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Fight Partner

Mr. Gagliardi is one of the best fight partners I had the pleasure to work with. He makes sure you're safe and checks on you to make sure you're okay. 

Co-Owner of Philadelphia Renaissance Faire

We hired AJ as our fight director in the first two years of the Philadelphia Renaissance Faire.  In addition to providing excellent quality work in terms of choreography, he also was incredibly flexible and accommodating to the vagaries of a first time event, with multiple clashing departments, and was able to not only deftly work with conflicting interests, but was able to give us not only what we asked for, but what we really wanted in terms of fight scenes.  I would heartily endorse AJ to anyone looking for a gifted fight choreographer and director.


Working with AJ was amazing. He was punctual, dependable and brought my character to life. He was a team player and helped in every aspect. He came each and every time we needed him on set and even when it was not his scene. He helped us with fight choreography and traveling and even with props. He is an amazing person who loves laughing and enjoys craft. I will always promote AJ a truly gifted person. 

Professor of Theatre

In his freshman year, I cast AJ as Eugene in my production of Brighton Beach Memoirs. From the beginning, AJ possessed range as an actor. He has poise and presence on stage. His instincts always result in sharp and playable choice for characters he creates. AJ's richest area of development has been the growing awareness of how sensitivity is as valuable as power and presence on stage. AJ has a very strong worth ethic, he is responsible, disciplined and focused. He is professional and mature in the workplace. I highly recommend him.