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Laity Institute of the Arts

3053 Rancho Vista Blvd. Ste. H336
Palmdale CA , 93551

Thank you for going on internet

Thank you for taking your classes to internet. All this things came very sudden and I didnt no what to do for my kids. Then you had dance and music on the internet very quick. Thank you! Please to continue.

My girls love this program

I grateful for your program and the impact its had on my daughters. When their mom suggested they do something more than video games I was immediately on board. Your teachers are very patient. I only wish you had another location. Laity is much needed in our schools.

Too far to drive..but worth it.

When we moved from the Antelope Valley I wanted to keep my son and daughter in your program. For a while it was working but the traffic started to get bad. I really love your teachers and the kids miss their friends. They learn so much in art and dance. If you open a school here  close where we live we will come!

This program is very helpful

Hello and thank you for a chance to say something good for your program. The program is very helpful for my daughter who take ballet last years at Tumbleweed school. Why there no more ballet at her school? For 2 years they were there now nothing. She is very sad. I think the principal take the program. There are many many students who are sad that there is no more dance from Laity at Tumbleweed. I will bring my daughter to PLP from now on. The teacher are very nice and teach them many good dances and new words for dance. Thank you for to be helpful for my daughter in dance.

Tumbleweed Dance Program

This year my daughter was in the dance program at Tumbleweed. This is the first time she has danced. She did the balet. OMG. This was a really good program for her. the teachers where nice but strict. She learn alot. Im hoping she can go to the next class this year. Thank you Laity.

A wonderful journey in the arts.

This is a wonderful place for all talented kids, I have taken ballet and hip-hop prior and my classes are taken right at my regular school and this makes it easy to attend as parents don't have to go out the way to drop off and pick up. The teachers are super great. The administrators/owners are super good people and going there is a wonderful journey in the arts. I am looking forwarding to attending there new acting class Spring 2018.

Wonderful Art Program

My children have been involved with Laity's art classes for 3 years and each year their work get better and more special. The Teacher, Mrs. V is very Amazing and patent with  all the children in the class. Thank you Laity for such a good program.

Palmdale's Biggest Secret.

I only write testimonials when something is really exceptional, surprises me or is just plan outstanding. Laity Arts has me perplexed. Why aren't they in all the school in Palmdale. Where do they find their teachers? My son took piano lessons from a Producer from France who was in living in Palmdale for a couple years producing albums. Who does that?! My daughter has had  what I can only say is a first rate art class for the last 2 years with one of the most caring, gentle lady I've ever met. To be honest it's very hard to believe these folks have been around for 28 years! Why all the secrecy? Really these people need to be known. But maybe that's their magic sauce. James and Delayna are some of the most coolest people you'll meet. I only wish other parents could have access to what they do.


Tonight I saw for the first time how incredible the art class I signed my daughter up for was. So much artwork done so well. Mrs. V. the art teacher is incredible. My daughter was always telling me wait mommy you'll see. It was worth the wait. Laity Arts people are very nice and patient too. Thank you for giving my daughter this experience!


Very nice program. The teachers are good, sometimes a little strict, but nice. My daughter loves it and has learned a great deal plus made some friends. My only complaint is we started at my daughters home school but had to move it later to another school. Still a great program!


I'm so very grateful for you programs. My grandson really enjoyed the art and Mrs. V. is an incredible teacher. I will be enrolling him again in August. Thank you. 


My son has taken piano lessons from Mr. Goins and Laity for 5 years now and he has learned so much. They are very unique people there and I'm always surprised that more people don't know about them. If you're looking for a place your kids can learn and have fun doing it. You should look into them. Very humble people.