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Beautiful Bellaboo

We collected Bella just before Xmas and can say that she has kept us very entertained during the holidays with her mischievous antics 😺 She is beautiful with gorgeous eyes and markings and is a very confident, lively and well socialised kitten who enjoys cuddles! Thank you Ann Marie, we love her.

My stunning British shorthairs Pippa and Niko

I can’t thank Annmarie enough for blessing us with 2 blue stunning British shorthairs. I got one January 21 and ended up with another by December. They are just beautifully breed and Annmarie has been brilliant with advise and tips and always messages back.

Monty, Carlo and Rosie

Yes - we must be crazy with three new kittens at the same time - but they are so comical and make us laugh so much - what a pleasure. Even the "mad moments" are great fun - the play fighting and of course, scratching!! They are great friends and generally stay really close to each other. We cannot thank Anne-Marie enough for her approach and of course, for so competently raising the kittens prior to our collecting them. We could recommend her to anyone - this breed of cat is wonderful.


Wilbur settled in well after a couple of days with us. He's a really affectionate and entertaining character and contrary to everything I'd read about BSH cats he doesn't mind being picked up at all and jumps on to an available lap at the first opportunity (the first lap cat we've ever had). He's got a lovely disposition thanks to his upbringing with Annmarie. No problems with using a litter tray or scratching post. We are all delighted with him - many thanks Annmarie.


I can’t begin to thank Annmarie enough for how brilliant she’s been in helping us find our perfect British shorthair kitten. She was extremely helpful and supportive throughout the whole process and the children loved seeing the update pictures and videos leading up to collection day.

Most importantly, Teddy is an amazing little cat. He has settled so quickly and this is testament to how Annmarie brings up her kittens and looks after them. He is loving, clever and full of personality, completely litter trained and very comfortable around people, especially a very ‘attentive’ 5 year old!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rueifon cats to anybody and we are even considering a second already.

Thank you Annmarie, he’s perfect.

Neo and Olly - Beautiful Boys

A big heartfelt thank you to Annmarie for our two little treasures Neo and Olly, who in the two weeks they have been home with us, have settled in perfectly and are utterly adorable. What a blessing and reassurance it was to find Annmarie who sent us weekly updates and pictures of the boys - which we all looked forward to receiving. I have no hesitation in recommending Annmarie to anybody who is looking for their own, healthy, well socialised, intelligently inquisitive, beautiful kittens.


A beautiful cat with a beautiful nature. She has settled so well and is becoming more cheeky and adventurous by the day. We all adore her.

Beautiful BSH's

Dexter is settling into his new home perfectly and starting to become the boss as he gets more confident :-) he's very loving and clever. Annmarie has been great ever since I put a deposit down by sending regular updates with photos/videos. I'd be sure to recommend Rueifon cats to anyone. Thanks again.


He has a wonderful temperament and a beautiful coat.

Beautiful natured kitten

Thank you Annemarie for our gorgeous Archie . He has adjusted to our family so well and although we have only had him just over a week he has become part of the family and my 2 children love him to bits . Archie likes to be cuddled , was litter trained and such a lovely , happy kitten .I would recommend Annemarie as she was very thorough , answered questions and is knowledgeable about the breed . I’m sure we will be in touch in the future when we’re ready to add to the family

Beautiful Mana

Thank you Annmarie for letting us have our beautiful Mana. She is such a lovely energetic cat. She is utterly purrfect and so gentle and has brought so much joy into our home.

Cheeky Oscar

Thank you to Ann Marie for allowing us to have the lovely Oscar. He’s a cheeky chappie, full of life but loves to sit on your lap too and have a sleep. He purrs away, a very bold kitten, not frightened of anything. Daisy has accepted him and he respects her even though he does help himself to her food if I’m not watching. We all love him

Gary Gizmo

Thank you for our beautiful boy Gary. He is such a pleasure and a very loved member of our family who likes to keep us on our toes! His markings and temperament are incredible and goes to show what good breeding and amazing early start to his life he's had.

Cheeky Chester

Thank you so much AnnMarie , Chester is such a lovely boy, very cheeky and boisterous. I appreciate all that you have done for us and he will be loved by all the family.

Beautiful Bessie

Bessie is our first kitten from Ann Marie and she has chosen the perfect kitten for our existing cat family. She is our third British Shorthair but definitely the best prepared for the big world. She has a wonderful temperament and has coped with every situation from meeting new people to meeting the neighbours cat (brave girl). We would definitely recommend getting a Rueifon kitten.

Rosie and Dexter

I purchased my first British Blue Shorthair Rosie from Ann Marie 2 years ago and she is beautiful inside and out. Recently we decided to get her a companion and we collected our Silver Tabby boy last weekend. They are already the best of friends. Dexter settled in straight away and is a happy, healthy and confident kitten. Ann Marie does a brilliant job and we have no hesitation in recommending her if you are considering buying one of this wonderful breed.


We picked Margot up two weeks ago, after a couple of days she settled right in. We now have a very friendly, sociable, gorgeous kitten! She has enjoyed playing with kids and adults. Anne-Marie kept us updated throughout and continues to be very helpful.


Collected our British Shorthair kitten from Love Thy Cats on 24-July, and could not be more delighted. Milly is beyond cute, playful, mischievous and very affectionate. We’re besotted! Annmarie does a highly professional job.


Absolutely thrilled getting my first kitten. She started exploring almost immediately and is very friendly. The weekly updates were always a treat and everything was explained very professionally.

