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Inspiring Master

Your success journey is so inspiring. We would love to thank you from the bottom of our hearts of everything you have done and shared with us! You are an amazing person with amazing smile! :)

A wonderful leader in our WV globle family

You infect the people from the whole world with your smile, your passion, your warmness! Thanks to have you--a wonderful leader in our global WV family!

Testimonial #52

Thks James, for being a great leader and shining example to all of us. It was fantastic getting to know you. Here's to many adventures!

Testimonial #50

True inspiration from a person that is down to Earth and humble....

A Man full of Smiles!

I've known James for 6 years! He's one of the most unassuming person with no airs about him I've ever met! The leader of all leaders! I'm glad I get the chance to follow and learn from him Everyday!


James Lee - My Awesome Friend, Buddy and Mentor! Friend Forever

Mr & Mrs

James Lee met us about a year ago when he came to Melbourne we were very blessed to have the opportunity to hang out with him and instantly felt so connected and he made us feel like family.James, very cool, kind, humble, fun, awesome nature, a mentor, and a positive inspiration, a friend for life.James also was very kind to include us in his trip to New York.  We met him and spent the day with him.  James Lee is an amazing role model, a person who understands people and shows so much love and support wherever he goes. 

A mentor..A friend..An Inspiration and A heart of diamonds.

From the first time I met James, I remember it was in Singapore during one of our international training events. He was the most humble, accommodating and friendly leader I have ever met. I am so grateful to have James in my life. He has helped me in unbelievable ways to the greatest extent, even in ways which brought no benefit to him. He has made so many differences in lives of many, and no matter how successful he is, he still continuously goes out of his way to help. 

I am so grateful and honored to have James in my life, not only as my mentor and leader, but also a brother, a friend and definitely an inspiration. You have a heart of diamond James. Thank you for all that you have done. There is nothing that can compare to what you have done for me. But I promise my endless friendship and support for you and your family. You are incredible. 

Most humble individual, mentor and father

The first I met James Lee was at Julio Acosta's Mega Presentation. My first impression of him is that he is such a humble individual, an inspiring mentor, and he reminds me of my late father. I am super blessed to have met him in person. And until now his story still inspires me and many others. Thank God that he was the very first to bring to Asia such a wonderful gift bestowed upon God's Angels. I can never thanked him enough for being as humble as he is as an individual with a big heart of gold. 
Please never stop doing what you are doing. You're a great mentor and father and keep on inspiring and changing many people's lives. We all love you for who are.

James Lee, Dynamic Servant Leader

James Lee is a leader among leaders. It is easy to look up his credentials to see what kind of world-class, successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, and trainer he has become. I am fortunate to be able to speak to the heart of the man. He truly cares about transforming lives and leaving a lasting legacy that improves future generations. I am blessed to call him a friend much more so than a business partner. He has single-handedly changed my family's life forever and the lives of countless others! He is a blessing to know and I encourage everyone to make time to not only read his book and hear him speak, but to get to know the heart of the Champion that is James Lee! Love you brother!!

James Lee, Legendary Network Marketing Leader

After 20 years in Network Marketing, James Lee is one of greatest leaders I've ever been blessed to work with. His numbers speak for themselves... hundreds of thousands in his organization in only five years, hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues created, he has not only become a millionaire himself, he's created several other millionaires on his team. That is an accomplishment not many in our profession have ever achieved. But the greatest thing about James Lee is not his incredible expertise in network marketing... it's the fact that he has a heart of solid gold. I've seen him go from struggling financially to millionaire status and he is just as humble, genuine and down to earth now as he ever was. If you haven't met James yet, mark my words, you will fall in love with him the first time you get the chance to talk with him in person. 



A brother with great integrity! A mentor and friend who never gives up!

"A true deserving leader is one who sticks to his words, and then back his words up with actions" 

THIS is the reason why you are successful James!
Thank you for being an amazing brother, friend and mentor!

Without your vision and commitment, I would never be enjoying this time and financial freedom I have today. 
Your never ending support is also very deeply appreciated!

While others have acted selfishly, you have chosen to act Selflessly.  THIS is also why you are successful.

I Thank God for having chosen you as HIS vessel...
HIS vessel that through you, millions will be blessed and set free! Praise God!

True Visionary

James Lee have always been a born Leader himself from his backgrounds. When I first met James in 2011, at that time I was looking for a way out of the Rat Race and looking for a Mentor to guide me and teach me how to be Successful.They say, "the eyes are the windows to your soul." I saw a burning desire in his eyes which made me chose him as a Mentor and someone to follow.

