had the pleasure of participating in LPR1 2-2017 with Ron,
Dan, Denise, Jay, Trent, and Zac. It was an absolute pleasure. They were able
to take very complex topics and make them understandable at the beginner level
as well as applicable to the seasoned shooter. The class then allowed us to
apply those concepts practically. The environment provided was both safe and comfortable.
The instructors monitored our progress and helped at any juncture where we
stumbled. The class was an enormous amount of fun. It was a very valuable class
and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in long range shooting.

Testimonial #54

Thanks to The DR crew for a invaluable class on AR are carbines. The instructors, the training is second to none. The best group of people I have every been around.

Testimonial #53

I attended the Long Range Hunter Course September 10th and 11th 2016. My goal was to go train with a friend who has not really been exposed to long range shooting. I have a Military background serving in the Marine Corp for 14 plus years in the Infantry and now almost 15 years in firearms and tactics instruction in support of a Govt. Agency. I have been to excess of 20 shooting and tactical courses throughout my career. Having an open mind and a willingness to learn was my mind set on day one of this course. The way this course made me feel and the training environment was like none other in these ways. 1. This was the first time I have ever attended a course where the instructor introduction was not about what they have done or accomplished. The introduction tone set for the students levels of experience, which is it is all about, the students. No competition between instructors and students which is felt great for learning.2. Since we were all paying out of our own pocket it was really neat how they demand student interaction by overhead or direct questions during an exercise debrief; by god if you don't understand they will make sure they give you the info and time till you do.3. The communication of their instructor staff across the board; who supported the class I attended is the most professional I have seen at any school I have personally attended. They came across very non confrontational and professional, it made raising your hand or just asking the question you had so easy to do. I think it is very advantageous for the learning environment at any skill level and one I will personally try to use from now on.4. It was really neat to see training where students can push their personal skills to a high level and not feel threatened. What I mean by that is,  I have been to schools where some of the instructor staff feels threatened by a students skill/performance level and they try to bust that bubble and knock down the confidence gained by the student. Not one ounce of that I saw or felt. It did  come when protocol and or directions were not followed which is how it should be and that was done professionally.5.This was and is a great course. It is the only one I have attended where I did not feel I had to hold back pushing my personal training limits. Other courses I have attended, the instructors think your trying for some kind of recognition or you are making your peers look bad but what ever the case maybe and instructors start to nit pick at you. I saw none of that here. The instructors were "try this, and it may make you a better shooter." No Instructor egos at all from the staff. This course and Instructor's mind set and what I took away from this weekend, was what can we do to make you better at what you like to do. Awesome Course Ron and Instructors

LRPR I - Well worth the money!

I came into this class with very little long range shooting experience and no experience spotting.  I've hunted all my life, but mostly in wooded, brushy areas with limited long range opportunities.  Ron and his team of instructors far exceeded my expectations with their friendliness, knowledge and ability to inspire confidence.  After the half-day of classroom instruction on shooting fundamentals, gear check and ballistics, I could have left and been satisfied with having received my money's worth for the course.  The remaining time spent on the range solidified the concepts taught in class.  Everything was well-paced and I appreciated the fact that Ron would take the time to correct any equipment, team communication, etc. issues before moving on to the next phase.  That was crucial to building my confidence because I knew he would do the same for me at any point during the course (and team communication issues are entertaining to watch).  Overall, superb course and I cannot recommend it enough!

Long Range Hunter

DR Long Range Concepts is s first class operation. It is obvious that Ron and Denise care very much about the success of their students and run a first class operation. The team of instructor they have put together is amazing. I highly recommend this class to any hunter who wishes to push their limits and gain confidence in their abilities. This is a great course put on by a great staff.

Long Distance Day

This is a first class operation. Ron, Denise and Hunter were exceptionally attentive and patient throughout the full day. The level of knowledge is exceptional and Ron has a gift for teaching. I hadn't shot a rifle in 10yrs and going in doubted the claim we would hit a 1,000 yard target on the first day. Ron and team got every one of us in the group on the target at 1,000 yards. We could not have been more satisfied with the experience. I highly recommend this for the novice or experienced shooter. We had a mix of all levels in our group and everyone enjoyed it equally.