Adorable Luna Belle

Luna has settled in to her new home perfectly . She is playful , cheeky and affectionate and it adored by all the family with the exception of our British blue Jasper which I’m sure will improve in time . We looked forward to the weekly updates provided by Annmarie and she has responded promptly to all our questions since collection. I would definitely recommend rueifoncats and would purchase another without hesitation . Thank you

Milly Moo

We were on the waiting list for our beautiful kitten Milly, from start to finish Annmarie from rueifon cats (love thy cats) was professional , friendly and you could just tell she loves her job. Our kitten is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen her markings her temperament are just amazing and she settled in immediately and was pre trained for everything she is so adorable we just couldn’t be without her.
We couldn’t recommend rueifon cats highly enough !!
Thank you
Emma , Jason & the kids

Would recommend Rueifon cats to anyone wanting a BSH

We collected our beautiful lilac boy last Saturday from Love Thy Cats and AnnMarie was fantastic, a very knowledgeable breeder of BSH cats and she gave us some brilliant advice on settling Nimbus in esp with our other older female cat and diet information. AnneMarie kept us up to date with weekly photos and some videos as Nimbus grew and lovely little comments about him. He has settled nicely and we are already in love with him, Lottie our 9 year old cat is still not sure but has decided to give him the benefit of the doubt!!! Thank you AnnMarie xxx

Blue Chip Cat Breeder

Thank you Annemarie for providing us with Henry our all loving playful bundle of joy this July. Your service is impeccable
and we much appreciated your advice and the receipt of weekly updates on Henry's progress.
Sylvia & Michael.

Totally Terrific Toto

We got our little man Toto in January and he has honestly been such a joy. He was so affectionate from day 1, litter and scratch post trained and has settled in so well to our family. I would highly recommend Rueifon Cats to anyone and if we could I would get another in a heartbeat!

Adorable Artemis

Since first contact Ann-Marie worked so hard to send us photos each week. She has helped us prepare for our new arrival. We are delighted with our new kitten who has settled in really well. We feel privileged to have such an loveable boy. Thank you Anne - Marie.


Thank you so much, for the amazing service and for caring for my lovely cat.


Louie joined our support bubble in the middle of December... He was so well socialised and settled straight away. He's loving, playful and confident and has brought an immeasurable amount of joy to the family, we're obsessed with our gorgeous boy! AnnMarie has done such a brilliant job with him and is so knowledgeable and caring. We looked forward to the weekly updates from her, when I went to collect him it was clear what a wonderful loving home he was coming from. Would 100% recommend Rueifon ????

Captain Wentworth

We collected Captain Wentworth mid December. He’s settled in amazingly well he is very confident and loves his food and cuddles. We received weekly updates, photos and videos throughout and it was lovely to see his development from his very early weeks to collection.
We would recommend Ruefion to anyone wanting a beautiful BSH

Nero's friend Merlin

We've had Merlin now for 3 weeks, we got our first Rueifon kitten Nero in August and loved him so much we wanted a 2nd kitten.

Merlin has not disappointed, he's a silver tabby and an adorable bundle of playful energy, very affectionate and gets on with Nero like they're brothers. He's very well socialised and a joy to have around the house.

If you're thinking of getting a bsh kitten, don't get one from anywhere else.


We have had Ted for 3 weeks now. He felt part of our family after day one and he seemed to accept his new environment straight away. Annmarie had done a fantastic job. He has already given us joy and fun and we adapting to fit into what he wants!

Rosa's retirement

Saw Rosa on Rueifon webpage by chance. As we had just lost
our beloved little dog we could not bear the house
Without a furry member of the family. So Rosa was retiring
and we felt it was meant to be. Absolutely no regrets, she is the sweetest girl and Anne Marie was so helpful and caring..
Thank you for letting us come to live with us.

Rueifon kitten

We have had our beautiful kitten for 2 weeks & she settled in like a dream,the process was seamless as Annmarie has done a superb job.She used her litter tray & scratch post from day 1 & is use to all the household noises.Annmarie kept us updated with weekly pics & emails so that we could see her development, this was the highlight of the week for us,the video was also great.Annmarie takes a lot of care with her updates & answering any questions/queries.
Myself, my husband & 2 teenage children are besotted with her.We are very lucky to have her in our lives & are grateful to Annmarie for all her dedication.
We would highly recommend Annmarie/rueifon cats & will recommend to family & friends.


We collected our bundle of joy Louis just over two weeks ago, within 24 hours he was settled in his forever home, sleeping eating and using litter tray. He is the most delightful kitten inquisitive confident and very sociable - loves his cuddles, he is a testament to the dedication and professionalism of Annmarie on rearing her kittens, he has the most beautiful features perfect in every way a true British blue. I cannot thank Annmarie enough we truly found an exceptional breeder who loves her kittens, we were updated weekly with gorgeous photos and videos so we could watch our kitten grow up until collection. Thankyou Annemarie


Ann-Marie has been so professional since our first contact and sent update photos each week. We are delighted with our new kitten who is settling in really well. We feel very lucky to have her.


I can’t thank Ann Marie enough for Millie.
She is such a curious mischievous girl !
We have had her 3 months and it’s like she has been here forever !
She definitely rules the roost ????

