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A.K. Chenoweth - Writer & Publisher

Couldn't put it down!

Great book. First in a long time that, once I finally settled down with it, I couldn't put down! Great storyline, can't wait for the sequel. Having a game of 'guess who' with myself so it will be interesting to see if my 'detective hunches' are correct, lol! More of the same please AK

Highly recommended

Have you ever had that question? You know the one. It's repeated over and over and sometimes you just don't know how to answer. Why? Why? Why? and then there's, But how? This is a smart little number of a book!This is so well detailed and broken down into questions and answers that read very well, but clearly researched and sound in its teaching and the word of God.I read this and thought 'that's how it should be taught, why didn't I explain it like this?!!!!'This is a book that is very much straight to the point and [thankfully] doesn't deal with every argument or case under the sun but deals with the word of God and the author also puts in personal antidotes that I found very helpful to understand the chapter.I am not very educated on Hebrew or Greek meanings but this author clearly has an understanding and I am grateful for her explanations to enlighten what I am reading.I would happily recommend this to young Christians or those beginning their walk to help them if needed.

Delightfully Playful!

This delightfully playful children's book draws its readers into a celestial realm where they meet the precocious Gaby. An angel on her way up the ladder of success. The events draw you, the characters captivate you and the words bring beautiful scenes to life. 

Packed with Anticipation

Alison Chenoweth’s writing has the knack of keeping hanging on, continually wanting to know what happens next. Benign Surrender is typical of her writing: elegant, picturesque and enticing. This period love story is packed with anticipation. The reader quickly finds herself (or himself) settling in to the life of the main character, who epitomizes the pressures young women faced during this era. Maria’s Christian faith is clearly portrayed as the reader discovers the way she rests on the hope and security of God’s purpose for her life. Slow to begin with, but this book will keep you turning pages to discover what happens next, that's why I give it a 5. I recommend Benign Surrender by Alison Chenoweth.

Striking & Enthralling

From the moment I started reading the opening pages from this book, I knew it would be more than good. It would be great! Marrying for love - not money, power or position sets a powerful backdrop and foundation to this story. The rhythm and tempo of the story will keep you spellbound...A.K. has allowed the text within this book to breathe all by itself without the need for constant resuscitation. There is so much passion, striking, enthralling imagery that it will leave you dancing to the romance and adventure set before you. A perfect tension. A perfect expedition. I can only thank A.K. with a few humble words. This is an excellent book. Her talent as a writer is unquestionable. A.K. you have arrived!

A great read!

What a great read from start to finish,i was transported back in time to old England, I felt i knew all the characters,im hoping there will b a sequel????

Transported back in time!

If you want to be transported back to a time when Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy were courting, or fancy yourself being waited on a Downton Abbey, this book will enchant you!