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Sweet Fern Studio

120 Brindley St. #1
Ithaca NY , 14850

Great treatment

The treatment by Sadie was very helpful and reduced the pain considerably.

Phenomenal practitioner

Sadie is deeply committed, caring, funny, relatable, and sooooo intelligent and effective! She has my extremely picky ten year old eating out of her hand - they genuinely adore one another. And the treatments are both effective for our chief complaint, and they turn my kid into a soft, happy, buttery noodle afterwards. What’s not to love?

Sadie is so helpful!

Sadie is a deeply knowledgeable, caring and skilled practitioner. Each time I go to her for a treatment I walk away feeling better! So grateful to have her as a health care resource.

Acupuncture is great for kids!

My son Isaac is now 9 yrs. old, and started seeing Sadie when he was 6. He would get allergies that would lead to asthma, and even pneumonia. Sadie helped him to feel comfortable working with her, and their relationship is an important one in his life. His allergy reactions are very minor now, and his asthma is hardly existent. Acupuncture and Sadie have made a huge difference in his life! I highly recommend it, and especially for children - Sadie is great with kids!

Sadie Cares

Sadie is professional, knowledgeable and caring. She listens well and asks thoughtful questions! She has helped me through many health challenges as well as personal and family issues. I highly recommend her.

Healing Treatment

I came to seek treatment for severe pelvic pain. Sadie was able to help heal my condition with regular acupuncture treatments. I am so glad I came Sadie. Sadie is very professional and caring.

Typical American Male Finding the Atypical American route to Wellness

I am a relatively new client as I just started seeing Sadie at Sweet Fern Studio for acupuncture a couple of months ago. I started going to help the healing of tendinitis I had in both elbows which had not responded to other medical treatments as well as a life long battle with headaches that I thought she might be able to help with. During the initial consultation Sadie was so engaged and invested that I also ended up spilling the beans about my life-long struggle with all those yucky emotional things that us fellas don't like to talk about...anger, anxiety, depression, you know...feelings! The tendinitis and headaches were like nothing for Sweet Fern Studio to knock out of the park, BOOM...I'm "cured". Now I have focused the sessions to whole body wellness and I am feeling more empowered and more in tune with what I need in order to be at my best. I am starting to find out who I am under all that mental-emotional discontent. Sadie at Sweet Fern Studio has helped begin a transformation in me that I had almost given up on ever finding! I can not say enough; however, as a T.A.M., I feel as if I have already said too much! If you are not well physically, emotionally, or spiritually, make an appointment today!!!!!


I’ve been struggling to get a solid night’s rest for a long while trying everything I could think of and once again Sadie’s magic touch did it again!!

Genuine, amazing treatment

The reason I decided to move into the office next to Sadie is because she has the magic combination of a) amazing treatment skills, b) the desire to really connect and understand what’s wrong and find long term solutions and c) genuine, caring, and fun personality.

Very Helpful

Sadie is brilliant and insightful. She provides excellent acupuncture to my 3 yo daughter while playing with her. My daughter feels completely at ease and I always feel supported as a parent.

Total Wellness

A feeling of complete trust in Sadie and her skills! I can not stress enough how beneficial these sessions are for me. I feel like Sadie and the Atmosphere at Sweet Fern Studio strengthens me and helps me have a wide window of tolerance internally and externally! Give her a chance and you will be hooked!

Lady seeking wellness

Sadie is a phenomenally gifted, caring acupuncturist! She really listens and makes sensible, creative suggestions to move you towards wellness. I have been under Sadie’s care for several years and experienced a myriad of health challenges including mental fogginess, breast cancer (including double mastectomy surgery and a year of chemotherapy,) specific joint pain, a few instances of the common cold (which she was able to completely cure in one session!) I highly recommend her as a practitioner and an amazing person. I usually see her 3-4 times per month and cannot imagine going through life’s challenges without her wonderful assistance!👍👍👍👍👍

Feeling tuned up and grounded for spring transition

Yesterday I went for a spring tune up with Sadie and really feeling it was worth it. It felt very restorative while I was there, I’m still feeling the positive energy today a day later. My time for self-care is limited-this was a great use of my time. I love the accessibility of Sadie’s downtown office, so easy to walk to from downtown. The space is so thoughtfully designed. Sadie is a great listener and is able to glean the important information to choose to best treatment. Highly recommend!! We’re blessed to have her.

Sadie is Terrific!

I am so glad that I am incorporating acupuncture into my wellness plans. I feel the benefits after each session!

Great experience

Sadie is so caring and made me feel comfortable from the start. I've had great results with her treatments.

Sadie is a wonderful and healing

Sadie's kind ear, gentle touch, and intuitive nature combined with her vast knowledge of Chinese medicine make her a wonderful practioner. I always leave her office feel cared for and better off than when I came. She is a wonderful acupuncturist!

In good hands

Initial visit was based on a web search and a need to relieve some back pain. I was pleasantly surprised from the moment I communicated with Sadie. She exuded confidence and command of her work and was genuinely interested in finding custom fit care for my problem. To make it even more appealing the work is reasonably priced.

A Place of Peace, Comfort, and Healing

I have tried many alternate modalities in Ithaca for headache relief and healing and I had almost given up on trying something new when I decided to make an appointment with Sadie in the midst of one of my worst migraines. She was both caring and confident. I can honestly say I woke up this morning with relief having both slept amazing for the first time in many many years and feeling an energy returning and the headaches diminishing. Sadie is a gentle soul and she will listen to you and be thorough in seeking to understand your specific needs and what will work for you. I can't say enough great things about Sadie and her kind approach and I have only been to one appointment so far.