Titania & Figgy Silver Tabby’s

We collected the kittens 11 days ago – the kittens arrived home inquisitive, adventurous and affectionate. They have lots of playful energy and an independent attitude. They have used their litter tray and scratching post from day one. We have much pleasure and laughs at their antics.
Annmarie has done a superb job with them. The photos and videos were a brilliant way of keeping us involved with their development.
We looked at a number of breeders before choosing Rueifon and Annmarie and are so pleased we made this choice. We are so very happy with the kittens - If you are looking for healthy, confident and well socialised kittens look no further, you have come to the right person. You will be one of the lucky people to own a Rueifon Kitten.
Many thanks Annmarie for breeding such delightful kittens.
Carol-Anne x

Lovely Kitten

We have had our Rueifon kitten Nero almost 2 weeks now. We were amazed at how easily he took to his new surroundings and how sociable he is. He's very playful and affectionate.

In addition to raising a beautiful kitten, Annmarie sent us regular video and picture updates when we were waiting to pick him up which was a great touch. She's very knowledgeable on cats so was also a great source of advice to us, as novice cat owners.

I'd highly recommend Rueifon kittens and would buy from them again if we decide to give Nero a little playmate.


My young family very much wanted a British shorthair kitten and after much looking around we come across Rueifon.

We are very happy to have welcomed Albie into our home and he has settled in brilliantly.

We have been very impressed at all stages when dealing with Rueifon and would highly recommend.


Mia joined us nearly two weeks ago now and has settled in really well. She is the cutest little kitten ever, really well trained and really playful, even loves a little cuddle now and again. Ann-Marie has been brilliant throughout with pictures and videos of Mia growing up. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough if your looking for a BSH.


Arlo joined us 2 weeks ago and we are totally in love. He is absolutely gorgeous, cheeky and loving. Annmarie has been great, especially in the current circumstances, sending pictures and videos every week to keep us involved. I would highly recommend Annmarie to anyone looking for a fur baby


Our beautiful boy Teddy has been with us nearly 2 weeks now and has settled in to our family perfectly.
He is such a loving, affectionate and playful kitten with the most amazing temperament and mischievous personality. You can tell he has been raised in a loving well socialised environment with Annmarie.
From his first day at home he has been using his litter tray and was scratch post trained.
We received regular contact from Annmarie with weekly updates, photos and videos.
I would definitely recommend rueifon to anyone looking for a BSH.

Beautiful Buboo

I have had Buboo for 5 days now, he is such a loving and affectionate kitten, he follows me around the house which he settled into so can tell he was brought up in a loving environment and used to been handled.
Ann Marie is definately someone who genuinely cares about the forever homes her kittens go to, I also had weekly videos and updates on how he was doing up to collection day.
I would highly recommend rueifon cats for a beautiful BSH with an excellent temperament.

Our gorgeous lilac shorthair

thank-you Ann Marie for bringing Jasmine onto our lives. She has only been with us 1 week and we are besotted. She is so loving although we could not see her through lockdown..we were sent photos and videos of her growing up and had constant messages to and from Ann Marie x thank-you!!


We have had Florence nearly 2 weeks, she is such a joy. We have 2 other cats so we had to take things slowly, but she has really come out of her shell now, and has started exploring the rest of the house. She came to us litter trained; well socialised and only scratches her scratching post. She is so affectionate and follows us everywhere. We feel like we have had her forever already. Her favourite things to do is lay on your shoulder and groom your hair, and also playing fetch with the pom pom balls! Would highly recommend Rueifon Cats / Anne Marie for anyone looking for a BSH; weekly updates throughout with photos and videos, and she is clearly a breeder who cares deeply about her cats; she won't let them just go to anyone. PS: Thanks for the bag of goodies that Florence brough home with her x


What a lovely new addition to our family. Such a confident, playful and happy kitten! You can tell how well they’ve been cared for by Anne Marie. I would recommend anyone who is looking to have a British Short Hair go to her as she clearly cares about each individual kitten and raises them to the highest standard.

Gorgeous Romeo

Annemarie, kept us well informed with pictures of Romeo before he came to us. Also very professional throughout waiting for him to join us and on pick up. Romeo has settled into the family very well, loves cuddles and being close to you and is absolutely gorgeous.


Dexter is a lovely natured adorable kitten who adapted so quickly into his new house with a little Shih tzu. He has very quickly become part of the family and is so happy here. Annmarie is a very responsible and excellent breeder of British Shorthairs and we may get another one day! Great overall experience and we would highly recommend. Many thanks.

Highly Recommend

Highly recommend Annmarie, Bertie is absolutely beautiful, gentle and loving and came litter trained and very well socialised. He settled in immediately and has a wonderful temperament. Annmarie made the whole process enjoyable and kept us well informed throughout. We wholeheartedly recommend her and her gorgeous kittens!

Ruiefon Arya

Such a well behaved loving cat who came socialised, litter trained and very playful. We were able to visit her beforehand and collect her at our convenience and after just a few weeks she’s now a fully fledged member of the family.


I collected Rosie from Annmarie almost 2 weeks
ago and already feel she has always been part of our family. She has the most
sweet and loving temperament  and likes nothing more than cuddles and
tummy rubs. Thankyou so much for gifting us with such a happy and healthy
kitten and providing everything needed for the important first few weeks. Will
definitely would recommend Annmarie to anyone considering a kitten in the future .

My beautiful pearl

Can’t recommend this breeder enough pearl has settled in really well no crying no hiding using litter tray she is perfect in every way will be going back


Thanks too Ann Marie's superb care and training Max has been with us for a week and is a joy. he has settled in so well with our other two cats playing and sleeping together i am amazed.


