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Advance Hypnotherapy

Meryton House, Moats Tye, Combs
Stowmarket Suffolk , IP14 2EX


If you are reading this you are probably looking for reassurance about embarking on a course of hypnotherapy. I will say right off that it may well be the best decision you could possibly make, and the best use of money you could ever spend on yourself. That’s certainly the case for me.

I came to Helen after struggling for many years following a very bad breakup and divorce that I didn’t want at all. The experience had come to define who I was and where I was in my life. I couldn’t imagine being separate from it and it coloured my whole life. In particular I was plagued with recurrent dreams relating to my ex, and after a particularly distressing one I just decided that enough was enough. Helen was recommended to me so I thought, why not give it a go.

After only one session I had a breakthrough when I realised that I wasn’t there to solve or even make sense of what happened in order to make me feel happier in myself. In fact the very opposite was true. The purpose of hypnotherapy was to solve ‘me’, and that would allow me to let go of that past trauma so that it no longer defined me. It had all still happened of course, but it became a distant memory, firmly in the past. As a bonus I can now recall more of the good things about my married life without feeling resentful and hard done by.

That’s the second major benefit - there is no digging over and over events, no opening of cans of worms and trying to make sense of it all. It’s about letting it go because it’s no longer part of your ‘now’. It serves no useful purpose.

The pace of the journey was perfect, and in between sessions Helen shares the ‘tools’ for you to work on at home to maintain the focus of the sessions. This proved really helpful to ingrain new habits and ways of being and feeling for me. And I know I have them to use in the future too.

It’s as though my life and existence has opened up in some fundamental way - I feel more in control of my day to day life and in dealing with events and issues that arise. I feel calmer, stronger, more motivated and I think kinder.

I have to admit to being cynical about hypnotherapy in the beginning, as many people are. You just have to trust that Helen is accessing your subconscious in the sessions. However, I did actually experience a few instances of ‘magic’, when things happened that I wasn’t expecting and couldn’t have guessed would happen, and that I felt I had no conscious control over. I would have been happy with the process without this, but it did help me to trust more fully in the concept of hypnotherapy I have to say.

Helen is friendly, approachable and of course highly professional, I felt comfortable with her straight away. I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy as a process and Helen as a therapist.


Well were do i start .
I came to helen after not being able to move on from a break up .
I was a broken person .
Helen saw me at my lowest point.
I was a scared/anxious/ nervous wreck.
There were many many tears and fears of being able to let go and move on.
Helen has totally helped give me back my strength and courage to move on and take back my worth.
Helen has helped me find a light in me i thought i would never see.

Helen will always be in my thoughts and heart for helping me bring me out of a very dark and lonely place.
Us guys dont talk enough about our problems so please if you want the tools to help .
go see helen.
Thank you helen ur amazing at what u do and ill always be thankfull for meeting u and helping me .


I have recently found out that I am going to have to have a full hysterectomy as following a CT scan they have found a complex cyst on my right ovary. This came as a complete shock as I originally only went to the GP with menopausal symptoms. I saw Helen as the feelings of fear were overwhelming and as my consultant's appointment got ever nearer I was so tearful and beyond terrified. When I saw Helen I had this wrenching feeling in the pit of my stomach, I felt nauseous and couldn't eat, I cannot emphasize the strength of my anxiety. After seeing Helen that feeling has gone, if I hadn't experienced myself I am not sure I would have believed it but it is true. My mind set had changed and the weight that sat so heavy on my whole being has lifted.
I went to Helen because I was desperate, so scared and afraid and I cannot thank her enough for giving me the necessary skills so I could find it within myself to deal with the situation I am in. She can not change the fact that I need to have this operation but she has given me the tools to deal with those horrible debilitating fearful feelings - she is just the most skilled amazing lady.
Although I wasn't sure this would give me what I needed I can honestly say it is without doubt the best thing I have done.


After receiving a promotion at work I decided to address my anxiety issues and contacted Helen to see if she could help. Best thing I could have done. Has helped in more ways then I could have imagined and feel like a new woman. Would encourage anybody thinking about contacting Helen to go ahead and do it, they won’t regret it.


Helen was welcoming and enthusiastic in her role of supporting people. I was looking for a hypnotherapist that I could trust and felt comfortable with. I was experiencing high levels of anxiety which was affecting my daily activities and affecting my motivation and confidence. My goal with Helen was to reduce my anxiety and increase my confidence and motivation which has exceeded my expectations. It has not only helped with my anxiety it has helped me to gain confidence within my university course. I am so grateful for the results and cant thank Helen enough. I would definitely recommend Helen to anyone experiencing any anxiety.


After a tough time for all with Covid and not being able to attend school during lockdowns, our very shy 14 year old daughter began to suffer with social anxiety. I think it may have been there for a while, but she had hidden it well. It became more apparent following home learning, when she went back to school. She was really suffering and finding it hard to cope, and thankfully she decided to come to us. We found Helen’s website and it sounded like she was the perfect match for my daughters’ concerns. She didn’t like the idea of speaking to the doctor and initially was quite worried about talking to Helen. But once she had attended her first session, she found Helen to be patient, kind and caring and soon felt she could trust her.

Following a few sessions, she seemed much happier in situations that previously made her feel very anxious. She no longer tries to get her schoolwork wrong so that her teachers don’t praise her in front of the rest of the class, she can now speak to shop assistants if she wants to buy herself something and many other things that she once avoided doing. It’s so lovely not to see a look of panic in her eyes when a waitress asks her what she would like to drink when we go out for dinner.

My daughter is so much happier and it’s fantastic to see her feeling more comfortable in situations and flourishing once again, which is all any parent wants for their child. Thank you so much Helen, she is now back on track to living her best life.


I have to say I was a little sceptical as to whether hypnotherapy could help with IBS symptoms, in fact I think I was doubtful I could even be hypnotised. I must say not only was I wrong about the latter but that Helen has radically changed the way I can manage my IBS symptoms.

I am extremely grateful for Helen's support and understanding and have certainly changed my opinion of hypnosis. What is also clear is that Helen cares very much about getting results and supporting her clients. Not only were the sessions well planned and incremental in delivery, each one was supported by emails of techniques to practice and recordings to listen to. I would certainly recommend Helen to anyone struggling, as I was, with this very frustrating condition.


Helen is kind and confident in her ability to help people. Believe in her confidence because she works magic! I was really struggling with IBS symptoms and after working with Helen I am no longer suffering! She brings a sense of lightness and gentle humour to her sessions and I have enjoyed and appreciated every single one!


