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A year or so ago I got a free horse.  She was good to handle, but I didn't  feel relaxed around her even though she behaved well; she seemed indifferent and unfriendly- there but not there, not like my old horse, who I knew well.  We got along just fine for a year, then a paddock accident saw us go from 'ok' to 'if you try to catch me I'll kill you, and then stomp on your head!' She was upset....I was terrified...We were both pretty mad at each other by this stage. It was a few months of me using all my skills and every other trick in the book, to no avail. Eventually, I resigned myself to have her destroyed as she was dangerous and couldn't be fixed- I'd traumatised her beyond repair.  Luckily for her, I was lazy and never got around to this, before it was too late.  I stumbled across United Horsemanship ( while looking desperately for a trainer to catch my horse, so I could get rid of her.)  The website said someone would come out to my place- excellent! The website didn't say the experience would change my life.....but that's what's happened in just a few short months.Thank you Campbell for seeing what I couldn't- for telling me my horse would be fine and that it was me who needed work! Thank you for helping me get through the chaos and become more like a horse! These days my horse is easily and politely caught.  I can lead her around and pick up all her hooves again, this time with softness and manners (from both of us).She's not on her way to the knackery anymore either! She has earned the highest place in my heart and is by far the biggest challenge I have faced yet.  So much of me has had to change, and still does-while she waits impatiently, shaking her head at my mistakes and wondering when I'll ever understand it all.  She is my biggest critic, but she is ever forgiving.  I am looking forward to the day soon when we can be 'united' as one.Thank you again, this truly is a great journey!

Naughty standy

I first met Campbell when I had bought myself a new horse after 16 years of being out of horses.  My lad (who was supposed to be very quiet) had proved to be quite nervous and very cheeky at times.  Campbell was able to work with us both to get us working as a total team.  Under his instruction Adjani has gone from a quite reactive horse who would throw tantrums regarding going out on his own  to a marvelous trail companion that I ride bitless across busy roads and allover Mt Eliza, including across Nepean Hwy.  At one time it would take me over 20 mins to get Adjani to the end of the road where he is agisted (500m).  Campbell was able to help me form a bond with Adjani and feel safe and going out on adventures together .  I can say categorically that Campbell's method does work and if you follow the program and do your homework you will end up with a wonderful relationship with your horse.

Man fobic gelding

My man fobic gelding has been very excepting and showing interest in wanting to be working with Campbell so as the horse is the best judge I'm impressed with the approach that I'm seeing from United horsmanship as i refuse to allow foolish people near my horses django and I are very happy to continue working with Campbell and Narelle thanks for understanding guys. Regards Adele


WOW !!!! What can I say ,I have just finished the ground work clinic and was so impressed with the way you Campbell and Narelle ran this course.I have only had my horse for two years and for the first time yesterday I felt connected to him ,thankyou so much I found the clinic to be professional ,safe and above all with the utmost respect for the horse. you both made me feel comfortable and welcome and took the time out to get personal with each participant .I am very much looking forward to having more training with you guys . I highly recommend this course.


I would like to thank Campbell and Narelle I arrived to the clinic very nervous with my 16.1hh thoroughbred who did not travel very well in the float and got out very sweaty and uptight but with the help of these wonderful people by the end of the day he was calm walking over tarps and having it put on his back and all over him he was a relaxed and happy horse with a very happy owner. Campbell explains all his exercises in simple and easy to follow ways and explains the reasons why you do them. He is an excellent teacher I have learnt so much in just a few hours I will be recommending United Horsemanship to everyone. Thank you again for such an amazing day. Louise and shamus

Quita & Helen

Recently, my 18 yr old ex endurance mare & I (her 70 yr old mum) completed a United Horsemanship clinic which was amazing. Both of us have been "around the traps" for some years, but now mostly due to age, we both needed to find a way to enjoy ourselves together over the next (hopefully) few years. The softness & connection we experienced & learnt at this clinic has bought us to a much closer & mutually connected relationship. But the best thing of all was that Campbell showed us that our connection would grow even more with each day & it continues to do so. Also, he showed us that one solution does not fit all & he keeps looking at alternative things to help us, especially me. Thank you for that Cam, & we both look forward to continuing our journey with your guidance. Gratefully Quita & Helen.


Campbell is an amazing teacher. He communicates beautifully with the human & exceptionally with the horse!!!! I am a 45 beginner with a beautiful Gelding. Campbell has taught me methods that make sense to me & my horse. My horse is now accepting & responding beautifully to my gentle requests. I am so grateful to have been recommended Campbell as my instructor. I now have the relationship with my horse that I had always imagined & wished for. Campbell is caring, very understanding & experienced, which, when put together makes a perfect person to contact from the very start in regards to training & working together, in harmony, with horses (:


I contacted Cam/Narelle as I had recently purchased a fabulous yearling who was rapidly growing both is attitude and stature. 10yrs ago my own safety was all I needed to consider and never took that too seriously. Now with five and three yr old daughters in tow everywhere I go, it had been increasingly important to me that my three "children" could be safe and respectful of each other. 

Cam has very quickly helped me to set the boundaries my yearling and I need to establish a strong bond, yet mutually respectful relationship. Cam has huge patients and empathy and in a short number of weeks I have seen a remarkable difference in my yearling. 

Cam teaches in an understandable, no grey areas way. Firm but fair. Ignore the crazy, praise the good. I have taken back the control and my yearling, whom I believe is truly grateful that my instructions are now simple, black and white and consistent. Each week Cam sets me "homework" and with persistence we are finding our happy place together. 

Looking forward to being able to get my big baby out to some clinics as our relationship develops, and equally chuffed I no longer feel like my yearling has the upper hand!

Testimonial #9

Thoroughly enjoyed my first clinic with Campbell of United Horsemanship. He is a very knowledgable, caring horseman. My horse was relaxed and our confidence grew over the day. I trust Campbell 100% to educate me and my horse in a respectful, positive manner. Hoping to continue working together in the future. Thank you, Chelsy 


Got to say a huge thanks the cam and Ral for all their help. Especially for being available 24/7 on the phone

Testimonial #7

I recently purchased 2 and a half year old unhandled Clydie X. He is a very big boy who has proven to have issues trusting humans. I got Campbell out after we encountered some issues and he was able to completely revolutionise the relationship I have with my young horse. In just two weeks, a horse that used to run for the hills when he was approached, is now cantering up to see me. Campbell explains things with such clarity that make sense to both horse and human. I could not recommend United Horsemanship more. My horse and I have come such a long way in such a short period of time. I can't wait to see just how far Campbell will take us. Wouldn't dream of looking elsewhere.

Testimonial #6

I have an ott thoroughbred mare who was herd bound, spooky and extremely reactive. She was difficult to handle and would rear when asked to do anything. After a few lessons with Campbell from United horsemanship, I now have a mare who I ride out alone, handle with ease and who is soft, responsive and willing.

Valuable lessons

Every lesson valuable. No step too small for the positive result. Thank you for teaching softness. Seeing and hearing my horses communicate with me is absolutely priceless. What a great thing to learn.Tochi Grundy

seeking softness

My eagerness to ride has been surpassed by my desire to be 'soft' on the ground. I love the fact that my horse wants to be with me and that we don't need a rope to join us together. Thankyou for showing me such a soft and gentle way.

Another amazing lesson!

Yet again you have impressed the hell out of me with your lesson today... 'baby' stuff maybe... but exactly what Comet and I need. The way you kept your injured hand involved during your teaching - very impressive!Thanks for a very important and special lesson today. Loved it.From John and Comet