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I am forever changed!

This review is actually two fold. December 2020, I was feeling extremely lost and stuck. I had scheduled a reading with Motherella which was extremely detailed and resonated. That same week I scheduled a Spectra Quantum Healing with Luke (Walker). It was the most powerful and enlightening experience I’ve ever had! From the end of December 2020 through January 18, 2021, I didn’t feel as though the session worked for me. On January 18, 2021, I had an amazing magical experience that I've only seen from old classic romantic movies. I swear the day was written straight out of a fairy-tale. Little did I know it was my 5D conscious and higher self awakening my soul and unfucking old mindsets. This was confirmed with Motherella during a short read towards the end of January. Between Motherella and Walker, I am just… so thankful for their guidance, love and encouragement. From January 18 through April, I didn’t feel that the sessions I had were really working, I wasn’t feeling confident or connecting to my higher self but rather, I felt extremely stuck. I was also allowing a 3D mindset and person hold me back from experiencing 5D. I’ve since released that 3D person. I have since poured into myself which is directly correlated to Motherella and Walker’s teachings. SELF LOVE. I needed that push to recognize that I am a confident-badass-warrior! The collaboration between these two amazing humans - I cannot even put it into words. I am extremely grateful the Universe allowed our paths to cross. Thank you so, so much for sharing your gifts, guidance, clairvoyance and open hearts with us all. Thank you for speaking your truth! I am forever changed!

P.S. I recently had a follow-up session with Motherella. She confirmed the reason for the release of the 3D person and what's to come in the next several months. I look forward to the future and what is to come with my future self and life partner. Much love!

Motherella is incredible!

I’ve been with her for 3 years now and she’s truly a blessing in my life. She’s helped me through and gain peace following my boyfriends passing. I’ve healed in countless ways with her continuous support and I wouldn’t truly be where I am today without her services. With her guidance I’ve been able to grow into living my best life! I’ve moved to England, have more direction in my purpose, and am more connected to the universe, myself and my passed loved ones than ever before. She’s seriously the best and most amazing investment I’ve made and will continue to make for myself. I have so much love for her and the care she gives her clients and am always in awe after speaking with her. She is a true gift to experience!

Motherella is a Badass

I have used Michelle, Motherella, for the past couple of years now and cannot say enough the positive impact and guidance I have received from her readings and spiritual insight/knowledge. She has not only been a personal guide during readings, but also, encouraged/referred crystals, books, and spiritual healings appropriate for me. Her wealth of knowledge and insight to my soul path/purpose has truly be a "life changer" for me. I have been so blessed to have been referred to Michelle, Motherella, from a friend that also uses her. I continue to share my Motherella experience with friends, family, and even co-workers as Michelle is down to earth, straight to the point, and accurate! She makes the process for any "novice" start with ease. She truly is a bad-ass and great person to have in your life

You were right on!


You were right on with your reading and it was an experience I want to repeat. You answered my questions with clarity and honesty. I appreciate the honesty the most because there are somethings in life that need it so we as people can process and move on.

I will be making another appointment with you.