When I came across Helen, I had reached crisis point with my IBS. I was paranoid about having to leave the house early in the morning in case I suddenly needed the loo. Hearing that hypnotherapy had a high success rate with IBS, I was quick to get in touch with her. I can honestly say that the sessions have had a huge impact on my life. I can now leave the house with confidence and without planning where every toilet is on my route. The techniques which Helen has taught me have enabled me to feel completely relaxed and in control and to remove bad memories of mortifying experiences over the years. It is like a complete mind reset! Helen is lovely to work with - very reassuring and positive. Every session has been followed up with emails of the new techniques taught and audio tracks to reinforce the hypnotherapy. I would highly recommend Helen to anyone needing help with IBS. I am so glad I found her!


I approached Helen for help after experiencing anxiety & panic attacks whenever I had to drive or leave home to go anywhere I felt remotely uncomfortable. After a few sessions I am now able to drive without fear and have tools to cope when I am going into a situation that I know would usually make me feel anxious. Helen made me feel completely comfortable from word go & I could not recommend her services more. My life has been completely transformed.


I came to Helen suffering from a rather specific anxiety in certain circumstances relating to IBS. Within moments of meeting Helen I was instantly put at ease by her kind and supportive manner.

The process towards addressing, understanding, managing and finally conquering my anxiety was comforting, liberating and completely non-invasive.

I now have the tools and mindset to go on with my day to day life confident that I can manage any situation.

I can only thank Helen for her continued help and support and encourage others thinking about hypnotherapy to take that step. You really won't regret it.


My son has worked with Helen for the past few months on managing his anxiety and stress. As a child with autism, this was a real challenge, but Helen has been simply wonderful with him. He has come on in leaps and bounds and now has a 'toolkit' to support him in the future. I'm so grateful.


I went to see Helen due to years of anxious thoughts I had been having as well as an OCD. After a few sessions with Helen the general anxious thoughts had almost disappeared and the OCD had lessened its grip. Helen also gives guidance on strategies to use at home to gain control of the anxious thoughts if they were to arise in the future. I feel completely liberated after my sessions with Helen and can’t believe i didn’t try hypnotherapy sooner. It has been a complete life changer and I have had many comments from friends and family who have all noticed a positive change in me. I cannot recommend therapy with Helen enough and if you have anxious thoughts like I did then Helen is just the person to help you. Don’t live with those anxious thoughts any longer, a life with freedom from anxiety is waiting for you if you make that step and contact Helen like I did.


I went to see Helen in relation to giving a speech at my daughters wedding.
I didn't want to let my daughter down having asked me to do a speech, however, I wasn't sure I would be able to stand up in front of people and speak. My fears stemmed from my school days and remembering the sweaty palms, feeling your heart pounding and just wanting to run away from the situation I didn't want to make a fool of myself or disappoint my daughter on her special day.
I came across Helen (luckily) and visited her twice finding that she was so easy to talk to and she helped me more than I realised. I saw her quite a few months prior to the wedding as wasn't sure how many sessions were needed. She was there if I needed her and I also listened to the tapes of our sessions and found this so helpful.
The day came and I knew I wasn't as nervous as I had previously thought I would be. Due to the current Covid circumstances at the time we had to use the PA system at the venue as no raising of voices were allowed and I took all this in my stride. After the speech I could see how proud my daughter was and it made me feel so good that I had achieved this and it really had worked.
I thank Helen for all her help and know that it will help me in many other areas of my life. I definitely recommend Helen. Thank You :)


Helen has been amazing, very friendly and approachable. She has help me take control of a condition that has been out of control for the best part of two decades. Today I managed to have the vaccine thanks to Helen who has been a wonderful support.


I would like to thank Helen for helping me gain self control in a situation that occurred during the lockdown. I feel so much more positive and happy again. I felt very calm and clear minded after each session, would highly recommend.


After being completely stuck for nearly 10 years in a mindset and way of life engulfed by anxiety, low self-esteem, and consequent low mood; I felt I had reached a juncture of no evade, as my self-induced negatively hypnotised mind adversely affected almost every aspect of my life. I was incapable of completing routine everyday activities without overwhelming feelings, and as such, found little pleasure in life anymore; I felt like I was simply surviving. Thanks to Helen I am now truly living and relishing whatever my life may bring, as a better and stronger version of myself, and all as a result of Helen’s invaluable expertise and bespoke ‘toolbox’ techniques. Moreover, in light of the convenient and effectual personalised recordings, I feel my progress, proceed and relaxation remains ongoing, even after my one-to-one sessions have come to an end. I cannot thank you enough Helen, and immense recommendation comes without hesitation.



I am so pleased that I have had the opportunity to work with Helen, I am now a completely different person, as I have managed to deal with my anxiety and panic periods, and this having a great impact on my outlook in life.

Furthermore, I am so confident in her and her work, I have now taken the plunge to get therapy for giving up smoking.

I would highly recommend Helen.


I first heard about Helen through a dear friend who had received brilliant help himself earlier this year and after several years of mild to severe anxiety I contacted Helen myself and am so very pleased I did. She has given me the strategies to deal with all sorts of situations which may crop up in daily life and to feel a much less anxious person. I am truly delighted with her help and comfort. She is a lady who made me feel very confident all will be well. Thanks Helen.


I'm so glad I made the decision to visit Helen. I have had terrible health anxiety for years. Helen helped me to reset my mind to neutral mode and also to reset my focus. I have learnt that you really do get more of what you focus on, and Helen has given me techniques that help so much with this. I feel a lot calmer and able to enjoy life in the present moment. Helen is lovely and has a great understanding and empathy for people and I would 100% recommend her.


Working with Helen has not only allowed me to successfully overcome a period of stress and anxiety, but has also given me a sense of confidence in my life as a whole. Initially, I was nervous of the idea of reaching out for help but looking back, I am glad that I made the choice to, and I'm especially glad to have experienced the work of Helen. I looked forward to every session that I had with Helen and the sense of calmness that followed was ineffable. Her 'toolbox' of techniques have truly been life-changing and I will undoubtedly continue to use them in the future.
I cannot thank Helen enough for her help.


Working with Helen was very beneficial and helpful. She successfully helped me with problems which at the time felt like an obstacle I would never be able to tackle.

She helped me reset my mind from a 'high alert' state and helped me overcome feelings of what I can best describe as not feeling real.