James is a True Visionary. Someone Full of Energy, always Excited and a humble servant leader. He always leads by example by doing it first for others to follow. Always a joy to be around this man with his infectious smile. One can learn a lot from spending just 5 minutes with him.
Through WorldVentures, he have led me to a Better Me. Always pushing me to achieve more than I think I can.

James is someone everyone want to Match and Model after. :)!

True Visionary with Great Courage

When I first met James, I was immediately drawn to him. Drawn to how a man of his status was friendly without being condescending. What most people will say about James is that he's a visionary & a leader, but as i got to know him, what I see is that he's a courageous leader with great vision & deep inner strength. So, thank you James for being a mentor, friend, brother & leader to me. Am truly honoured & appreciatively for your guidance & friendship. 

Genuine Personal Humility Blends With Intense Professional Will

I once read an article on Leadership that explained a key ingredient that allows an organisation to become great, is having a leader in whom genuine personal humility blends with intense professional will.  Instantaneously, the person that came to my mind --- James Lee.  James is an amazing individual, one who encompasses the traits of honesty, integrity and truth , dignity and sincerity, Regardless if its work or on a personal level, he touches every one he meets with his genuine wholesome personality.  In business and in life skills, I have learnt so much from this humble man of God. It is my great honour to know him and a greater blessing to call him my mentor, my friend.

Man of Steel with a Heart of Gold

James is a delight to be with because he is humble, sincere, energetic, positive, generous, caring and wise. I admire his strong leadership, enthusiasm, determination, passion, vision & his heart of gold. James has never stopped inspiring us over the last few years that my husband and I have known him. It is definitely a privilege for us to be able to call this wonderful gentleman our friend, our business partner, our mentor, and our brother. Our lives will never be the same again because of James. Thank you for being the awesome you! 

One week at Blessed Homes in Thailand :-)

I went to te the very first Volontour/Dreamtrip to Blessed Homes in MaeSot /Thailand and James where there with some from his team in Singapore.

We where painting and building and I must say that I am impressed over James, he was always smiling, a lot. It would be difficult to find another more positive person, and he make other people around him happy too. 

Please take a moment to see this movie from our trip there.

James: Thanks for the "meat on a stick" in the bus. :-)


I am totally speechless when I first met this awesome guy, James Lee, totally admire his humility, grace and friendliness because never have I come across any top top leader in any organisation that makes a new member like myself totally welcome within a short space of time. The very incident was when I was resting in my hotel room in Hong Kong back in December last year, after joining Worldventures for barely half a year, I received a personal message in Facebook with an invitation to meet him and the top executives at Hong Kong training office for some photo sessions. This totally blew me away. We are so lucky to have him as our mentor and leader in Singapore and will never trade him for anyone else in my humble opinion! 


James Lee
has been a great Inspiration to me
and many around the world. He’s a wonderful servant leader who constantly
strives to better others’ lives through his Mentorship. James is humble, down to earth and a very approachable
person, he was always been there for me when needed and has provided me with
incredible support which I’m grateful for.

“Great LEADERS inspire greatness in others”

Thank you James for your Leadership.

Leader, Inspiration and Mentor

It's incredible how much impact this man has had on my life although we have known each other for not a very long time. James is nothing short of an inspiration to me and so many others like me who are looking for a better way. Successful, humble, enthusiastic, energetic and skilled are some of the many words one can use to describe the man. You'd be hard pressed to find all these traits in one single person, yet James embodies them all. To me he is nothing short of an incredible mentor and a great example of servant-leadership. If you've yet to meet him, please try to. One encounter with this guy could very well change your life. Thank you James for being just awesome. Cheers brother! 

Salute To The Father of Worldventures Asia

James Lee is certainly the most qualified person to named The Father of Worldventures Asia. If not for his strong belief, hard work, persistent and perseverance, we will not be able to have this opportunity to set more people free, making ordinary people becomes extraordinary. Thank you James.
I am touched with his big heart and vision of wanting to change Millions of lives. He demonstrated that it is possible as he started the biz with outstanding debts to pay to earning more than a Million US Dollars a year now.  The amazing part is he rises by lifting others that makes him a legendary leader!
He is the lifeline to me and he is my mentor.  He is definitely the person to look for if you are in the cross junction, miserable or lose direction.  With the sincere words coming out from his mouth, caring look from his eyes, you know you are in good hands, you see hope and you are ready to stand up again. His leadership is built with trust, hope, love and encouragement. 
I thanked God for this special gift, James Lee to come into my life and he is the most sincere, positive and caring leader that I have ever met!
" The challenge of leadership is to be Strong, but not Rude; be Kind, but not Weak; be Bold, but not Bully; be Thoughtful, but not Lazy; be Humble, but not Timid; be Proud but not Arrogant; have Humour, but without Folly " ...quote by Jim Rohn. and That is James Lee..
Tough times never last, but tough people do! Thank you for being that Tough Leader to lead! Love You My Brother, My Teacher and My Mentor, James Lee.

