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War on Rabbits

After using this device for a year or more, we have concluded that the new remote control Rodenator is the most effective weapon available for the war on the rabbit plague in New Zealand. No other method available offers the Rodenator’s ease of use, efficiency, and safety. Remote control means you can safely deal with a large, complex warren in a few minutes. No poisons, no toxins, no traps, and no flying lead. And the rabbits are pre-buried!

Rodent Eradication Services

When i first heard of a remote I was not too ready to give up my handheld. thought it would be more work.Well I have never been more wrong in my life I use my rodenator for custom work and I have had the same one for just short of 3 years now. . The remote is actually an easier piece of equipment to use. Such as, working in young almond tree with a hand held the helmet constantly is being grabbed by the limbs and you are having to place it back on your head. In grapes sometimes you have to get just the right angle to get the handheld in. Don't get me wrong here, the handheld is a great tool. However I have found I have much more freedom and ease with the remote. I set it, step back and wait for the quick demise of the pest I am after. Whether it is gophers or ground squirrels it is equally easy to use.When you are able to step back from the concussion your body is thankful at the end of the day, you are less tired also. I always back fill any burrow I am blasting and it so simple with the remote to just kick some dirt over the hole as i am filling a new burrow.Because the flow rate is higher I spend less time per blast. Even if I can only save15-30 seconds per blast at the end of the day or the end of the job i have saved a lot of money for my customer as a result.You have built a sturdy dependable weapon for my arsenalAll I can say is this is the future of rodent control and this is cutting edge. It takes what I have to give it and asks for more.Mark AyersRodent Eradication Services

Glascock and Garnes

MESSAGE: Just wanted to give a hearty thanks to the great people at Meyer Industries. I use the dickens out of my Rodenator, and have for two years. Last week is got a little puny, so I called to see what could be done. Simple, send it in, and as it turns out, it was still under waranty. I live an hour or so drive from wonderful downtown Midvale, so the next morning I just drove there. I got the at 6:30AM, and left at 8:00AM. Figure that out. My machine is now like new. Gophers within a mile of me are trembling, and for good reason. Their butts now belong to me.Thanks again, to all the good people at Meyer for the great service.Bruce