I cannot recommend Helen enough


I approached Helen after experiencing severe panic attacks throughout the COVID lockdown. Helen is approachable, and extremely knowledgeable. It is clear she loves what she does, and is so passionate to want to help you change. After a number of sessions I felt more at lease, and my panic attacks disappeared. I would recommend anyone who has anxiety or panic disorder to Helen. She is amazing to work with and I cannot thank her enough.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Thankyou Helen for putting me back where i belong , i needed your help and you certainly helped . I came to you like a little bird and left like a phoenix rising from the flames. Anyone who comes to see you will not be disappointed again thankyou


I worked with Helen to help tackle a real issue around sleep. Bouts of severe insomnia and a generally poor relationship with sleep had left me desperate and were really affecting my life as a whole. Helen gave me actionable things I could put into practice immediately which helped give me back control of the problem. She gave me the confidence to trust the process and the coaching to be able to work on the techniques. The results have been powerful and I'm so grateful. I fully recommend working with Helen. Don't wait until you're desperate!


I went to see Helen with massive tiredness having exhausted all medical checks without a diagnosis,doctors didn’t know what else to try. After a few sessions with Helen I was starting to get my energy back and feeling good again,I can go through the day without feeling tired now. Helen has improved my quality of life,just so glad i went to see her.


I am very happy with Helen's hypnotherapy service. I needed to lose several kilograms of COVID weight. Despite following a very healthy whole foods unprocessed diet I have developed a snacking habit during lockdown. My objective was to eliminate that habit completely and only eat 2 or 3 straight meals per day. After working with Helen I have no desire whatsoever to snack between meals. Thank you Helen for helping me Highly recommended!


I started to think i would never sleep again! Helen has honestly changed my entire life! trust her and trust the process because both are amazing!


COVID 19 has had an enormous impact on our care and support staff over the past year and indeed across the whole of Orwell business in one way or another.
The support that Helen was able to give our wider Orwell team with her wellbeing videos was welcomed by all and were a regular go to for people when they felt overwhelmed.
More specifically after some of our team were directly impacted by some very traumatic events Helen worked directly with those individuals greatly reducing their anxiety and depression as a result.
All the Orwell staff who worked with Helen highly recommended her and felt huge improvements in their general well-being.
Helen's work with us during the past year has been a key element of our wellbeing offer and we would highly recommend her.


Helen Wyer is remarkable not only for her vast knowledge of hypnosis techniques, but also for her high levels of intuition and intelligence.

She led me towards the precise hypnotic and therapeutic experiences that allowed for my desired changes.

I recommend her whole-heartedly. She has been an enormous help to me in getting past a set of very stubborn problems.

Techniques & Strategies

Having been through a difficult time of late I wanted to find and establish techniques and strategies to guard my mind and thoughts. Helen was able to teach me several and I have been able to employ them myself independently of the sessions. What she has equipped me with has helped me move forward. I'll be able to use these skills in many different ways going forward not just related to the presenting issue but in many other areas of life. I feel better equipped!


I can thank you enough Helen for helping me with my fear of being sick and fear of death. It has changed my life and I now finally feel able to enjoy my life and my children without a dark cloud over my head. I will forever be thankful and if I could have given you a huge hug I would have! Thank you so much! x


I am happy to be free from the pain of fibromyalgia for the first time in 4+ years.
Helen has been amazing helping me fight through past traumas and demons which has been one hell of a battle but oh so worth it.
Helen has been a support throughout allowing me to finally be myself again. "I feel so special" and looking forward to a new future.
Thank you so much Helen x.


Can't recommend Helen enough, she has helped me enormously with anxious behaviour in a matter of weeks. Her compassion and understanding enabled me to reach deep inside and neutralise some old and new difficult memories and situation. Helen's generosity with takeaway tools mean I can continue to help myself I feel the need, I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders, Thank you Helen


Helen has helped me work through some personal blockages with incredible results.
Helen's calm, professional and caring manner put me instantly at ease - enabling me to focus on what I needed to, in order to achieve the best possible outcome for me.
The work that Helen does can be truly life changing and I would encourage anyone considering hypnotherapy to contact her.
I cannot recommend Helen highly enough!


This is something I would do again and again. Helen's ability to make you focus on the essence of what's important was so good. She helps you shrink everything else into insignificance. So empowering.


It has been a godsend finding Helen! I've spent the the best part of 48 years in a state of almost crippling anxiety! I am now able to rationalize my thoughts, making for a happier me and a relieved husband.
I have already been asked for Helen's details because of the change in me and passed on to 3 people.
I am so grateful I took the this step.


Was cynical. Tried it. No longer cynical. Helen is a total pro. If you're even half considering hypnotherapy, trust Helen.


After a recommendation from a friend I contacted Helen in regards to a phobia I have suffered with for years, thinking it wasn't too bad and that it was manageable. Since visiting Helen I feel I have had a weight lifted off m shoulders and that I no longer have an unnecessary intense worry to carry around with me. I had three sessions and Helen couldn't have made me feel any more at ease. I would recommend anyone to go and visit her, it honestly is life changing.


I've just completed 4 sessions with Helen and am so pleased with the results.
I was a bit apprehensive as had never done anything like this before, but such a lovely friendly and down to earth, I soon felt completely at ease.
For the first time in a long while, I feel calm returning, and feel like things have been taken down quite a few notches.  I have some amazing techniques to help me.....I am feeling much stronger and feel like I am taking back control.
Happily recommend Helen to anyone.


I knew that I needed to speak to someone but felt very nervous about talking to a total stranger but Helen made me feel so comfortable one of the best decisions I have ever made she is very easy to talk to and after having 6 sessions I feel so much better I don't feel so anxious and I don't feel so sad


I had 5 sessions with Helen and can highly recommend her.
I had a traumatic experience when I was 16 years old and having thought I had dealt with it, at the age of 41 a trigger caused all the feelings of shame and guilt can flooding back, but this time with so much anger I was actually scared of what I was going to do. Helen worked with me through these feelings and helped to change the memories from emotional to logical memories. In just a short amount of time helped me to get back on track, feel happy relaxed and look forward to my future, I cant thank her enough :)


I was sceptical of hypnosis yet a trusted friend has said try Helen when I asked the question - do you know anyone who can help with stress and anxiety. Helen has a great many useful tools at her disposal and is also a great listener. My sessions with her were a great help at a time of crisis.
The venue is clean and calm and cool. I was surprised at how well the specific techniques worked, and also at how many varied experiences Helen is prepared to share - all most confidentially. At the end of the day look after yourself, so it you are looking for a professional service to calm down, rethink, stop leaping at spiders or just reorder your life I urge you to make the call today. Thanks for reading this. Ian


For as long as I can remember I've been scared of heights. I couldn't control it, it just gripped me. After a session with Helen this weekend I was able to have an afternoon on high ropes and walkways in the forest. She taught me how to reshape my thinking and consequently enabled the experience. She gave me strategies that I constantly employed during the afternoon. Finally I got to (mostly!) enjoy an experience which previously would have paralysed me with fear. Amazing! 'Highly' recommended. ...see what I did there!

