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Kathie was incredible!  Very knowledgeable and will definitely be going back!  She is very talented and gave a great reading!


Kathie has read for me on several occasions. She can help you find answers to your questions in regards to love, family, finance and much more. She is gifted with accuracy and compassion. You won't be disappointed.

Five Stars!

I was very impressed when I had my first reading with Kathie. She impressed me so much I kept going back to her not only do I like that she reads cards but that she also recommends candles and prayers. There are good intention psychics and then there are bad ones. Kathie has good intentions which made me feel comfortable and I can’t say enough that I’m glad she came into my life. Thanks Kathie.   


I love Kathie's energy!!! She is great at what she does. She confirmed what I am manifesting will come true and be very successful. She confirmed there will be amazing opportunities on my career path. Thank you for sharing your abilities with us all Kathie!!! 

Very impressed, so truthful and honest!

After being referred to Kathie by my home girl, I was skeptical even though I was in the midst of needing some good unbiased guidance.  I was so in awe of Kathie's ability, without even knowing me she told me more about myself in just the general reading than I admit to my closest friends.  She answered so many questions and truly, compassionately reminded me of what I felt in my heart but couldn't bring to light by myself.  I wish I could set aside an hour every day to talk to her!!  

Accurate & Honest & Awesome! :-)

I've been a "Regular" of Kathie's for just over 2 years now (although it feels like forever, in the good way, LOL). I keep a journal and love to see how her readings play out over time. I often find that they play out anywhere from the exact day of the reading to approximately 3 months, unless otherwise noted during the reading. For my sessions, I usually find that the timeframe is "now" - 6 months, which is great because the longer the timeframe, the more chances for variables and potential interference.
She has been accurate, honest, and what I especially love: Kathie does not sugarcoat to spare your feelings; she shares with you news you'd rather not hear because it isn't what you'd wanted/wished to hear. She shares the information she's shown gently yet firmly. 
Kathie's called things that I initially scoffed at (way back when we first "met"); and damn if she wasn't spot-on. It really is helpful (and fascinating!) to keep a journal or log of one's sessions to review later, once things transpire as Kathie noted. 
It is important to remember that Free Will (self and others who may reveal in your reading with Kathie) can definitely affect what is shown during a session. It is particularly interesting when a Free Will Decision nudges one's outcome/prediction slightly to the left, such as instead of it happening in 3 months, it happens in 1. Or roles become reversed. It really makes me laugh when Kathie picks up something in the "General Spread" that actually happened earlier that day or is planned for the next. 
I love how she offers suggestions when your life reveals tangles in a reading on how one can smooth things out. 
I could go on and on (I often do), but suffice it to say, I love Kathie. I think she's fantastic. She does an amazing job, she's easy to fall into rapport with, she's accurate, and she's honest. And frankly? I know you might think otherwise, but Kathie is very affordable compared to others in her profession.
If you're on the fence, get off of it and give Kathie a try. :-)

I Highly Recommend Kathie.

I learned of Kathie from some random post on FB, decided to check her out. EVERYTHING she said came true, even the things I thought were so off the mark! I recommended her to my friends and they said the same things: Kathie said things they were entirely not convinced could ever happen, yet eventually did. Kathie's tapped in. Always delivers and in a compassionate, loving way no matter what kind the message comes through. 

Kathie has an amazing gift

Kathie has an amazing gift and I am lucky to have found her.  She has a wonderful personality and a way about her that put me at ease right away.  The reading was very accurate.  Being able to communicate and ask questions and then get accurate answers was what I wanted and needed.  I hope you use her services because she is amazing.

Changed my mind about psychic abilities!

I had my doubts about the whole psychic world until I met Kathie at a friends New Years Eve party last year. She was amazing! Not only was her insight dead-on but her guidance was extremely helpful as well! Throughout this year I have experienced specific situations that she said I would encounter. It was like déjà vu! Other friends at the party said they experienced the same thing! I'm looking forward to having Kathie at our next party!


Kathie is amazing! Her reading was so accurate...cannot wait to do another the very near future...highly recommend!


I can say with complete confidence her knowledge is amazing. Fascinating!!! I can't wait for another reading. Kathie is one very special person!


All I can say is wow. She gave me some insight and guidance and picked up on many things. Kathie is amazing!! I have had readings before but this was really different. It was as if she was standing in front of me staring into my eyes and reading my soul. Cannot wait to get a more deeper reading!!

Right on!

Kathie read my Birth Name Numbers and was Right On!!! Even my hubby said that what she told me was exactly me. She is also very friendly and personable as well as witty and upbeat! I will definitely be doing another reading with her soon!!!