We absolutely love Winston. He is the most affectionate and lovable kitten. Annmarie and her family have done a fantastic job of socialising him. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone getting a kitten from her.


our adorable beautiful Murphy. We have had our playful, cuddly, confident, inquisitive, friendly most delightful bundle of fluff for 2 weeks now. He settled in fantastically, perfectly litter trained even loves his covered litter tray after two days. Hats off to Ann Marie for the loving, caring way she has nurtured Murphy. 5 star service all the way, couldn’t recommend highly enough. He’s such a character and is thriving. Thankyou Rueifoncats Having never had a cat before I’m a convert x


Luna is a very social little girl, she came out of her shell the day she arrived home, she loves the attention and is settling nicely. This shows what a good job AnnMarie does with her kittens when she’s raising them. We were kept informed of all of Lunas progress up until collection date including pictures, all in all very happy with my little girl!

Over the Moon

We have had Molly nearly a week and she is the most perfect baby you can imagine.So well socialised and people friendly is a true testament to Annmarie's professional and caring abilities she is in a class of her own, head and shoulders above other breeders that i have known over the years. A huge thank you too Annmarie.


Gracie is adorable, she is full of life and mischief. She follows me all around the house she likes to be with you and is very sociable. Gracie came straight out of her basket and explored the whole house and claimed a variety of comfy areas as hers. I am very grateful to Ann Marie for allowing me to have Gracie, its really good to see that Gracie has not lost the "killer or hunter instinct" which she regularly demonstrates with her toy mice. Thank you


Kasper is the most adorable kitten. He is friendly, playful, inquisitive and has settled into our family with ease. Ann Marie has done an amazing job, he has obviously been well socialised and cared for. He is toilet trained. Kasper follows me everywhere and as soon as I sit down he’s there beside me snuggled in. We absolutely adore him. Thank you Ann Marie x


Our little Luna is such a beautiful and lovely girl! Annmarie did a fantastic job bringing her up, having now had her for a month we've not had a single toilet incident or scratching, she is a total purr box, really gentle and sweet. We are thrilled to have her with us and will definitely return to Annmarie if we decide to adopt another fur baby.


Esme is our 2nd kitten to come to us from Ann Marie, Winnie came to us just over 3 years ago and she’s truly beautiful. Esme arrived on Friday and she’s just heaven. She’s a happy friendly loveable little girl, she’s inquisitive and playful. Ann Marie has been approachable and professional, informative if I’ve needed advice and very helpful and available when I’ve contacted her. We’re so very thankful that Ann Marie has given us the opportunity to have Esme become part of our family. Thank you.

Jacqui Bellamy

Oscar and Jasper

Oscar and Jasper came to live with me yesterday, they are the most delightful kittens I’ve ever had. They have been fantastically well socialised, they are very confident, and they are exploring everywhere. They love to play, and also to be stroked and petted, they are ideal. At the moment they are playing with my little grandson, and I don’t know who’s having more fun. I would confidently recommend Annmarie’s kittens to anyone, she is very professional, and, obviously cares a great deal about her kittens and the homes they go to.


I want to say a big thank you to Annmarie for her attentiveness and helpfulness when I was choosing my kitten. Her knowledge of cats is incredible! Having chosen my British Blue Long Haired kitten, Annmarie kept me updated with photographs until it was time to collect him. Eli is now a very healthy, energetic and handsome new member of our family! I highly recommend Annmarie if you are looking for a healthy, well balanced kitten.

Absolutely perfect

We have had our baby boy, Oliver, for a week now and he is absolutely perfect in every way. He uses his litter tray without fault and we have had no accidents at all in our time with him (so far). He loves his food, both dry and weaning meat, and absolutely loves being cuddled and kissed. He is a real purrer and so good at night time, no crying or scratching. Annmarie is an amazing breeder who clearly cares so well for her cats, the whole process was smooth and handled brilliantly, we can’t thank her enough and would hands down recommend her to anyone looking to get their perfect, pedigree cat. Thank you so much, Josh and Alex

Blue self British Shorthair kitten

We have had our blue self British Shorthair kitten little boy who I named Bentley for exactly a week , the ease and quickness he settled into his new home with our four other cats was amazing . Bentley used the litter tray from the start , was playful and purred immediately we stroked him , he has eaten really well and has a hearty appetite . Bentley is an absolutely beautiful kitten with the most stunning blue coat and mesmerising copper eyes , we feel extremely lucky to have this precious little boy in our family . Bentley has had the best start possible from annmarie who is clearly passionate about this fantastic breed of pedigree cat , I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Annmarie to anyone who is seeking in the future to own one of these beautiful cats . In my opinion the British Shorthair is the most breathtaking cat too look at and own , or be owned by .


We have had our little girl for 3 days and already she is part of the family.  Annmarie is clearly a loving and dedicated breeder, Mittens is very sociable and affectionate.  She has settled into the home instantly. Litter trained and weaned onto food, the whole journey has been extremely easy and Annmarie kept us informed with photos and messages all the way.  I cannot recommend her enough.  If your looking for this breed of cat look no further.  We are absolutely delighted with her.

Our Duke

First let me say what an absolute pleasure it was dealing with AnnMarie while buying our fur baby Duke. Always available to answer any questions or put our minds at rest with any worries we might have had (our first time with a kitten). AnnMarie is obviously a loving breeder who has the best interests of the kitten in mind when it comes to a new owner. Her facilities are great, the standard of service and follow up is second to none. If you are looking to purchase a British Blue I strongly suggest Rueifon as your first port of call. Duke is a beautiful sweet natured kitten, full of life and fun. Thankyou AnnMarie & Rueifon.