We took one of the private classes offered by DR Long Range Concepts. Cant say enough about this class. Great instructors. Ron and Denise were both very informative and patient. The first 30 minutes were worth the price of admission. Everyone in our group left the course much better than when we arrived. I will be taking classes from DRLRC in the future. I have much to learn and look forward to my next class with Ron and his instructors. Thanks again Ron!


I went threw  the Long Range Hunter and LRPR l class. The LRPR ll class was very humbling. I have never been around a better gourp of instructors. I came to this class with high expectations for my self. Range Estimation and movers was much harder than I intisipated.  I struggled Friday and Saturday. It came together on Sunday. I really liked the small amount of class room time up side the actual hands on time. learning on the range is great. Thanks for a great weekend. Looking forward to the next one. 

Police Officer / Avid Hunter

I just finished LRPR I this past weekend (Feb 26-28, 2016).  This was my third time to attend long range shooting instruction with Ron and his staff at DR Long Range Concepts.  Each time I walk away amazed at the level of instruction I have received, the professionalism of the entire staff, and their real desire for each person to succeed.  If you are new, or experienced to long range shooting, YOU MUST give this outfit a try.  You will not be disappointed.  I can't wait to attend LRPR II! 

SWAT Team Leader

Best real world instruction Ive had.  I received more practical application knowledge from this 3 day clas than the last 2 five day classes Ive been too.  I will defintitely be back!  


 I thought the trip was awesome. Greg was great to hunt with and now is a great friend. The hunt got me over the phobia of horse back riding and it is always nice to use the skills that we all practice as much as possible. I also learn when Ron tells you to get shape (LISTEN)LOL. The trip was a once in a life time opportunity. The group of hunter's were all outstanding people!!! The terrain was beautiful and the wild life was great!! 
Thank you, Ron & Denise White for your friendship and the training!!!   Michael J. Champagne Jr    

LR Hunter

What an outstanding weekend! This is a truly talented group of people that love to teach and pa on their expertise to others. They take you from where you are to the next level. Whether you are the avid or casual shooter, you will be taken to a higher level. Very profe ional in every way, without egos, taking pride in what YOU gain out of the course. Ron and his team which includes Denise his wife, just do an outstanding job. They are a credit to the sport. Because of how they teach, I was able to hit shots that I would have never  thought about taking before. Ron, Denise and team, thank you for a GREAT experience. 

Long Range Hunter Course

Excellent course and lots of fun.  DR Long Range under promises and over delivers.  The instructors are very experienced and helped us exceed all of our personal objectives.  Ron told to us bring what we had and not make expensive equipment purchases.  This gave us the chance to see or use different hunting and shooting aids.  You'll be a safer and better hunter with this course. 

LR Hunter

Wow! What a great time! I attended the September 2015 LR Hunter class. I had a wonderful time on the range and the instruction was very hands on and thorough. If you are just getting onto long range shooting or just needing a refresher, I would highly recommend. You will not be disappointed. Ron, Denise and all the instructors are top notch and are always ready to teach/instruct so you are sure to achieve your goals. Without a doubt you will learn, grow and enhance your skills in this course. I hope to take the LRP1 course next! A big thanks and hats off to Ron, Denise and Jay Agee!

LR Hunting

Ron and Team never disappoint!  Don't have egos and are there to make sure u learn how to shoot long distance!  Prior to my 1st class, i never shot a firearm consistently.  This is my second LR class and learned a ton while having a blast!  Wish I could attend a class every month.  Also all the folks that attended were awesome and had great camaraderie.  One of the best weekends I have had this year!  Thanks Ron and Team!

Women's Class

Thank you Denise and Ron for my introductory class to long range!  It was more than I had expected. This class was very informative but not overwhelming.  I can't believe I actual hit the target at over 1200 yards! Very nice! I hope you continue to grow the women's courses, as I would love to learn more.  
And for those of you who are concerned with fear, intimidation, and questioning whether you should take this assured, Denise and Ron keep you safe while you are learning and are very encouraging!  The more you learn, the more comfortable you will be and the more fun you will have! 