On a high!

For as long as I can remember I've been afraid of heights - planes, ladders, cable cars.....they've all been a problem! Which doesn't make sense that I booked A Tree Top Challenge for my partners birthday! Just one impromptu session with Helen and I was able to complete the whole course! She taught me techniques that I could employ during it, which I did. It was an incredible experience to do something that previously would have paralysed me with fear......I kind of even enjoyed it! Just wonderful!


I have been seeing Helen for a month or so now. I have to be honest I was a bit sceptical to begin with but after having been recommended, I figured why not! I am a convert, not only have I found hypnotherapy to be incredibly helpful, but Helen is patient and very knowledgeable. Helen allows you to work at your own pace, I’ve not felt rushed at any point when getting to the route cause of the issues we’ve found, and I have found her to be a brilliant listener. I would and have already recommended friends to try. I have been seeing Helen for weight loss, and the important thing to remember is that you need to want to make the changes, but I really do think that the hypnotherapy is an invaluable tool that has helped me along the way.


Well I walked in like a little mouse and after I left I walked out feeling so much better.Helen is very good at what Helen does i feel I have come a long way since I first met Helen and ready to take on life's challengers now .Thank you Helen ifeel like my old self again If your feeling sad low give this lady a call trust me


I was having really anxious thoughts, constant feeling of fear, and reliving past negative experiences, negative remarks and comments that had been made about myself. I could not enjoy life, and got through each day the best I could, going through the 'motions'. Sleep, what was that?. I had counselling, medication form my GP, these did not work. I contacted Helen, I needed to do something, it was a cry for help. What can I say, Helen is a lovely lady, the sessions are relaxed and I felt at ease. I started to see things more positively, the change has been amazing. I sleep at least a full 8 hours at night, enjoy life and now look forward and not back. I'm not the same person I was to when I first went to Helen. I cannot thank Helen enough, she is my Angel

Letting go of baggage

What an amazing experience!! I have lived nearly all my life weighed down by memories from my childhood which were negative to my self esteem and I couldn't seem to break free from them, even though I tried counselling and other methods. After my sessions with Helen I feel like a new person, the person I should have been all along. I can't thank Helen enough. Try this therapy, it really works!


What an amazing experience!! I have lived nearly all my life weighed down by memories from my childhood which were negative to my self esteem and I couldn't seem to break free from them, even though I tried counselling and other methods. After my sessions with Helen I feel like a new person, the person I should have been all along. I can't thank Helen enough. Try this therapy, it really works!


I contacted Helen after a challenging period in my life and without going in too much detail, can confidently say that her enthusiasm, professionalism and drive to really help me out (by enabling me to address some significant issues in my life that were holding me back) definitely helped me out.
Only after a couple of sessions with Helen, I feel like a transformed person, ready to deal with challenges in a very positive manner.
I am grateful for the help I have received from Helen, the improvements are obvious and noticeable by people that I am blessed to have around me.
It is very nice to know that such help is available.
As long as you are committed to bringing about a positive change, or seeking help to deal with specific personal, confidence (personality) or work related issues etc, Helen would most certainly be able to help you achieve your goals, and/or well equip you to deal with any specific challenges that you may be facing. Would definitely recommend
Thumbs up!


My son contacted Helen in mid 2019 after being curious as to how hypnotherapy could get him 'back on track' so to speak, following a challenging period.

After just a few sessions, the results were becoming more and more evident and he largely put it down to hypnotherapy. I know that he was skeptical at first but would now recommend hypnotherapy and Helen to anyone due to her enthusiasm and professionalism in the practice.


I have lived most of my adult life with anxiety, and had a breakdown last September. I had tried various other forms of treatment, but still felt trapped by my anxiety. I was skeptical before arriving, but Helen was confident that she could help me. The transformation has been quite incredible. I have been in various situations recently, where I would normally panic, and feel upset and nauseous. But I have been amazed at how 'normal' I've felt. I now have the confidence to do things, that I would have avoided in the past, and have found a sense of peace in my life. Helen has also helped me to feel so much better around some feelings of guilt I've held onto for several years. In just a couple of sessions, I can now look back at these memories without feeling crippled by guilt. I can't recommend her enough.


I initially sought help from Helen regarding fear of flying . When completing the initial assessment form it soon transposed that flying was the least of my concerns at that time. I was suffering from all consuming anxiety, I was terrified that something bad would happen to loved ones. A simple phone call or text would make my blood run cold even when it was for a simple reason ! Right from the first meeting I had with Helen I knew I could trust her and that she could help me. She is kind and wants to help . I have wasted years of my life with hidden anxieties. Helen helped me uncover deep seated life experiences and helped address these . I only wish I had found Helen years ago. With Helen you will feel like the weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You have to invest yourself with the process as much as Helen does . I will be forever thankful . If you are hesitant as to whether Helen can help you , be brave and make contact with her . It will be the best thing you ever did.


Helen's understanding and perception of issues and how to manage them in a constructive way are amazing. She's helped me work though my interview gremlins in such a positive manner I'm confident I can deliver the best I can do... and feel good about doing it. Thank you.

Finding freedom!

I was stuck! I just couldn't shake the negative emotional feelings of an event that had taken taken place many months before. I'd lost sleep over it. I'd continued to worry about it. I needed to get perspective back again and Helen helped me do this is just one session! Nothing weird or freaky - I just followed her simple instructions and it was as if the powerful emotion of the event just drained away. It's so freeing and since then, my emotional connection to the event no longer has a hold on me. Thank you Helen!


Highly recommended. I have grinded my teeth for many years tried alot of different things and hypnotherapy was my last option. From the first session it worked! I no lo her grind my teeth. Helen makes you feel so comfortable, very calming and a lovely woman. If I ever have any other little problems in the future I know who I am going too.

Life Changing

As a parent your biggest wish is for your child to be happy. I went to Helen quite frankly because I didn't know what else to do. My child was desperately fighting all kinds of fears/anxieties and it was so very hard to watch. I can honestly say the transformation is unbelievable, I wanted to believe she could make a difference but I had no idea it would do what it has undeniable done - my child has been set free, that is the best way to describe it. You may question spending money on the treatment but there is no amount of money that can give me what Helen has done - a child that is confident and happy in his own skin. I can promise you, you will not regret contacting her - go on - do it!