We’ve had our lovely girl for 2 weeks now and she is sociable, confident and friendly. AnnMarie was knowledgeable and helpful keeping us updated with regular emails on our kittens progress in the first 12 weeks. She is a beautiful addition to our family.


Had Isabella for over a year now.Also have another british blue Pandora.Would recommend Annmarie over anyone.Brilliant service and Isabella so sociable. I will be back again.


We have had our baby girl a few days, she is sociable and loves attention and cuddles. AnnMarie has given us lots of advice and support, we even got lots of photos in the days before we got her. Couldn’t of found a better breeder and we highly recommend


Jasper settled in to his new home immediately, which really showed how well Annmarie's kittens are brought up and socialised before being collected by their new owners. We loved the weekly photos and looked forward to seeing each new one.  When we collected Jasper, Annmarie provided all the instructions/guidance we needed in a folder, along with some food to get us started and this was a great help in the first few days.  I would not hesitate to recommend Annmarie, she is incredibly professional, experienced and caring about her cats, very quickly removing any initial worry people may have about buying from a breeder. 


BabyBooOur new addition is the most sociable friendly little kitten I've ever had. I thank Ann Marie for being such a dedicated and loving breeder. Collecting Boo and having the opportunity to see her in AnnMaries home with little siblings was such a delight and proof of just how socialised and cared for they are. Boo is adorable and loved so much by our family. She settled in so well. She didn't take time out to hide from us. Very confident. Everything we could have imagined and more. I would recommend Ann Marie and Rueifon to anyone looking for a well socialised, healthy, adorable kitten from a fabulous, ethical and caring breeder.

Cute Elsa

We picked up Elsa a couple of weeks ago and she settled into her new home straight away, she is so cute and playful, very intelligent and sociable, which shows just how well Ann Marie has brought them up to be ready to go to a loving home.  We discovered Ann Marie and Rueifon cats by chance while looking on the internet for British Short hair cats, and we were pleasantly surprised how professional the website looked, and all the excellent testimonials proved Ann Marie is a good breeder, and we agree. We would like to thank Ann Marie for the weekly updates and pictures of Elsa while she was ready to be picked up and take to her new home, we love her very much and has quickly become part of the family.If you want a beautiful well bred British Short Hair cat we would highly recommend Rueifon Cats and Ann Marie.


Annmarie Offers a Rolls-Royce service.Before we picked up our kitten ,When we picked her up,and ever since we picked her up,Annmarie has been their to offer updates, guidance,and support. We are utterly smitten with our new kitten. Shes happy and healthy,not to mention beautiful.

Archie and Marley

We've found Archie and Marley to be confident, sociable, happy and loving kittens. The professional care and attention they received from birth and the huge expertise Annmarie has as a breeder really shows. They felt instantly part of our family. I'd highly recommend both the breed and Annmarie to anyone thinking of getting a cat . My daughter particularly loved the photographs and chance to meet the boys before we brought them home .


Have just got my second cat from Ann Marie. Pookie has fit in perfectly to our family and she and Teddy ( 9 month old british blue) are best friends after only a short time. Both breeds are lovely gentle cats and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rueifon to anybody wanting a reputable breeder and the peace of mind that the cats are all well cared for and treated like family.Thanks again Ann Marie x

Professional Breeder

We cannot thank Ann Marie enough for our beautiful kitten Willow.  We very much appreciate the way Ann Marie kept us informed of little girl's progress and a weekly catalogue of photographs.  We collected Willow five days ago and she has just fit in so confidently into her forever home and spends her days following our older cat around.  I Think Ann Marie is very professional and has made my life much easier in settling Willow into her new environment and would recommend anyone to contact her first when thinking of adding a new kitten to their family.

Amazing Breeder!

Amazing that's what I say about our experience of choosing a breeder to bringing Oscar home on Saturday. Annmarie responded to my enquiry almost instantly and kept me informed once she knew that the litter was due. Constant updates of texts and photos make the 12 week wait a little more bearable. Oscar has been with us 3 days now and what a joy he is, playful, confident and cheeky. Eats well and fully litter trained I can't thank Annmarie enough for allowing us to take this little boy. Highly recommend Annmarie to anyone wanting the best breeder possible X x

Friendly Teddy

Would highly recommend AnnMarie, we love Teddy and he is such a good boy. He's a friendly boy in good condition and fully house trained. We were able to visit beforehand without any problems and I was more than happy with the welfare of the cats. We got weekly photos which we looked forward to and helped with the excitement of bringing him home. On collection we were given everything he could possibly need whilst he was settling in. I wouldn't hesitate to get another!!!AnnMarie has been on hand to answer any queries Ive had too, Thank you x 


Highly recommend!I am so delighted with my kitten Buddy who has been with me for two weeks now.  He is gorgeous in every way and settled immediately: he is playful and very well socialised.  A real cuddler who loves to sit on my knee and never stops purring. He eats well and I had no probs with litter tray from day one. I feel very lucky to have found AnnMarie - she is a fantastic, experienced and very professional breeder who updated me with photographs, answered all my questions and gave me a very comprehensive pack with everything I needed when I collected Buddy. AnnMarie exceeded all my expectations and I've been recommending her to all my friends and family who have also fallen in love with Buddy and now want a beautiful British Blue  Best decision I made - thanks very much AnnMarie.