Old Man/IT Technician

Wow! What a terrific three days. We urge you to attend one of the DR Long-Range Concepts classes.  The instructors were pros.  They were courteous, helpful, and would do everything it took to make us successful.  We hit targets and 500 yards to 1000 yards.   We actually learned how to use our own equipment to it's fullest potential.

Please, go there.  learn how to shoot your rifle, and you will be able to say,

"I shot the White Buffalo!"


You will not find a finer course. The atmosphere is high energy and low key. All aspects are taught in modules and they stay on each one until everyone is comfortable in their understanding of the information. The first day on the range everything just falls in place and you and your partner are calling shots and hitting steel. By the last day all you are seeing is smiles all around. The instructors are doing everything they can to make you succeed, they are polite, humble and want to see you progress. No matter your skill level you will love the courses. I will be going back at least once a year if I can get in before the classes fill, and they fill fast...Bring what you have or call them and they will help to get you set up..I could only give them 5 stars as that is as high as the rating went. 

LRPR I - Above and Beyond

Like many other testimonies I have read on here, LRPR I went above and beyond my expectations.  Instructors are top notch.  Day 1 was a lot of classroom time, but pay attention it will all click quickly on Day 2 and 3.  Experience and equipment of all students varied greatly but i do not believe that anyone at anytime felt left out or behind the learning curve.  Bring what you have equipment wise and see/try what everyone else brings before you buy.  The end of Day 1 they took great care to fit everyone to their rifles and get everyone zeroed so that Day 2 was a great success.  Looking forward to phase 2 and 3.

Unbelievable improvement

The lrpr 1 course blew away my expectations. The improvements the whole class made in just a few days was astonishing. The instructors were very knowledgeable, helpful, and just fun to be around. They made the learning experience fun and easy. My confidence in shooting has never been higher. No matter what skill level you are at going into this course you will absolutely benefit from this class. Every member of our group was making consistent first round hits at distances we didnt think would be within reach for years. I cant recommend dr long range enough. On day one we were all strangers and within minutes they made everyone comfortable, by the end of the course we all gained several great friends.

Great Experience

Entering the course I was very "green" (never beyond 300 yards and nothing from prone).  LRPR 1 was a great experience!  Not once did I feel out of place, left behind, or like I was holding the others back.  My skills have improved dramatically, and I have a better understanding of how to approach long range shooting.  

LRPR III - the next level

Prior to LRPR 3 I took the LR hunter course, LRPR I and II.  All DR's courses are challenging and push the gun and shooter to their limits.  In LRPR 3 we engaged targets out to 1 mile, engaged moving targets out to 600 yards, support hand shooting, alternate position shooting, simulated urban shooting, and we got the opportunity to engage targets from a helicopter.  This course was definitely about taking all the training I had taken from DR and really pushing it to the next level.  The staff and instructors with DR are always extremely knowledgable, easy to learn from, and they do a stellar job of keeping the courses of fire challenging while making safety priority #1.  What an outstanding learning environment and group of instructors this is!!

The other 90%

After going through LR 1, 2, and 3 with DR Long Range I now
realized I was only using 10% of my rifle’s capability.  Through Ron and Brian’s coaching I was able
to get access to the other 90%.  I really
feel like I am 10 times more capable and competent in precision rifle shooting
at any distance under nearly any conditions.

LRPR I - Best Way to Become a Better Long Range Shooter

My son and I took the LRPR I course and enjoyed every minute
of it.  We have both been target
shooting for years (100-300 yards) but wanted to extend our range.  We couldn’t have picked a better group
of instructors to learn from.  On
the third day, my son put 3 consecutive shots into a 6 inch target at 1000
yards.  After taking this course,
shooting at anything less than 300 yards seems like a warm-up.  If you want to improve your skills,
this course is worth every penny. 
Thanks to Ron and everyone for a great experience.