Lifetime Mentor & Born Leader

I am really thankful for God because he lead me to James Lee who is a mentor is someone who truly cares for you and who will look after your interests and not just his own. He love what he doing and his energy is always there! He share his experiences like a big brother! I really learnt a lot from James and his leadership is awesome! He is the one that you would want to bring to war with. You can be sure you are in good hands! His stories, his actions, his leadership, his vision and his passion had impacted a lot of us especially in Asia! He is someone that you would want to hang out together with because he is so fun! I'm looking forward to learn more and have fun together !!! Thank you Brother James for making a big difference in my life! Let us all rock ASIA!!!

A True Visionary and Dear Friend

Not only is James a true visionary, a totally dedicated leader and an incredibly humble individual... he is also a very proud husband, father and a dear friend of mine.
I have been blessed to work with James the last 5 years and have rarely come across a person with such dedication and love for others.
He is a true inspiration and I feel thankful to have been on this life changing journey with him the last few years and look forward to an even brighter future in his company!

A leader that Provides Light for the common man who has Big Dreams!

James Lee is an incredible son, son in law, father, husband, brother, friend, biz partner, leader, mentor, trainer with an incredible Will Power to Win BIG ! He seems to be the perfect human being perhaps God has created as a messenger to help change lives of many with the work he does. He has certainly impacted my life positively unknowingly and it has been my blessing, honor and privilege to pen down my heart felt gratitude to his Vision and foresight leadership, creating a path for many to follow. Thank You IMD James Lee ! 


When I read the bible verse - Mattew 5:5 about the meek inheriting the earth.
Subconsciously, James's face appear in my head. This man has a plethora of love and passion that never fills up his abyss of care and concern. 
A man that can and will and have led many to freedom in his lifetime. He is the epitome of freedom and can be referenced to as personification of the libertas that distinguished the free from the enslaved.

An Amazing leader, great mentor, wonderful friend

After spending 13 years in the Republic of Singapore Air Force as an Officer, I had the opportunity to work with many great leaders. However, its only when I met James that I realised what a real amazing leader is!

Always smiling, always happy, always caring for the people around him, always positive, always very motivating, leading by example, having an extremely big heart, being able to have a huge positive influence on the people around him, are just some of the amazing traits he carried with him!

I'm really very blessed to be able to know and work with such an amazing leader, great mentor and wonderful friend!

The Pillar of Trust

I have known James for 5 years.. It is an honor to work with him in every way.. A person with extraordinary vision, determination & perseverance.. 
He have continued to inspire thousands of people all from the heart. Best business partner, Friend & Mentor.. If i can only choose one person that to trust, it will be James Lee.

Dearest Mentor, Brother and Friend!

James has personally changed my life.

By showing me the opportunity, so many blessings have come from it!

Since I saw this 4 years ago when I was 18 years old, I have been blessed with time and financial freedom, 70 vacations, personal growth, many priceless memories, and a beautiful new family.. I met the love of my life here too!

He saw potential in me who had no credibility, no contacts, no degree, no experience, and made me believe that I could be more than I was.

James is definitely a true leader, someone that I respect because he remains full of integrity and is extremely humble despite his massive success.

I will always be thankful and appreciative of his help. Thank you James!!

A Brotherly-Figure

Like to say a BIG THANK YOU to James in positively inspire my family life's journey. Been a really big blessing to know James personally and as well as working along side with him.
In many people's eyes, he's a servant leader, a mentor with great vision, always humble and down to earth to help each and anyone in moving towards their Dreams without expecting anything in return.  
As close to my heart as a family, i see James as a elder brotherly-figure who always without fail lead us by example. When he push us to move forward, he got our back. And when we are in trouble, he will be at the front.He's a person with great integrity and superb work ethics . A man full of experiences and wisdom which he graciously share it. 
I am truly beyond my words to how much i own it all to James and his family in touching not just my lives but many people around me. 
God Bless abundantly + 

The inspiration for mankind

Having being blessed to get to know James Lee personally the past 2 & a half years, I have only respect for the man and he earned my trust through doing exactly what he says every single time.

James in my eyes, has mastered living life and yet continue to keep improving himself to be an example that inspires others to upgrade themselves and their lifestyles too. I speak from the standpoint of one life he touched, moved and inspired through his leadership.

