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One year later

Wow where to start... I met Gen on facebook through our mutual pruvit life and at that point I had only been doing Pruvit for 3 months so I was 196 lbs when I met her. I knew I need to do more with myself for my daughter and she could be my trainer even though she lives in Canada and me in Georgia! I started a 12 week program with her in June 2017 then joined the sip step squat challenge, trifekta, Evolv, and the last currently finished up 14 day to fat loss! In each of these I have learned more about myself. I started for fat loss, accountability, and keto recipes but what I got from it was so much more! I learned mindfulness activities and I learned to love myself more because at 196 lbs you don't really think a whole lot about yourself when all you want to do is sleep. I wanted to be a better mom than that for my daughter who is now 2, and run around with her. I have also learned how to be positive, to have gratitude, to be a better mom, and I am now able to run around with my daughter. I have also gained a friend who has impacted my life so much and has also introduced me to other amazing women who have a became close friends with as well. I can honestly say now i am a better person, have more energy, lots of fat loss, better outlook on life, and I will be present in my child's life not in the corner sleeping wanting a nap. I recommend Genevieve programs she is an amazing, inspirational, caring, leader and trainer and I will be doing more with her because her programs are awesome and I am happy to say i am now at 147 lbs!

No Words

Today I ugly full on happy ugly cried! I decided to go through my summer clothes from last year and they were all too big! I saw a pair of jeans in the bin from high school and I thought no way would they fit...but they did!!! I first met Genevieve last August before returning to work and was ready for a lifestyle change and wanted to learn how to transition back into a stressful job without gaining a ton of weight. She helped me embrace the Keto lifestyle and started me on my journey of adding more fitness to my daily routine. Genevieve is so inspiring, genuine and down to earth. She truly wants you to succeed! There are really no words to express how thankful I am to her for helping me change my life. I just finished her 14 day fast track to fat loss program and my results were amazing! I am down 2.6 pounds, 7.5 inches and 3.4% body fat!!! In 14 days!!! Thank you Genevieve and I can’t wait to see what comes next!!


Gen is the real deal - full of passion, purpose, knowledge and always there to help us reach our fitness, nutrition and mindset goals. A true inspiration and leader.


So ... 2016 is all but in the past and you are making big plans for 2017! If those plans include improved health, improved lifestyle, weight loss and increased energy, you simply *must* touch base with Gen at Goddess Gains by Genevieve. Here's why ... This past May, I found myself at an all time low. I was at an unhealthy weight, I was struggling to find the energy to make it through the day and was just not feeling very strong or very well. Through the magic of social networking, I came across Goddess Gains' Facebook page and after reading Gen's mission statement, I reached out to her to get started on the path to a better me. It was and continues to be the best decision I have ever made. When you first meet Gen, you will immediately be drawn in by her positivity and her genuine commitment to improve the lives of everyone within her circle. Looking at her, you will quickly see that she has a system that works and that you will want to tap into! Working with Gen and following a healthy diet via Weight Watchers with Gen's full support, I was able to lose 20+ pounds, 16.75 inches an 7% body fat in my first two months! All I had to do was workout with Gen 3 times a week to get there. Four months later, I had more than doubled those results and there was no looking back. I was hooked! Beyond that, and setting those amazing metrics aside, I found myself sleeping better, coping with stress better, stronger, with improved posture and reduced back pain. And so I reiterate - best decision I have ever made. Gen's flexibility and adaptability will ensure that you are never bored from your workout. She has had me work out in parks, in my pool, in her home gym and in my home gym. No equipment? No problem! You would be amazed by how hard she can make you work using your own body weight and random items around your home. Oh and no excuses! Her customized remote training app ensures that you have access to scheduled workouts if one on one training isn't for you or if you prefer some autonomy. Trust me when I tell you that the only regret you will ever have in reaching out to Gen is to have not reached out to her sooner. It's the only regret I have. With Gen in your corner, you have got this.


I started working out with Gen a couple months ago as well as going keto and I've dropped over 20lbs and over 10% body fat :D She helped me pin point my nutrition goals and find exactly what worked for my body as well. Energy is up, strength is up, attitude Is through the roof! And I'm feeling great � Thank you Genevieve!


Genevieve is amazing! She provides workouts, meal plans, a coaching app,and 1 on 1 training. She also hosts parliament hill fitness BootCamp once a week. I love having her as my trainer. Her plans are simple to follow and keep me working out hard to reach my goals. In just a short month with Gen I have seen my body change. My muscles are growing and I'm feeling like a hot and strong mom . Aside from being an amazing trainer Genevieve is a kind-hearted person and friend who has always been available to answer my questions about fitness and training. I'm looking forward to continuing to workout with Genevieve and highly recommend her as your new trainer.

More than a trainer...

I've had the pleasure of not only working with Gen but becoming friends. She is such a wealth of knowledge and a positive inspiration. I love the way she approaches goals and her perspective on things. She recognizes that everyone is different and is always there to help encourage and support! I'm very thankful for you Gen! Xo

Uplifting & Inspiring

Goddess Gains with Genevieve is amazing. She is truly inspiring and uplifting. She deals with clients with respect and understanding of their life challenges. Very impressed and will recommend to friends. 


Goddess Gains with Genevieve is amazing. She is truly inspiring and uplifting. She deals with clients with respect and understanding of their life challenges. Very impressed and will recommend to friends.

Extremely Knowledgeable!

The level of detail and support Genevieve provides is incredible. I have been doing one of her challenges and it's challenging and awesome all rolled into one. It is geared toward everyone, whether you can get to a gym or not. She is supportive, extremely knowledgeable and most of all - gets results. I definitely recommend Goddess Gains!

Commitment to health and fitness

Any time Genevieve posts a status or video, I stop and listen because she truly lives out everything she speaks about. Her commitment to health and fitness is infectious, and she produces great results. She is a consummate professional in everything she does, but also excels at offering support on a personal level. Now that I am done having kids, Goddess Gains is definitely where I'll be turning to establish and achieve my health and fitness goals. 

Invested in me

Being a mom of 2, wife and full time working professional, I always put myself as a last priority. However, I was constantly trying to lose weight and get fit. I have done everything from the soup diet, to your typical shake diet and they have all resulted in the same end result - which is? Losing an unrealistic amount of weight but then the second I start eating normally again the weight comes back. 
It wasn't until I started working with Gen that I realized losing weight should not be complicated. Gen has a way of being there for you as your friend first and guiding you through your journey to meet your goals. 
In order to make anything work you have to be fully committed, honest and patient because results are not instant. Like any true program, it takes time and dedication in order for your results to stay. Now I am on my way to a fitness competition - which I never imagined myself doing - all with Gen by my side. 
Gen has invested so many hours into helping me meet my goals. It is because of her hard work and dedication that I have been able to prioritize myself, get my workouts in and have altered my families eating habits in a healthy and realistic way. 
Gen truly is an amazing person who will give you 110% to help you get to your goal.