Best Rifle Class Ever

LRPR I was the best rifle class for learning how to shoot better.  I have read lots of books, shot lots of ammo and watched many DVDs.  None of that compared to what I learned in 3 days.  This puts all that I read and watched into perspective and more.  This class and it's knowledgeable instructors taught me things I never dreamed of doing on my own.  If you want to learn from the best and be taught by the best, these courses and instructors are for you.  The instructors are there to teach you and make you get better with your rifle.  Ron, Dan, Jay, Jeremy and Denise make sure no one is lost or get behind in learning. I can not wait till next year to take the LRPR II class.  Thank you all for the a great weekend.


Ron and the other instructors clearly have the credentials to be teaching precision rifle courses. Just have a look at the instructor details provided. But
there are well credentialed & highly accomplished yet totally ineffective instructors
of various subjects who can’t convey what they know to their students. This isn’t
the case at DRLRP! These folks can teach!

Simply the best

Ron, Denise, and the instruction staff are absolutely fantastic people with a passion for what they do. Nothing will advance your skills at LR shooting more than top notch training. The DR staff will have your confidence to make previously unimagined shots a reality.

Hitting at Distances

There are many choices of schools out there.  Some of those school have a long list of requirements.  Ron says bring what you have.  I brought what I had and was shooting and HITTING at distances I had never even attempted before.  If you have questions about your equipment Ron is just a phone call away.  If you don't think you have the right equipment, call Ron.  Ron and Denise teach fundamentals that a regular shooter would never have the ability to learn that will change your game and tighten your groups VERY quickly.  I have taken two courses and plan to take another in the future.  They are great courses, the instructors are very approachable and helpful, and the camaraderie is second to none.  Bring what you have, take a course, it will change the way you shoot!

Extreme Long Range

Extreme Long Range Hunter, D.R. Long Range Concepts does it again!  I had the distinct honor to attend the long range elk class and hunt in Wyoming this fall.  It was truly one of the greatest shooting/hunting experiences of my life.  Ron and team planned out a phenomenal and realistic training environment the two days prior to the hunt.  We trained at high angles, high distances, alt positions (to simulate a sometimes non-perfect hunting environment), and we even got time on the horse in day 2.  Once the hunt started, the guides at 5K Outfitters used their skill and hard work to deliver 100% success rates for our entire group.  I flew cross country for this opportunity, and would do it again in a heartbeat.  Thanks to Ron, Denise and also the crew at 5K for the memories...Oh, and the 160lb of delicious elk meat!....

Ron and his Crew

Had a great learning experience with Ron and his crew.  We had never shot beyond 100 yards (or had any idea how to).  At the end we were hitting targets at 1000 yards and 500 yards at child's play!  The instructors were supportive and motivating!  A bunch of good leaders in my opinion.  We'll be back for LRPR I!Thanks again!....

Great Class

Great class I would recommend it to any hunter.  Great instruction and instructors.  Great way to spend a weekend....

Great Experience

Great Experience!  I would highly recommend this class to anyone.  Hunter or not.  Thank you for giving me the confidence in myself and my equipment....

Team of experts

Long Range Hunter Course August 2014.  This class by far surpassed all my expectations.  Ron, Dan, Trent, Jay, Denise, Thank you for teaching and coaching me to be a better sportsman and long range shooter.  This team of experts had the whole class hitting 800 yards the first day.D.R. LONG RANGE CONCEPTS...YOU GUYS ROCK!!....

Was a rookie shooter

When I signed up for this class I was a rookie shooter.  Maybe 120 rds through my gun.  Since taking the LRPR I course I have become a better Shooter and even better Spotter.  Great Insructors


Wow, what a great experience at long range hunter!!  We are total rookies and Ron, Ben, Ian had us shooting 4x further than we ever had before.  Great experience and come start where you are.  This team will get you started improving.  Thanks DR team....

Very good people

I appreciate your long range hunting course.  I had felt as if my expansion of knowledge was beginning to plateau prior to attending.  This course opened up so many new avenues for me to expand my interest on.  You all are very good people with a well developed course.  I would advise anyone I were to meet with the same desire to attend.

Cannot say enough

Ron, after taking the Long Range Rifle I class this past weekend, I cannot say enough about you, your staff and the quality and professional operation you have at DR Long Range Concepts.  I truly appreciate the friendly and comfortable environment created throughout the class.  Prior to the class I would have never attempted long-range shots.  I now have the confidence and knowledge to attempt these shots.  Thank you for your patients and willingness to work with every student regardless of their knowledge level.