Beautiful Girl!

I cannot recommend Annmarie's kittens more highly. We collected our beautiful little girl a couple of weeks ago and she has been such a joy. Right from the start she was confident, happy, litter trained and completely happy to slot in to a very busy household with 3 children and a dog. Annmarie is a professional and thoughtful breeder - her cats welfare is obviously so important and it really shows in the kittens. Oh and did I say they are gorgeous looking too?!? A very big thank you!


Can't thank Annmarie enough, Daisy is beautiful and has such a lovely temperament. Very professional service and we loved the weekly photo updates before we could collect. Thanks so much


We've had Hercules home now for 5 days, and he's been wonderful. Very social and playful and cheeky too! Exceeded our own already high expectations.Thanks Annemarie x


Couldn't recommend AnnMarie more highly. Aesthetically stunning, extremely sociable and loving and arrived fully litter trained. Cassie is a delight and we couldn't be happier. Thanks :-) Oli 

Lola and Luna

We collected our beautiful kittens; Lola and Luna a week ago today and we are simply delighted with them. They are so friendly, sociable and playful and have settled in fabulously. We have been thrilled with the service provided by Annmarie; she has kept us updated weekly on their progress and sent weekly photos which made us feel a part of them growing up. We also went to visit the girls at Annmarie's house and were made to feel very welcome.If you are looking for beautiful and loving kittens, raised within a family and so very used to being loved and cuddled and used to household life and noises then I would not hesitate in recommending Annmarie. We also received a going home pack of pedigree documentation, toys, food, 4 weeks insurance and information to help our super girls to settle in. A  highly professional service and a breeder who provides her kittens and cats with everything they need.If we had the room I would be back for more kittens myself!!!

Cleo and Poppy

Cleo and Poppy bounced into our lives mid November and have been joyful bundles of fun ever since. They're well confident, socialized, very friendly and have settled into their new household remarkably well. They're even getting on well with our other cat Elmo, though trying to feed them separately is like, well herding kittens! Now they've been with us a while we're seeing their individual personalities starting to develop, Poppy particularly enjoys playing games with the children whilst Cleo loves to be picked up for a cuddle. They're both excellent at football and will even play fetch with small objects. We delighted with them and Annmarie has done a magnificent job both with the kittens and through the buying process.

Playful Kitten

We picked up Oliver on Friday 11th November and he's been a pleasure having around. Very playful, likes the run of the house and is getting along nicely with our 2 year old female cat. Annmarie gave weekly email updates with pictures on his progress and gave lots of information on picking up. Very pleased with the service she provided and our new kitten.


Thank you annmarie. Cant thank you enough for our beautiful cats Oscar has really settled in well. And blue now has a play mate. Charlie however has been doing a lot of hissing!! Great breeder and we were always sent updates prior to getting the kittens. Thanks.


We brought Mimi home last Thursday and she is the most gorgeous beautiful kitten. She has settled in very quickly, adapting to our noisy family home and is a loving and playful kitten. We have been really pleased with the whole experience and Annmarie's weekly photos and support has been great! Thank you for our wonderful addition to the family! X

Delightful Esmae

What a delight from the first night we picked Esmae up she has been confident and such a lovely little kitten . Can not thank and reccomend AnnMarie enough . She sent us weekly updates and answered all of my questions and has helped lots . A huge thank you ! .


Teddy, Our new kitten arrived on Thursday .He is very confident and friendly. We had bought him a "cave bed" to hide in in case he was frightened - we neednt have bothered!
We are very happy with the service provided by Annmarie and would gladly recommend her if you're looking for a beautiful ,healthy and happy cat.

Beautiful Kitten

Annmarie was brilliant from the moment I contacted her to query about the breed through to picking macaroni up.An absolutely beautiful kitten we have had her just over a week and felt so prepared from the weekly updates from Annmarie to the welcome pack I got on picking her up - thoroughly recommended!


We collected Rosie 5 days ago and she has been a dream since. Prior to collecting her we got weekly updates from Annmarie which was great. On the day of collecting her we got lots of information about how to care for her and her favourite toys. Since then she has been amazing. She has taken everything in her stride and not been fazed by anything. She is a true testament to how well Annmarie socilizes her kittens. I would definitely recommend her to any one looking for a lovely,friendly, happy British short hair!
Thanks again for everything, Katie, Aaron and Rosie x

Amazing Breeder

I thought I was lucky discovering such a fabulous breed as the BSH but can hardly believe being even luckier discovering an amazing breeder like Annmarie!
From her friendly yet professional guidance through the whole adoption process - weekly pics included - to the day when you collect the stunning kitten of your choice at every step Annmarie proves to be the most amazing and sensitive breeder of wonderful cats!
I brought Murphy home today and he's been a dream - eating, playing, purring and cuddling with such confidence! ... can't believe I finally have the kitten I have always hoped for!
I cannot recommend Annmarie highly enough! Xx

Beautiful Joven

Joven is a pleasure to have and a little purr machine. Very pleased with my choice. Definately would recommend Annmarie and her family, They have socialised this little man purrfectly! He`s everything you could want in a British Shorthair kitten. Thank you Annmarie!


We adopted Cocco from
RuiefonCats in August.She is an adult re home.  We are so pleased with
her. AnnMarie gave us lots of information about her over the phone and
sent up to date photos before we viewed her.Annmarie described her character
to be just how she is. Would highly recommend.

