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A definite recommended read

I found the book unpredictable, clever, and well-executed. Most of all, I loved that Salmon doesn’t pull any punches with what she puts her characters through, and she doesn’t talk down to the reader, either.

Journey over multiple timelines - from ancient age to future past 20th century Jamaica

Yes, this story is another adventure with newer ingredients – only, the journey is not so much a case of actual movement in the present time, as of overall dynamics of certain beings across eras...Good mysteries are determined by how an author handles key junctures when much could be revealed. It is a tantalizing balance.

Book Review

A lovely book full of rich prose.
The scene's describing Catherine's sojourn in Jamaica are  the strongest section of the book...
...a bit of writing that stays with you a long time.

Book Review

"Drafnel, the first novel in the Camille and the Bears of Beisa series by Simone Salmon, is a major genre-bender. Equal parts paranormal thriller, romance, sweeping sci-fi novel and folkloric fantasy all wrapped together, Salmon manages to weave them all into an absorbing whole. Drafnel is scheduled for release on August 28, 2015.."