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Adamson Tree Experts

24 Falvo Street
Wasaga Beach Ontario , L9J0B1

Just a great job

This group took down large trees, small trees and cleaned up dangerous overhanging branches. They were on time, did an awesome job, did more than they were asked to do and cleaned up after the job. This all happened at a very reasonable price. Couldn’t have been more impressed

Great Friendly Service

This crew is efficient & friendly, took down 3 large trees, took away all the brush, ground the stumps and cleaned up.
Pricing was good, could not have expected any better.
Would recommend to anyone.
P.S. the big guy pulls the trees down almost by himself.
Thanks again Randy and crew!!!!

true professionals

Adamson removed a dangerous cracked tree form my yard that was close tp my home. They used the biggest skyjack I have ever seen..180 foot reach. They were safe, professional and amazingly efficient. Highly recommend !! 5 stars

Large limb removal

Absolutely a fantastic job, clearing out a lot of dead branches and removing several quite large limbs that were starting to hang over the roof. Great cleanup, leaving our front years better than it has ever looked! Took away or chipped everything that was taken down. Very nice people to deal with. Reasonable pricing for the full job. Would definitely recommend these guys.

Removal of Trees & Trimming

Adamson did a *fantastic* job removing 3 trees & trimming many other trees on our property. They were right on schedule, got the job done without delay, did everything we'd agreed to & more, & ended the day with a meticulous clean-up. They left our property vastly improved. I highly recommend this thoroughly professional & reliable company. A 10/10.

Highly recommend

Jordan and his crew took care of a large Manitoba maple that had phone lines on either side,the tree was also touching my neighbors roof,and it was also straddling a chainlink fence,he said it would be a couple of weeks but they were able to be here in a couple of days,job was completed in a few hours and you would hardly know they were here(except that big ugly eyesore is gone)brush all cleared,wood removed,sawdust blown away or bagged,they even blew out my neighbors gutters and rooftop to clear debris from there work,all this and they were the most affordable of several quotes I received...would definitely recommend to anyone looking to remove any trees.


Jordan and his team came to our home. Removed the trees we had issues with. They cleaned up in such a way that no one could tell they had ever been their. Very friendly, amazing service. I would highly recommend them to anyone. In fact they should be getting a few calls from potential customers very soon.


Special Thank You, to Randy, Logan, and Jordan, for thier amazing professionalism when dealing with overhang in my driveway. Very reasonable priced and I didn't have to wait for weeks for an arborist. Very well organized and 35 years experience. Thanks Guys, Great Job ! A very hap
py customer, with a very challenging task????

Tree Removal

These guys did and awesome job removing a large tree in my backyard. They came and did the quote in a timely manor and worked through the crappy weather to remove the tree. They did an awesome clean up job and left the yard better than it was before they even came. Thank guys 

Tree Removal

These guys did an awesome job removing a large ash tree in my rear yard. Fantastic clean up, nothing was damaged they arrived for the quote in a timely manor and pushed through the snow and crappy weather to get it done for us. Thank so much guys