Truly exceptional care

My 13 year old son was struggling physically and emotionally with an acute flare-up of Gastritis/IBS so we needed to find a way for him to navigate this episode and develop skills to cope with the future ups and downs of chronic illness. We met Helen through a personal recommendation from a healthcare professional who was involved in my son’s care and we instantly ‘clicked’ with her. Helen’s background in education was a huge bonus for us alongside her extensive professional qualifications. My son felt comfortable to have 1:1 sessions with Helen from the start and then the three of us has a debrief at the end. The most important parts for my son were that he trusted Helen, she gave him very practical tools that worked for him as a very logical thinker, she didn’t promise that it would all go away but rather that he had his ‘toolkit’ to work through the difficult times. The regular initial sessions were key in gaining momentum and as his confidence grew and his anxiety settled, he saw that this toolkit could be used in other situations which illustrates both his growth through all of this and the day-to-day practical application of the skills he learnt.


My Grandad passed away in December 2019 my OCD and panic attacks came back after seeing him after he had died - I had a sinking empty feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was on medication but it wasn’t working like it was. One day it came to me to try hypnotherapy (I was a bit skeptical), I never really knew what it was and it’s not what you expect but I’m so glad I visited Helen, she has given me my life back, I only had 3 sessions and i could feel it starting to work, I’m now on session 5 and now I feel more positive about my life and that sinking feeling has gone. My anxiety and panic attacks have disappeared, Helen continues to help me through the passing of my grandma which happened last week and it’s no where near how I felt the first time losing a grandparent. She is warm and trust worthy. Thank you so much Helen!


No Ibs after years of misery you worked a miracle x

Before and After

From the Trots and sometimes Gallops for seversl years, I now have the ability to eat out with confidence that I dont need to look for a loo after a meal! What a difference that makes to my social life. Farewell IBS. Thank you Helen x


We contacted Helen after a personal recommendation from someone we respect and trust with an education and healthcare background. Our 13 year old son was dealing with an acute exacerbation of persistent nausea related to a chronic gastric condition and we needed to find a way to help him keep as normal a routine as possible during this and future flare-ups. Our Paediatrician was very supportive of our decision as social contact, the structure of the school day and normality are key in coping with chronic illness in childhood. The difference we saw after the first session was so encouraging as he had practical ‘tools’ that he could use immediately. His nausea did not magically disappear as we knew it wouldn’t, but his frame of mind and his ability to take a step back in that moment and to take some control of the situation did drastically change. He felt so at ease with Helen and able to share his feelings and anxieties which is a feat in itself for a teenager! The subsequent sessions and work that he did at home in-between enabled him to further develop his ‘toolbox’. Once he had navigated his illness flare-up he was able to see how his new skills could be used to work through other situations more positively and with greater self confidence which was a huge relief to us all.


I'm a lady in my 70's. When I first started seeing Helen my IBS was so bad I was barely leaving my house. The thought of being in public away from an accessible, private toilet was unbearable. It was affecting my confidence, my relationships with my family and my life. My anxiety levels were through the roof, everything in life made me anxious which created a viscous circle that I couldn't get out of.
At the beginning of my sessions, on a scale of 1 - 100, the diarrhorea was 80 and constipation was around 75.
Having seen Helen I am now able to say they are both at 0, with the very odd exception.
Helen has given me back my life. The cost of seeing her is far outweighed by the life I have got back. I have booked a holiday for later in the year which a few months ago would have been a source of anxiety.
Don't put off going to see her, you won't regret it. I cannot put into words just how kind, caring, professional, and just so good she is at what she does.


I now genuinely believe it is possible to rewire!!! After one session with Helen I was challenging my fears on the journey home! After many years the baggage has now lifted and I live in the present. I feel transformed and free - i no longer have a rucksack on my back! I now feel able to tackle current challenges as i'm now the strongest i've ever been. Helen's enthusiasm and encouragement rubs off and she puts you at ease instantly. Everyone should go and just get those old feelings which might be haunting them and get rid once and for all. If you are reading this and need encouragement i promise you will not regret booking that first appointment - you too will know after that first session with Helen change truly is possible! Go for it!


So Helen sends a tweet about how Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) helps to deal with depression, anxiety, fears and stress etc. As someone who has depression, worries a lot and is short-tempered when stressed, I decided it was time that I sorted myself out once and for all and this therapy was definitely going to achieve this. I made my first appointment just before Christmas and I honestly haven't regretted it. Helen is an expert in her field and also very friendly and reassuring. Her personality and expertise enables her to ask those questions that gets all the information she needs to diagnose what your issues are, why you have them and how she can help you deal with them. I really have felt the benefit of my sessions with Helen - my approach to life is more positive than before, I hardly worry about things and, as Helen has provided me with coping mechanisms and recordings of our hypnotherapy sessions, I'm no longer letting negative things get to me so easily and I definitely feel less stressed. The IEMT has helped me get rid of a whole load of baggage that I've been carrying for years, some of which I wasn't consciously aware of, so you could say that Helen has helped me 'in the blink of an eye'!!! I thoroughly recommend the therapies that Helen offers, especially for those who of you who probably know that you need support but are perhaps cynical of counselling etc. Your mental and physical health is crucial to how you live your life so please don't suffer in silence. Make that change and please give Helen a call.


Helen has been a fantastic in helping me tackle the anxious thoughts and panic that I was experiencing.

Helen gave me a toolbox of strategies and techniques to help me manage the anxiety - even after the first session, I felt more positive and at ease. The recordings from our sessions have been particularly useful and will continue to be as I move into the next chapter!

I cannot thank Helen enough and would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling!


You will feel like a different person.
I was feeling at a complete loose end, didn’t know who could help me as I was anxious constantly before I met with Helen it was absolutely controlling my life and was incredibly debilitating, not just day to day but even holidays and days off were ruined because my mind wasn’t ever switching off worrying. Within the first session Helen gave me hope that this can be not just overcome but gone forever! Then few sessions in I was feeling more in control of my life and feelings than I ever have done before. People were noticing a difference a I noticed that I was laughing more at home in the evenings, everyday I felt better. Helen has taught me how to stop taking on everybody else’s problems and feelings or negative thoughts and start to concentrate on how things don’t need to effect my life like they did before. I don’t stress and stew over and over things anymore I deal with them and move on, now see the good in things and not the dreading the bad iv now got three holidays booked this year and I’m planning on enjoying every min not laying in bed with anxiety!!! I’m liberated and I can only thank Helen I’m so glad I made the decision to contact her that first time. Best thing I ever did changed my life. Thankyou. X


I decided that after years of struggling with a phobia I would go to see Helen for help. After just three sessions, I came out feeling completely new. Helen has helped me in so many ways and I now go through my day to day life without the worries I had before. The hypnotherapy has definitely changed me for the better. I would 100% recommend to anyone to go to see Helen no matter how big or small your issue is.


