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Best service yet

I was hesitant at first, I knew I was short on time but they team delivered as promised and found a school for me that was best fit. Rend Lake CC class of 2014

Thank You for the Hard Work and Support

In the short time I have been in contact with Ivan he has been a great coach and mentor as well as a hard working individual that helped me further better my skill level along with the desire to pursue further. Thank you Ivan !

Use this service it's the best in the industry.

Anthony guided me in the right direction.  Thanks to him and his team at Ace of Spades I was able to become a college level baseball player.  I highly recommend his service to anybody who doesn't know why they are constantly being over looked by college teams.

Made it to a D1 School ..Thank you Guys

I knew I was good enough to play D1, but I was being ignored by NAIA colleges and even D3s...  Anthony and his team at Ace of Spades helped me become a better rounded college athlete, ultimately getting me into the Niagara University (a D1 in Western New York).  Thank you Anthony, I will keep telling everybody about your fantastic services.

Ace of Spades is the best Student Athlete Service!

Before I started working with Anthony and his team at Ace of Spades, I had no idea what I was going to do for college.  I knew I had the desire and the skill set to play at the next level, but every school I visited or camp I attended told me otherwise.  Ace of Spades was able to change me from a "good high school player" into a quality college player.  They aided my decision making, fine-tuned my athletic tools, and most importantly turned me into a college level athlete.  I was lost before I met Anthony, and he guided me into the right direction to find my school!  


In working with Ivan over the course of the few years i've known him I gained a great amount of knowledge of the game. He helped me gain the skills and confidence needed to succeed at the college level. Thank you for all the help you have given me. I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to take baseball to the next level! Thank you again for the experience!

Great sport advisor! Placed me in a great D1 school

Thank you Anthony for the hard work you did
to get me a full scholarship at UCF.  You did everything you promised and more.  I will definitely tell all my friends about my experience with your company and personal service.  K.Perkins