You wont be disappointed

I just completed the Long Range Hunter Course this past weekend and it was a fantastic experience.  I don't believe you  can find a better group that wants you to succeed as much as Ron and his team.  If you have the opportunity to take a course with them I can assure you that you wont be disappointed.

Fantastic experience

I just completed the Long Range Hunter Course this past weekend and it was a fantastic experience.  I don't believe you  can find a better group that wants you to succeed as much as Ron and his team.  If you have the opportunity to take a course with them I can assure you that you wont be disappointed.

Attention to Fundamentals

Very high level of professionalism.  Started LRPR I with no long range experience and now after phase 1 and 2 its been amazing seeing the transformation.  A very solid foundation to build off of.  Highly recommended even if you don't plan on shooting long range on a regular basis.  the attention to fundamentals carries into all aspects of marksmanship.

Send IT

DR Long Range Staff-Thanks again for another fantastic class. LRPR II was awesome.  The new material presented was a definite boost to my long range skills and confidence level.  I had a great time.  Looking for the next time I can make the trip down.  SEND IT!...

Excellent Staff

So after taking my third class this weekend, (LRPR II) I'm surprised at the variety of shooting experiences provided to us by DR's staff. In 3 full days of shooting we never shot the same course twice. You guys kept it challenging, fun, and never boring. I continue to be humbled by the challenge of long range shooting and appreciate the opportunity to train with DR's excellent staff. ....


LRPR-1 Was a great learning experience. Excellent instructors and a great learning environment. Hope to make it to phase II next year.....

Top Notch

Just finished up the long range hunter class and it was a great experience. Ron and his team are top notch....They will increase your confidence and knowledge many times over. Far exceeded my expectations in every respect and I will definitely be taking other classes.

Very Impressed

My father and I just completed the DR Long Range Concepts "Long Range Hunter Course" and were very impressed with Ron and his staff. They are truly experienced instructors with a wealth of knowledge. They strive to get each student where the student wants to be. They stress safety continuously throughout the training course. My two main goals were to 1. Know my limits, and 2. Know the limits of my rifle. I found out both and was very surprised and pleased. 
My father and I were so impressed we have talked to other family members into going next year and we will be there again. 
If you live within a five hour driving distance to NW Arkansas, I strongly encourage you to do some research and see if you can find another outfit that offers this type of detailed instruction in long range shooting for the price DR Long Range Concepts offers. 
The years of experience that Ron and his staff bring to the table with real world training from the US Military and Law Enforcement is second to none. 

Thanks to Ron, Denise, Brian, Ian, and Corey for the valuable instruction and amazing experience. 

unbelievable confidence

Prior to taking LRPRI my max range was 200 yd. I honestly had no clue what my gear or myself was capible of. Taking Rons class has given me an unbelieveable confidence. I was able to learn my limits behind the rifle as well as behind the spotting scope, which is priceless. I feel like the instruction was presented in a way that setup the entire class for success throughout the three day course. Ron and Jaycee gave us enough instruction to get us up and running and allowed us enough slack to learn the dynamics of shooter / spotter communication on our own. They allowed us to make some mistakes which we learned from. By the end of the class we were all hitting steel out to 1100 yds. In fact my spotter and I put 4 out of 6 rounds on target at 1100. Not bad for a couch commando! If your on the fence about this class let me tell you its awesome! Signing up for LRPRII ASAP. Thanks again guys!....

True mentors

Anyone who has a desire to improve their game with a precision rifle needs to consider DR Long Range course offerings. After having attended both LRPR I & II, and having been to various other training programs, I couldn't recommend someone go anywhere else. It's rare to find a program that has the whole package. DR Long Range instructors are true mentors and work to build your confidence and skill set while engaging the students with easy going personalities. I really loved the program and left wanting more. You are true professionals and an asset to our community.