Thanks to Helen I am able to get on with my life now after hating dark nights and having a fear of people being sick I am now able to get on with my day without the constant worry and thinking about it. Helen has changed everything for me so thank you!


I will always be grateful for the day I called in at Quay Place and was introduced to Helen. I was in considerable emotional distress having been suffering from severe depression and anxiety for about six months. Helen was friendly and empathetic, and reassured me that she would be able to help me.
Prior to my first appointment I completed her initial assessment form which enabled her to have an idea of my background and my hopes for recovery which meant in my first session she was able to look in greater depth at the issues causing me distress. She listened carefully, was non-judgemental in her approach and along with the hypnosis session was able to suggest several other experiential activities I could engage in immediately to help reduce my distress. Following each session Helen sent me a recording of the hypnosis which I then used at home each day. Now fully recovered, I am enjoying life again and cannot thank Helen enough for the ways she has helped me and it is reassuring to know that I can contact her again at any point for another session should I feel the need. I have no hesitation in recommending her to others who find themselves in emotional difficulty.

No more fear of flying

I was a nervous flyer and although I had been on a fearless flying course which did help I still found it hard to relax during turbulence. I saw Helen twice as I wanted to overcome this anxiety and look forward to my holiday in June this year. Well it certainly worked. Although the flight was a good one (for me), we did hit a bit of turbulence and all the while in my head was I am ok something Helen said to me during my sessions and I did! Thank you so much Helen. I am now looking forward to going away in September to Antigua, an 8 hour flight!

I can not recommend this enough

I met with Helen after experiencing something unexpected and traumatic in my life. I cannot recommend Helen to you enough. You might be reading this wondering whether or not to go, and all I can say to you is... YES! GO! Helen is extremely welcoming, open and friendly, you will feel immediately at ease. The hypnotherapy sessions have transformed my outlook on not only the problem I went to Helen with, but many other aspects of my life, & for this I can’t thank her enough.


Finding my inner strength
I was feeling overwhelmed with an ongoing medical condition and the pain of losing my Brother to Cancer this Summer. I felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. I had read some reviews of people’s experiences with Hypnotherapy so decided to book an appointment with Helen. She has a calm and friendly personality and I immediately felt at ease. As a result I felt somehow lighter and managed a good nights sleep which is something I had missed for a long time. She helped me to process details and relieve feelings of guilt and pain and to understand myself better. I would not hesitate to recommend Helen .... thank you so much!

Worth every penny!

My journey starts with many years of depression caused by constant unmanaged stress in my personal and professional life. There were also old wounds from people who had let me down. I wanted to find resilience because I no longer wanted to end up crumbling at every challenging situation.
Helen took me back to me childhood, my teenage years, and so on, and made me realise that I have more strength than I gave myself credit for. She also showed me techniques for managing panic attacks, believing in myself, letting go of old wounds, and much more. The recordings she made at the time of our consultation, I can use them as and when I need them. I highly recommend Helen for her insight, empathy and knowledge.

Hypnotherapy for children

My daughter started showing some anxious behaviours, which were quite worrying for us as parents. I sought Helen out as I had read that hypnotherapy can be effective over a very short time frame. After just one session, we saw a huge improvement and have lots of strategies to employ, if needed in the future (great for any parent).

However we are delighted that after just two sessions, our daughter has shown a complete change in attitude. She now sleeps well and has tacked some big events, which would have thrown her into meltdown, previously.

It has been well worth the investment, especially as she competes at a high level in a number of sports and a positive mindset makes a huge difference.


Thanks to Helen, I’m thinking now in a positive way about my life and the future. I’m now living in the present. My motivation in all areas of my life has improved. I recommend anybody who is facing challenges in their life to see Helen.

Thank you!

Before visiting Helen I was going through a tough time, suffering with anxiety brought on by losing my father but also having very low self esteem and struggling with my job role. Helen gave me many tips and ideas as to how I can ground myself, how to relax and alter my negative thinking patterns. I feel grateful to have tried Hypnotherapy, it was not something I had ever considered and I believe it has helped a great deal. I have learnt that I need to be kinder to myself, and to take time out to engage in practices which will help me reduce my anxiety. I frequently blamed myself for my fathers death, but I think afternoon facing my thoughts in this way with Helen, has helped me overcome this feeling. I hope that I will continue positively, and always remember my safe place, which will greatly help me in future to find tranquility.


I cannot recommend Helen enough. I did not realise it was possible to change what I thought were simply my 'character traits' - After seeing her I feel freer, more confident and much much happier. There is so much less negativity in my life, I wish I had seen her years ago!


I have been seeing Helen for the past few months now to deal with long standing mental health issues that I have been struggling with recently. I had tried everything else that was available to try and beat it but nothing work. Within a few sessions, both me and my family started to notice rapid improvements, it was incredible. Helen is exceedingly professional and fantastic and enthusiastic with her work. Highly recommended.

Thanks once again Helen, I am going to miss our chats.


Helen helped our daughter at a crucial time and we could see a rapid impact with our daughter taking a calmer and more positive approach to the challenges she was dealing with. The private recordings were particularly useful and we can see more reationalising and a more reflective approach as she approaches the next set of life adventures. Thank you Helen.


I had heard of Helen's work in the past and so when I realised anxiety was getting the better of me I called her. Even after the first session I felt better and after a few months I have an armoury of coping techniques and feel like a new man - more relaxed generally and much more able to cope. I would highly recommend Helen to anyone suffering with anxiety or just wanting to improve their general wellbeing. I wish I had seen her years ago before things got too bad.


Once admitting I needed some help and guidance and digesting there isnt a golden cure but a 'helping hand' I couldnt have asked for anything better to help me educate myself how to deal with things. I couldnt recommend this more to anyone who has questions unanswered!

If you have never had hypnotherapy and are a bit sceptical then I would challenge you to give Helen a go. She is wonderful, calm, understand puts you at ease from the moment you meet her. 5 star treatment.

1. I was not sleeping too well and was over analysing things due to a family problem. I would wake at night and then not be able to get back to sleep or relax.
2. I have heard amazing things about your work and first hand from my daughter and a work colleague who I know you have helped immensely, therefore no hesitation in giving it s go.
3 & 4) I have learnt that I need to take the time to relax more and try to put myself and my health before anybody else. As you told me ‘you can’t help those around you if you are not in a good place yourself ‘. Wise words.
5). After just one session I am sleeping right through the night and am having a good nights sleep. You showed how to trigger a thought when I’m not in such a good place to relax me and make me feel calm. Amazing.


