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Process was Transparent

The process there was quite transparent, you know what you were getting into, quite honest, actually very easy and as I grew and took more advances, the terms got better.

Funded our Expansion

I first spoke to Accelerated to fund my restaurant.  I had gotten so tired of getting empty promises from other companies. I just wanted consistency, and honesty. And that’s what was delivered to me since 2012 and to the clients I have referred him since.

Worked with my Credit Score

“I needed capital in February … but was turned down for a bank loan because of my credit score. AF gave us the chance we needed, they stuck their neck out for us.Thank you Accelerated for getting me funded for the past 5 years. You make the process easy and manageable!!”

Saved over $1000 on Fees

“We needed to expand our practice, but still needed enough Cash Flow to cover expenses and payroll. We have been able to open 2 more offices with Accelerated's help. We also use their credit card processing for all of our offices and have saved thousands.

Saved my Business

Starting my own small business was really scary. But Accelerated consulted me on how to move forward without getting caught up in the details. I was very impressed with their professionalism and transparency throughout the consulting process.


“EXCELLENT is what I have to say aboutAccelerated, they have satisfied our funding needs 3x. Very professional and speedy processing makes growing and improving my business a dream come true!! Thanks 


“Working with Accelerated has been effortless and efficient. When I needed help, Accelerated worked around the clock to ensure I was able to make payroll and bring on new sales. With an experienced Account Executive assigned to my account, Accelerated adds an unmatched personal touch to their service. 

Wow! This company is AMAZING!

“Wow. This company is amazing. I applied for a loan last week and got funds yesterday... Thanks