Came away a better shooter

I've taken DR's long range hunter and LRPR 1 courses. I came away from both courses a better shooter, and got to spend the weekends among great people and made great new friends in the process. Ron and his staff have a real gift for breaking things down and making them easy to understand, and easy to apply on the range in a very relaxed and safe atmosphere. Before LRPR 1 if someone told me I would be able to reliably shoot out to 1000 yards I would've laughed. Not anymore.

I have and will continue to recommend DR Long Range Concepts to friends who wants to sharpen their long range shooting skills. Thanks so much for what you guys do. Keep up the outstanding work!....

I recommend

I don't think I could recommend Ron and his crew enough! The amount of knowledge and experience here are second to none.
These guys really take the time and extra effort to make sure you understand what they are teaching here. Not only do the strive in making sure you achieve your goals,but its done in a great fun,friendly,family atmosphere.
When you are done with the courses you leave with a strong confidence in what you have been taught and life long friendships between teachers and your classmates. I know I can't wait to get enrolled in more courses they are offering. The fellowship alone to me is worth it, the bonus is the amount you learn. Thanks again Ron and team.....

Stop Thinking and take the class

Myself and Brandon Karn from the show attended LRPR I in the spring of 2012. We wanted to improve our opportunity on hunts by increasing the accurate distance we could shoot. I have since taken numerous animals with one shot at over 300 yards out to 406. The unheralded part of the course is the skill set they teach you as a coach and spotter. I have spotted and coached several long range one shot kills including 303 and a 420 yard shot on a moving coyote! Neither of these shooters have taken the class(yet)! If you have ever thought you wanted to shoot better, STOP THINKING and take this class! Worth every penny!....

Combined Knowledge

This past weekend I had the oppertunity to gain both knowledge and experenice about Long Range Precion Rifle Shooting, from 3 of the finest marksman in the world. 30 or 40 years of combined knoweledge and experence all rolled into 1, I learned more about marksmanship with a rifle in 1 weekend then I have in a lifetime ! I started learning how to shoot at a young age from my grandfather, I served in the USMC over 40 years ago,I thought I knew as much as one could know about shooting a rifle,then I attened this class and I learned it all ! These 3 instructor's, Ron White Jr., Dan Weimer, and Ben Sons have 1 goal, that is to teach you all you want to learn about long range precion shooting,and having fun at the same time ! They will teach you, inspire you, and build your confidence and put you on a whole new leval ! They will take you from 100 yards out to 800 yards in just 3 day's ! I want to say Thank You from my heart to Ron, Dan, and Ben. it was a privalidge and a honor to meet and shoot with all the other men in the class,one of which was only 12 years old, God Bless you all and I hope to see all of you in Long Range Precison Rifle class 2 ! Semper Fi !

Understanding Rifle Shooting

What a great time and way to get to understand rifle shooting at a whole different level. Let me further that by saying I was able to share that with my 12 year old son. Dan, Ron, and Ben all have what it takes to raise your level of shooting. Great guys, great instruction, and just a great time even in 100 degree heat. Thanks guys for getting me into another hobby that I never knew existed. Now I gotta build myself a rifle and quit using my sons...

LEO Class

Id like to thank you guys for the LEO class that you put on for my office. Not only did you guys improve the safety of my deputy's by giving them a far more tactical advantage but the level you taught far exceeded my expectation. Truly the best class I've ever went to. I highly recommend this to any LEO who is looking to improve there rifle skills. Once again thank you....

Thank You

Id like to thank you guys for the LEO class that you put on for my office. Not only did you guys improve the safety of my deputy's by giving them a far more tactical advantage but the level you taught far exceeded my expectation. Truly the best class I've ever went to. I highly recommend this to any LEO who is looking to improve there rifle skills. Once again thank you....

This past weekend

This past weekend I attended an Longrange M4 course that Dr Longrange Concepts specifically designed for our local law enforcement community. Even though we were a little limited on our optics, This group of guys absolutely took us as individual and our weapons systems to there limits and then beyond so we knew the absolute ability of our combined performance. I have been through many firearms training courses and this was probably the best training out there. I am not trying to sound cocky, but my confidence on what I can do is by far higher now than it was before the class.
Thank You DR Longrange Concepts. Very good job. ....