I contacted Helen to help me with my fear of heights, I regularly take part in obstacle course races and with some of the obstacles being at height my fear was holding me back. Having Hypnotherapy has enabled me to choose to succeed at things that would have been a source of anxiety and fear. I feel more confident to fulfil my potential in not just obstacles at height but in my running and general fitness. Also as a result of the Hypnotherapy I feel generally calmer and in control. I attended a recent board meeting at work and was more confident in my delivery of information.
Helen was professional and encouraging throughout and has such a warm personality, I highly recommend her to anyone feeling they are being held back in anyway.
I feel the whole process was an investment in myself and my future and incredibly worthwhile.
Thank you Helen


I had a fantastic session with Helen, who is Kind, friendly and makes you feel at ease straight away. I went in with a burden of stress and came away feeling so much more relaxed and calm within myself; the Kinetic Shift technique she uses is mind blowing and amazing! The next time I need to deal with any stress or anxiety, I'll be giving Helen a call for sure!


I met with Helen after experiencing something unexpected and traumatic in my life. I cannot recommend Helen to you enough. You might be reading this wondering whether or not to go, and all I can say to you is... YES! GO! Helen is extremely welcoming, open and friendly, you will feel immediately at ease. The hypnotherapy sessions have transformed my outlook on not only the problem I went to Helen with, but many other aspects of my life, & for this I can’t thank her enough.


I have suffered from anxiety and insomnia for many years and recently decided that I needed help.
Even after the first session with Helen I felt more relaxed and she has provided me with the "tools" which have allowed me to feel much more positive.
I cannot thank Helen enough for the quiet help and support she has given me during the course.

I saw Helen before my first job interview in 25 years.

I saw Helen after being made redundant a few months ago. I then got an interview for a new job, but the last interview I'd had for a job was about 25 years ago, and being in my 50's, I felt somewhat anxious about it. However, seeing Helen really helped and any anxieties I had about it soon disappeared. I'd highly recommend Helen, very friendly, approachable and positive.

Positive changes made

When I first met Helen I was in a really dark place. My relationship was on the line and I could not see any positives in the situation I was in. I chose hypnotherapy as I had heard that results are quick (in the grand scheme of things!) as progress can start from the first session which happened for me. It helps you to see things in a different light. Helen made me feel calm and at ease. She showed me techniques to use at home to use when certain situations arose. Hypnotherapy is definitely not what people stereotypically think it is- it calms you and your mind and helps you to make positive changes.
Thank you Helen, you have really helped me to change my mindset so I can lead a happy life.


Helen is an excellent therapist. She is knowledgeable in various fields. I would highly recommend her


Helen is a very warm and calming individual, who made me feel instantly at ease upon walking through her door. Since our sessions together I'm now equipped with a toolbox of strategies and techniques to use whenever I need, I couldn't recommend her more. Thank you so much for your help Helen.


I contacted Helen at a really difficult time for me , I had a phobia sickness , suffered very badly with IBS and anxiety . As you have just read these are now all past tense ... Helen really has worked wonders on me and I’m a completely different person from the first day I met Helen at the end of February so in a matter of months Helen has helped me and made me into the person I had hoped one day to be , my phobia of sickness was cured in our first session ! The anxiety and ibs has been worked on in the rest of our sessions and I really can say it has worked ! Can’t thank Helen enough for all her help really do recommend Helen to anyone that suffers in the way I did! Completely changed my life for the better !


I saw Helen over a few sessions to help me deal with some problems I had, I now feel in control, and have methods to help me deal with any challenges that life may put in front of me. She is very professional and sessions are not rushed. worth every penny.


I am still amazed how I have been struggling with a very painful foot and leg ... after a meeting with Helen I walked away pain free ... one very gifted lady amazing ! Thank you

Truly caring, genuine and passionate about helping . . . .

I welcome the opportunity to publicly thank Helen Wyer and to describe my experiences of her passion for helping people and the exceptional skills and care she provides.
My daughter had had issues for most of the year with anxiety and depression, finding it difficult to cope with everyday matters. She had taken tablets and visited a counselor for months, but neither appeared to have made much, if any, difference.
Then I heard of Helen and her work and checked out her web-site. I was impressed and the reviews, as much as anything, encouraged me to call her.
It was immediately evident that Helen was truly caring and so utterly passionate and enthusiastic about what she does and her total belief that she could help. I was convinced, and eventually persuaded my daughter to visit her.
It was fairly inconvenient to visit Ipswich for regular sessions, because of distance, but it was at once so evidently worthwhile as my daughter felt immediate benefit, even after the first session. . . . and everything just improved from then on, session by session.
To Helen’s credit, it was her who suggested when she felt that the sessions no longer needed to be as frequent, and eventually not needed at all. For her it was clearly all about helping my daughter, not about making money. All credit to her.
I would strongly and sincerely recommend Helen Wyer to anyone who needs help. I am so glad that I was introduced to her and will be eternally grateful. Thank you

Finding my inner strength

I was feeling overwhelmed with an ongoing medical condition and the pain of losing my Brother to Cancer this Summer. I felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. I had read some reviews of people’s experiences with Hypnotherapy so decided to book an appointment with Helen. She has a calm and friendly personality an I immediately felt at ease. As a result I felt somehow lighter and managed a good nights sleep which is something I had missed for a long time. She helped me to process details and relieve feelings of guilt and pain and to understand myself better. I would not hesitate to recommend Helen .... thank you so much!

This has changed my life and made me happier and confident

I felt like a different person by the end of the experience. My confidence had grown and I felt very comfortable in who I was. Initially, this was a struggle I had but through each weekly session, I managed to overcome it. It was one of the best choices I have ever made as now I know how I can calm myself down whenever I feel stressed as well as being more motivated and driven to do new things. I have no concern about how I am viewed by others which I initially worried about a lot and have learned just how strong I can be in overcoming difficulties, which has helped me in considering the challenges of starting university in the future.


Helen helped me so much, I was in a very bad place and thanks to the therapy I'm able to live my life to the fullest again.