Thank you, James Lee, from the bottom of my heart for showing me a second chance in life, your time in supporting me with training, encouragement and coaching. I cannot get enough of personal time with you and every time I meet you, I learn so much in such a short span of time.

You brought out the best in me and gave me access to bringing out the best in others I'm privileged to work with too.

Salute to Exemplary Leadership

It is certainly a great privilege to have known James Lee, to be able to call him big brother, mentor and a great selfless big-hearted man with exemplary leadership. He is nothing short of First Class in what I wish to have in a leader. His iconic sincere smile of joy and fun warms hearts all the time. Thank you James for inspiring hundreds of thousands in our big global family with your teachings in your stories on the journey! Most importantly, A BIG THANK YOU for positively impacting lives and families all around the world. Without you, Asia would not have such a wonderful platform to begin a journey out of the rat race. SALUTE!

[身先足以率人 律己足以服人]

James Lee personifies the vision of "making a". The key here is not giving whilst you already have it; but giving even though you don't have it yet. 
James started out from humble beginnings on his stint into entrepreneurship, and despite the immense challenges and obstacles he faced in the course of bringing a huge revolutionary movement in the travel industry from the West to the East, he persevered through it all & became an unstoppable force. No other ordinary human being would have been able to accomplish such a feat.
This column is not enough for me to say it all about this amazing entrepreneur, partner and friend. Behind James' awesome, I would say, "trademarked" smile, lies a man of immense strength, courage, determination, dedication & vision. 
And please, I highly recommend all here to read about his personal encounters which build him to be where he is today in his bestseller book, Flip Your Switch To Be Rich.
You can see his dedication in the simple things like reaching out to each individual during his book-signing session )
Thank you brother for touching our family's lives and soon millions across the world. You are God-sent. May the Lord continue to bless you and your beloved family so that more lives can be impacted.

Amazing Leader!

I have never come across a leader so committed so positive and so energetic! James is an amazing friend, biz partner and Mentor! He is there when I am down, he is there when I am up, he is definitely the RIGHT leader to follow! I am so privileged and proud to be associated with him!

James Lee is a visionary & top leader

I have worked with James Lee for over 4 years & he is a true visionary & one of the best leaders I know in the direct selling industry. A true servant leader who has inspired hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. He has remained humble and down to earth despite becoming a Million dollar a year income earner in our industry. Very proud to know you James. :)

A leader with a big heart!

I am super honoured to have had the chance to know James personally. From attending his first regional training in Melbourne to building a strong friendship over the year. James is not just a common leader, he is a true servant to people without expecting anything back. He is the most approachable top income earner in our company, a real friend, super down to earth, top international trainer, always available to chat and hang out. His positive attitude is so contagious and inspiring. I just can't get enough words to describe his super persona. See you on the beaches of the world buddy! Love from Australia.

Great Leader!!

I am so bless to know James Lee!! He is a man that sees goodness
in everyone. No matter how busy or successful he is, he makes time for us!!
James is a great leader and never feels to rub that zest in us!! We LOVE you,

Leadership By Example

I have learnt so much from James Lee about leadership not just in what he teach, but much more on what he does. He is an incredible leader that leads by always giving more, and doing more. Thank you James Lee for being such an amazing role model.

The True Epitome Of Servant Leadership

I had the pleasure of meeting James in person more than 3 years plus ago,and since Day 1 he has been one of the few person whom I truly and really look up to for inspiration and leadership qualities. 
I still can vividly recall the times when I was in need of encouragement, he will always be there to offer you a pat on the back to lift you up back to where you are supposed to be.  To top it off, he is someone with such a HUGE heart & a big smile towards everyone whom he meet during his daily meetings with people. To those of you reading this, James is truly one of those people who you will really want to associate yourself with be it personal or business. 
Like what he always share with me:
Whatever you focus on expands!

A True Leader

James Lee is A Big Brother and A Mentor to me. He is a Selfless and Caring Leader. He always seen with a great smile. His Strong Leadership , Determination and Perseverance is what made him successful.He is also a very Humble Guy. He would share whatever he know to everyone. Let's Change More People Lives. 

A True Visionary Leader

is a Visionary leader that knows where he is going and would stretch out his arms
to help those who have dreams. A person that believes in contributing in any
situation he is in, he is one of the most caring and humble leaders I ever met.
A dependable leader and always there when you need help. A true visionary
leader and a brother to all. Thank you James.

A leader and knight of the one big family with a great big heart

James is certainly a great role leader that put in utmost hardwork even today despite his remarkable success. A legendary business life creator that is so delicated humbly and contribute to share to countless unselfishly with his best knowledge and latest technology updates to the fast growing organisation and touch the heart of many and their family. 
He is certainly a ground to earth top leader, a legendary icon that build countless great leaders and of course, a great brother to me always.  My utmost respect of his unselfishness and create a better tomorrow for countless. 