Beautiful Kittens

'We were looking for two cats as
pets and narrowed things down to shorthairs. We wanted the peace of mind
that comes from buying from a registered and experienced breeder so I
contacted Annmarie. Amongst other things, I was impressed by her firm
policy of keeping
the kittens for 12-13 weeks to allow them to be fully socialised. We
certainly weren't disappointed. As soon as we got the kittens home it
was apparent from their total confidence even in strange surroundings
that Annmarie and her family have lavished love
and attention on these kittens. Their integration into our family has
been seamless and they (two brothers) are inseparable and have been a
wonderful addition to our family.Annmarie provided lots of photographs
and updates during the 12 -13 week period after
their birth which our children loved. When we arrived to collect the
kittens we were supplied with a starter pack with plenty of food and
some litter along with lots of useful information and a month of free
insurance. All pedigree and vaccine / veterinary
documentation was also present. In addition we have received immediate
and helpful responses to all the inevitable novice questions that we
have had after taking the kittens.

In summary then - a professional service and two beautiful kittens. I would recommend Rueifon Cats"

Stunning Gus!

We are so fortunate to meet Annmarie, she is a fantastic breeder and supported us throughout the process of bringing Gus home. She breeds stunning, well trained and friendly cats. Gus purs so loud and loves a good cuddle. If anybody is looking to buy a kitten or cat I would definitely recommend Annmaire.

Our beautiful blue boy Elvis!

Our beautiful blue boy Elvis has been with us for just over two weeks and it's like he's always been part of our family. From the moment he arrived, we saw a friendly, confident and mischievous kitten, who purrs loudly and loves playing and lots of affection, especially from Arthur age 3. From the moment we chose Elvis, we got regular pictures and updates from Annmarie and she went out of her way to give us advice and support. We love our boy so much Annmarie, thank you!

Confident Bobo!

Finally collected our beautiful baby Boy kitten Bobo on 15/6/16 - after a long 12/13 week wait. Thank you so much Annmarie - Bobo is a wonderfully social, confident happy kitten - not fazed by our "mad" house !! 3 kids and a miniature schnauzer !! In fact Bobo is already the boss of him.
Cannot recommend you enough - so so happy with him. Already planning the next feline addition to our family !! Courtesy of you of course !! Thank you again xx

Confident Kitten

We've had our beautiful lilac boy now for two weeks and he's well and truly settled into his new home. He is such a character and confident within himself and us. He was confident enough to be out exploring the house hours after we got him home and by the 3rd day it was as if he had always been a part of the family. He really is such a beautiful kitten who just loves to have his belly tickled. Ann Marie was absolutely brilliance at keeping us up to date with his development with weekly emails and photos with his progress, and at 7 weeks we were allowed to come visit him. I couldn't recommend Ann Marie enough. 

Beautiful British Blue Luna

We picked up our new beautiful kitten yesterday and she is getting more and more confident as time goes on. I can't thank Annmarie enough for all her advice and keeping us up to date on Luna's progress throughout the long 13 week wait! We were expecting Luna to be nervous and shy when we brought her home, however she came straight out of her carrier and starting exploring her new home! This can only be due to the fantastic care and attention paid to her and all the other kittens by Annmarie. I thoroughly recommend Annmarie to anyone thinking on getting a BSH kitten. Thank you again! Holly and James (and Luna!)

Beautiful Beryl!

Beautiful 'Beryl' Our lilac British Shorthair finally came to her new home today, after an eagerly anticipated 13 week wait. Within a day she was playing, exploring her new surroundings and making herself at home snoozing on the sofa, stairs and any spot she likes! She is eating well and although was a bit tentative at first she has settled in a treat. I can only think that was down to Annmarie and her experience in breeding and socialising these fabulous kittens. I have never had a kitten before and so glad I chose Annmarie at Rueifon and would highly recommend her....Many thanks,Becky and Jason Beckett

Fab Alfie!

AnnMarie was really kind to keep us informed about little Alfie's progress as a kitten before we were able to bring him home, with regular correspondence and pictures of progress. AnnMarie arranged all of the paperwork, had already organised Alife being chipped to our address, put in place 4 weeks of pet insurance, and even provided a couple of weeks supply of food ready for Alfie's new home. He is a fab addition to the family! Wished we'd got two so he had a brother or sister! Thanks very much AnnMarie.

Amazing Jenson!

We finally picked up Jenson this week, after what had seemed
like the longest 13weeks of our lives. All we can say is that he is a
fantastic cat, from the moment we got him home he was playful and loving which
is a real testament to Annmarie and how he was raised. We didn’t have the opportunity
to meet Jenson before we collected him (although this option was available),
however Annmarie kept us up to date weekly on his progress including sending
weekly pictures. If you are thinking of getting a BSH then I would highly
recommend Rueifon Cats, as we now have our handsome and adorable BSH kitten.

Beautiful Atlas!

I've only had Atlas for four days and already he's settling in well with his new pal, my BSH tabby. I had visited him at Annmaries and she has kept me up to date with photos of him growing each week following reservation. Even with the updates, It was still amazing to see and hold him when he was ready to collect. Annmaries set up is highly professional and the environment she provides is very loving and secure. Annmarie has been very helpful in offering me advice on how to ensure Atlas's health and welfare. I'm absolutely thrilled with my kitten and would certainly recommend Rueifon Cats to anyone else looking for a gorgeous kitten.

