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I just really would like to thank you for making the music theory classes available. I can't believe the weeks went that fast and I am really feeling excited about continuing to learn more and maybe picking up an instrument. The instruction was very good and I was engaged the entire time. 


I really enjoyed my consultation with Susanna! No other studio in the area offered this. Since I've taken some time off from sining, she really helped me figure out how to get back into it and suggested a certain lesson plan for my goals. Looking forward to lessons here! -Aimee

Jerrod Laber Recommendation

Jerrod's classical voice background means he has a lot more knowledge of the voice than other pop and jazz teachers in the area. He's also really nice and fun to work. I highly recommend him!

Thank you!

After just one lesson with Susanna I knew I had found a phenomenal teacher. She really studied directly with the best names in opera, specifically in the bel canto style. And she's able to explain it all really well. After a few months of lessons, my signing now feels so easy. It has a line to it, is controlled, clear, more powerful, more flexible, and my previous vocal problems have disappeared. I don't know what I did without her. SUSANNA IS THE BEST!!!

Five Stars

Five Stars

Best Piano Instructor!

Tzvetan Konstantinov is one of the best piano instructors in the country and you won't find a more knowledgeable teacher in the area. He focuses of the drop-weight method that produces unparalleled results and sound. Highly recommended for serious students and professionals.

Five Stars

Five Stars

Highly Recommend!

Susanna is the best! I am singing things I never thought I would be able to sing. I can't recommend her enough!


Susanna is AMAZING! After just a few lessons she gave me more knowledge of the voice than I have ever had in my previous years of studying. And after working with her for a few months, my voice has improved dramatically. It is clear, my range doubled, and it rarely gets tired anymore. I can't recommend her enough!

Thanks, Susanna!

Before I met Susanna I was studying at my college here in DC, but since I wasn't improving I decided to look for a teacher outside of my university. Susanna provides exceptional knowledge of the voice. I was always told I was a mezzo/alto and Susanna discovered I was actually a soprano! Now that I am singing the right repertoire for my voice, I feel so much better and just won a competition at my school! I recommend her without reservation.