Mr. James Lee

I've had the pleasure of meeting Mr. James Lee twice so far this year. First was in Johannesburg, South Africa for a training and later in Bangkok for bootcamp. I really learnt a lot from him and I admire how he builds his business. The passion and drive he displays is remarkable and I am priveledged to have learnt from such a successful business man. I look forward to interacting with Mr. Lee in the near future.

Leadership Is Influence! Nothing More Nothing Less!

James Lee epitomises what it truly means of - "Making A Living Living" & "Making A Living Giving". Over these two or so years, I've had the privilege to spend time working, dining & traveling with James on several occasions. His tenacity to "keep keeping on" even when humanly speaking nothing apparent appeared over the horizon, he just kept on. In the face of being ridiculed & scorned, James stood out resolute with his eye on the goal. He serves as a constant reminder & encourager to many of us to not give up, both through his words of wisdom & his own life of perseverance. He has selflessly devoted & paved the way for many to walk into. It's with a sense of humility that he has served as a conduit for many others to succeed & even surpass him. I'm indebted to the person of James Lee, my mentor, friend & forerunner, with his exuberant & energetic disposition along with his team, who has embraced me into this One Big Family of Fun, Freedom & Fulfilment. Thank you James! I do sincerely wish you & your wonderful family all God's blessings as together we continue to share & help many more average folk live above average lifestyles & in so doing create generational wealth! 

Leader & Steward

Adversity causes some people to break,
where-else others like Mr James Lee, to become RECORD BREAKERS !! I would like
to take this opportunity to thank James for his outstanding work ethics, his
humility even after he has reached the pinnacle of success in business. And
most of all, being a friend and someone we can all call, our Big Brother to
rely on for help.

A wise man once said, you can make a man
wiser still with corrections and you can see the fruits of James's labor, just
by seeing the winning attitudes of the people around him :D Thank you James for
your heart for people, stepping up as a leader of leaders and most of all, for
casting the vision and building through brick walls until they all fall apart
with your tenacity!!  GOD bless your journey and our multiplication on
WV, the proverbial Noah's Arc !!

The Legend 001

We all know The James Bond 007 Legendary fictional agent character. But guess what we have our very own "James Lee 001" which is also a legendary fact "Freedom Agent" character for being the most humble and servant leader in Asia!  Thank you for paving the path for all of us!  Thanks for your vision and courage to take up the challenge to let us go and fight for our dreams! Mad Love! from Zinky!

Thank you

James Lee is an incredible servant leader.  If you have not met James yet, once you do, your life will never be the same.  I appreciate the time, mentorship, and more that James has given me with a full heart and he asked for nothing in return.  I learned so much from you and through your exemplary life; I am constantly applying it to be a better man each day in every area of my life so I can lead a life of contribution to others.  James Lee has impacted me and my family I am forever grateful.  Thank you beyond words.

A Leader like no other; with a courage like none others

Despite having an organisation of over half-a-million, James is constantly all ears and all eyes to the subtleties around him.Despite being a millionaire himself, he graciously gives his time to better and touch the lives of countless around him.  Having only known James for less than a year, I was particularly touched when he autographed his book meant for me even though i couldn't be present to receive it. He was willing to spend time with an in-experienced person like myself on a few occasions; dispensing gold nuggets of wisdom with an aura of humility, joy, finesse and precious dose of authenticity.  James, thank you for showing the multitude that there is a better way and for stepping out in faith when God parted the Red Sea. Like may before me, my life is never the same because of your courage, foresight and leadership against the tide of judgementalism.

Leader of the leader

James is one of the most dynamic man, a brother, a friend of mine I ever met in my life. He have the most lovely, iconic smile, incredibly humble, yes everywhere he go to will have sunshine! He is someone I look up to, his strong leadership, determination, everything about him is extraordinary!
He never fail to response to guide, to mentor me whenever I approach him. He lead by example, always go extra mile, over-delivered! He is truly incredible.. you really got to meet with this man! Brother James thank you so much for what you have done for us, you changed many people's lives, I look forward to learn from you! Let's catch up often too!

It's always Sunny ...

James is definitely one of the most delightful , sunny , person to be around with. He never let anything put him down, even during his struggles, we will always still enjoy good food, and a good laugh. Being the millionaire he is today, he remains so humble, full of sunshine, always ready to help, and only lead by example of what he does. I am glad to call him my friend, and more importantly, my brother I never have

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