Cheeky Chester

We finally picked our gorgeous Chester up, immediately falling in love with him, after just one day and night he has settled really well and is adjusting to his new home, it was clear from the start that this was due to the love and affection he has had received from Annmarie, so glad we selected Rueifon cats to purchase our 5 star cutie...well done Annmarie 

So Happy!

We've had our beautiful blue girl Bella for a month now and it feels like she has always been with us. I thought she might take a while to settle in, especially with it being a busy time over xmas, but aside from some expected nervousness she has been purring her head off from day one. I've only ever had adult cats so I was worried my 2 children might scare her or that I'd have to persevere with litter training but it's clear that AnnMarie makes sure they are ready for their new homes. I do sometimes think we've brought home a puppy! She follows us from room to room and plays fetch with her toys. If you don't join in when she brings one back to you and drops it at your feet she taps you until you do :-) She's crackers and loving all rolled into one and even my non cat lover friends like her! I would definitely recommend Rueifon cats to others. Also the photo's and updates were great as it made the wait more exciting for the kids and made me feel better knowing all was ok with her.

Excellent Breeder!

We would like to thank Annemarie of for such an excellent service. All of our questions were immediately answered and it is quite obvious that her kittens are reared in a loving and very happy home. Our little British Blue boy is an absolute joy! He is so loving, gentle and incredibly happy. He never gets flustered, which is impressive for a cat and he follows our son around like a little dog. We consider him to be a well and truly established member of our family now! If you are looking for a British Shorthair with a lovely temperament then I would look no further than Rueifon Cats!

So in love with my kittens!!

I finally brought my kittens home on Saturday. They are so perfect. I have never known kittens with such confidence and so much love to give. They have adapted to new life so well if our home, the second they got out of their carrier they were purring their little heads off. Not to mention they are possibly the cutest cats i have ever seen!!!! You can tell that these babies have been really looking after by Annemarie and her family. I am so grateful for her letting me have them. So thank you, i will 100% recommend you to anybody xx

My Stunning Luna!

AnnMarie was recommended by another breeder when i was searching for a Blue British Shorthair. I had regular updates and beautiful pictures of my kitten Luna. Visits were no problem, all the cats and kittens had an a ault course to climb and plenty of interaction with Ann Marie's family ensuring my kitten Luna would be sociable and well mannered. Luna has been brought up on a raw food diet, which was a new experience for myself, but after some research and seeing how healthy the cats were, it was clear AnnMarie only wanted the best. Luna has amazing patience with young children, she is a very confident, well developed girl with all the traits of a British Shorthair.

Gorgeous Winston !

We feel very lucky to have come across Annmarie.She was so helpful in every step of the way, from sending us pictures of Winston to putting together an amazingly helpful starter pack. Our little chunk is adorable! Hes extremely comfortable and has such a loving nature around anybody...even my little niece doesn't leave him alone! Hes possibly the loudest purring cat i know and loves to snuggle :)We couldn't recommend Annmarie enough!

Pandora & Gandalf ❤️

I was lucky enough to buy my British Shorthair (Pandora) and British Longhair (Gandalf) from Annmarie at Rueifon Cats earlier this year. From our first contact I felt comfortable dealing with Annmarie, she kept me up to date with photos of the kittens as they grew and when they were old enough for me to collect it was clear that they had been raised and well socialised in a loving family home. Both were litter trained and in excellent health, Annmarie answered all my questions and gave her advice freely. They have both grown into wonderful young cats, currently 7 months old, with completely different characters – both causing chaos and mayhem around the house! My dog loves them and they him. I can highly recommend Annmarie and her kittens to anyone who may be thinking about buying one from her. Jac

Gorgeous Blue boy

My Gorgeous Kitten is now four months old and how he has grown. He is a bundle of mischievous fun and I adore him. He is very lovable and is so happy to lie on your lap and be petted and he purrs like a little motor bike!
When I brought him home I expected him to take some time to settle in,but no,he soon got used to his new home and now it`s a case of `Kitten and his servants live here!!!`He is adorable.
Annmarie looks after her cats and their kittens so well,in fact I don`t know how she parts with any of them They are her babies and the kittens get the best start in life and are well loved and socialised. If you are looking for a beautiful British Blue kitten then you can be assured you will get the best and,like me,be glad you found Ann Marie.
I wouldn`t be without my little boy. Julie


Annmarie is an outstanding cat breeder. Her kittens are raised in a loving home atmosphere, every detail of the kittens welfare is thoroughly and professionally attended to. When we arrived to pick up our beautiful boy, it was immediately obvious she is a cat breeder with high standards. Above all, Annmarie gives her kittens something money can't buy-time and love. This is reflected in the confident, well adjusted and kitten we were lucky enough to take home. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Beautiful Kitten

Dear Annmarie,Thankyou for letting us purchase the 13 week old kitten CHARLIE.He is fully house trained and is beautiful.We love him to bits.He is such a loving cat absolutly adorable he is very healthy and growing up very quickly.Regards Fred Kirby


My wife and I were looking for a British Blue cat and decided to look through,Pet for Homes website which is where we found AnnMarie,we contacted AnnMarie who had 2 kittens left one short hair and one long hair.
This was the first time my wife and I had purchased a pedigree kitten and AnnMarie made the process very easy because the kitten we chose was House trained,wormed and flea treated and was ready to collect in 6 weeks. AnnMarie’s home had  British blue cats already their  which were
Very friendly and made us feel we had made the right choice.
I would recommend AnnMarie to anybody who is looking for a new Kitten.
Please enjoy our picture of Blue our British blue. Mike Clark (Acquired 2014)