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Testimonial #14

I have had a reading done before but Jasmine was was better than expected.  She was very patient , with no time restraints and explained everything thoroughly. 

Testimonial #13

4/24/2017 The first time I had the pleasure of meeting Jasmin and checking out The Blue Fairey was December 2016...Now it's one of my favorite places to go and Jasmin, one of my favorite persons to visit! This past weekend I finally had the opportunity to receive a tarot reading one on one with Jasmin. Already knowing how talented she is and watching her pull cards online for her audience (myself included) I was still in awe of how absolutely spot on she is, even before the... first card was drawn! Right from the get go she was able to tell me, almost verbatim, things that were discussed privately between my boyfriend and I not more than 24 hours before this reading!!! She was specific, explaining how and why she felt a certain way about a card drawn. She touched on a lot of things there was just no way of her knowing about me....just incredible!!! I strongly encourage everyone to book an appointment with Jasmin, it's worth every minute of your time, stop by and check out The Blue Fairey! Thanks so much again Jasmin! ♡♡♡

Testimonial #12

My husband and I stopped into The Blue Fairey when we were staying at the inn for his birthday. Now, he is a true skeptic and I wasn't sure if he would be up for a reading. After just browsing the shop and talking to Jasmin I knew he would try it. He was blown away on how accurate the information was and just amazed on how it made him feel. It was so great to see how he reacted. I went in for a reading after he did and I was just as pleased as he was. We actually had several of the same cards come up for both of us just in different positions. I have never experienced that before when going to readings with friends. Our bond is strong and to see that come through in the cards was insane. Jasmin makes this whole experience that much better by making you feel welcomed and at home in her shop. We thank you for your time and insight. We will be back to visit again soon!

Yesterday I had an amazing reading by Jasmine. She's a wonderful personality. I am so glad I was introduced to her. Her readings are real talk, and spot on. She has an amazing ability to read cards, and let you know what going on in your life, past, present, and future. I highly recommend going to see her.

Testimonial #10

Said to Jasmin being a wonderful teacher n shop owner she is one of my best friends and I had the pleasure of taking her intro to Candle Magic class with my daughter and I loved it 

Right on Target!

I came across her Facebook page and followed her Tuesday live sessions a few times before I decided to give her a call to arrange a private reading. I found her intuitively gifted, spiritual, and a great guide. I sensed that she saw things through her cards and was able to give me valuable advice. Thank you! :-)

Testimonial #7

My niece and I came into the Blue Fairey, just to browse, having no idea that tarot readings were done there. As we were talking to Jasmin, who by the way, was very friendly and gracious, she mentioned that she does readings.  I had never had a reading done, so I thought I would try it.  I was very impressed with the results and found it to be very interesting.  My cards showed things that were very point on to what is or was going on in my life.  My niece also decided to have a reading.  She was very impressed as well.  When I visit my niece in Rhode Island again, I'm pretty sure I will have another reading.  Thanks Jasmin for a wonderful experience!

Tarot Reading

I wandered in to the Blue Fairey out of curiosity and a inner pull to be around like minded people. I was attracted to the sign for Tarot readings.  I met Jasmine and felt at home around her energy right away.  She read my cards and was spot on with exactly what was happening in my life.  The reading helped to affirm what I already knew I needed to do.  It's great to get that affirmation from the Universe every so often!  The shop itself has great energy with lots of great gifts.  Go check it out - you'll be glad you did - I know I am - and I'll be back soon!

Guided Meditation

On Sunday the 28th I attended a Guided Meditation.  The space was very relaxing and the energy was good.  Jean was wonderful in guiding us to a place to connect with our loved ones in my case my dog.  I look forward to working with Jean again in the near future.  This was only the second time I had been in The Blue Fairy but it certainly won't be the last.  Your shop is very calming and has a great feel aloneg with some really cool stuff to buy.  It is like a little hidden gem in Hope Valley.  Thank you for sharing your space with me.

Very thankful for you all

Hello and thank you for taking the time to share your experiences from your time at my shop. It's greatly appreciated. Thank you and Blessed Be.