I put my daughter in touch with Helen following years of her battling with anxiety. As a parent I had tried everything possible to try and find the outgoing, chatting child she used to be before this horrible ‘thing’ took hold. There is so much pressure on young people to succeed these days and anxiety is unfortunately very common. After years of trying different types of therapy she told me she didn’t want to see any more councillors just to be asked what makes her anxious when she had no idea herself. I had heard so many good things about Helen and although I had never thought about Hypotherapy for my daughter, I wanted to find out more. Having chatted with Helen, she was confident she could help. Well we have not looked back; my daughter is in her second year of uni is growing in confidence. She is seeing this as a very positive experience. She is continuing to see Helen, even though she is at uni she has Skype sessions. As Helen has told me, my daughter may always have anxiety but Helen has given her the tools to cope. One of the best accolades is when one of my daughter’s uni friends recently told me that she has seen such a positive change in my daughter since she’s been seeing Helen. As a parent that was the best thing I’ve heard in a very long time . If you have anything that’s holding you back from having a healthy happy life then Helen is your lady. Thank you so much Helen for helping my daughter, you are amazing x


Helen at Advance Hypnotherapy has helped me to get through, and cope, during on ongoing, incredibly stressful and traumatic time of my life.
She is professional, thorough and caring.
The sessions were relaxing, at the same time as empowering and positive.
I cannot praise Advance Hypnotherapy enough and will continue to use the service in the future.


If you’re unsure of the credibility and benefits of hypnotherapy then take it from my personal experiences ; it’s worth it !

Having been terrified of flying for as long as I can remember , just one session with Helen alleviated my angst and, dare I say it, enabled me to actually enjoy the flight as part of my overall holiday experience! So when Helen suggested I try a session to help me overcome a recently acquired fear of skiing then I thought ‘ Why not ! Give it a go ! ‘

I had suffered a serious accident and injury the year before and though I had been skiing for years and was confident and competent, I was feeling very anxious and nervous about an upcoming ski trip – the first since my accident ! As Helen explained, whilst she couldn’t ‘ fix' any physical impairments as a consequence of the accident, she could help me overcome my new found fear and anxiousness and help me to regain my confidence and love of this sport.

As before, when I visited her in regards to flying, she was very professional and made me feel at ease. She talked me through what may be 'blocking' my confidence and gave me strategies to use, should I need, on the slopes. I went away feeling particularly buoyant and confident.

Though I now had the coping mechanisms and optimism that Helen had instilled within me I was still a bit nervous at the top of the first slope . However I was able to overcome my initial reticence, using the various approaches that Helen had talked about in our session . Whilst I didn’t exactly sprint down the mountain, for the first few runs , I was skiing ! And furthermore I felt calm and within a few more runs I felt more like my old self !

I know that I've got Helen to thank for enabling me to believe in myself again and giving me the positivity and self assurance required to return to doing something I enjoy !


Helen is a warm and personable hypnotherapist. Her sessions are relaxed and paced to match the individual. After a session with Helen you leave with a sense of wellbeing and positivity, so regardless of whether there are issues in your life or you just want some 'me-time' then investing in some hypnotherapy with Helen is thoroughly recommended.


I feel happy now

Before I went to see Helen my life seemed to be closing in. I was finding it hard to cope with every day events without getting anxious - I could no longer even travel in the front seat of the car because it felt as if we might crash at any moment! Small things felt unduly important and I felt overwhelmed.

Helen’s sessions gave me strategies which immediately took effect. Over a few weeks I felt the panic subside and I was able to do things I’d previously avoided.

The journey with Helen has been fascinating. I’m happier with myself and happier generally than I’ve been for a long time. She’s given me the tools to cope with whatever comes along next but it’s good to know that she’s still there should I need support in the future.

Helen helped at a crucial time and we could see an impact with our child taking a calmer and more positive approach to the challenges being faced.

Our daughter is much more able now to deal with the challenges of life. We are so pleased we went ahead and it has been such a worthwhile experience for us all.


I cannot recommend Helen enough. What she does is amazing and she can truly transform your life. I booked to see Helen while I was under a lot of stress and she made me feel so relaxed. I felt so much more positive after leaving the appointment. She's friendly, bubbly and puts you at ease as soon as you meet her. Thanks Helen!


This experience was amazing.. I can highly recommend going to see Helen. With her calming voice you soon feel at ease and relaxed. Hypnotherapy is perfect for those who find talking while having councilling hard work,as strangely you really do feel miricals have happened and you don’t need to say a word... I felt extremely relaxed for the rest of the day.
Thank you Helen


Helen has a refreshing approach to working with individuals and enabling people to work at their own pace, and cover subjects they need to address/ work through to reach their full potential.


I came to Helen with a long history of fear of flying. I had tried other Hypnotherapists in the past with varying degrees of success so I don't mind admitting I didn't hold out much hope.

Helen's approach is like none other I have experienced. There is something about her personality that you instantly warm to so she easily puts you at ease, listens and understands.

I couldn't put my finger on what it was about flying that bothered me, since the thought of flying and going on holiday I loved. I've always been fascinated with planes. But the actual act of flying from the moment I got to the airport to the moment I landed had me in a right mess.

Helen listened to what I had to say, listened to the things I wasn't saying and with a couple of sessions prior to a long haul flight by the time I started my journey to the airport I was a different person. I'm a lot calmer and far less fearful. I don't know how she did it but she was amazing it and it felt wonderful.

I would recommend Helen to anyone without hesitation her unique brand, her personality are sure to bring you results whatever your issue might be.

20 year old chronic fatigue sufferer

I am a 20 year old male and suffer from chronic fatigue. I tried my whole teenage life to kick it into touch but have never quite managed to do so. Even though I felt so much better than I used too, there was still that little bit that never went away. Then it occurred to me that if I do not ever fully get rid of it, I am still going to do my best by trying as many different things as possible. That is why hypnotherapy was so appealing. Having never tried it before I was without a doubt apprehensive, but went with the mindset that if it works, it works. I do not need to understand how or why, I just need to go with the flow. After only a couple of sessions with Helen Wyer, it became very obvious that there had been some kind of positive effect. She says that people claim to feel lighter afterwards. This is true. She helped me organise old memories and I can reflect on them more easily, rather than simply having them weighing me down. Her guided meditations are really useful at finding a neutral level of comfort and she is easy to talk things through with.

Were it not for Helen, I would not be as energised as I am now and I have a healthier outlook on life as a result. Helen is not the only person that has helped me, but without her help there would still be more missing pieces in my puzzle of getting better.

Thank you Helen!

Life changing!

Before I had the treatment I was very anxious and feeling depressed, as a result I suffered severe insomnia.
I'm so glad that I decided to have the treatment. I'm feeling calm and relaxed now and sleep better than ever.
I've learned how to deal with these feelings and have a positive look in life now.Im so very grateful to Helen, thank you!

CFS treatment

Having had CFS for seven years and with limited treatment success a different approach was needed. I felt immediately at ease and relaxed with Helen who has helped me immensely in a very short space of time.

Changing the past

My session with Helen really made me change the way I thought about my past. I now don't use the past to predict the future. Thank you.


There's an old cliché that dictates that you don't have to be ill to get better. I visited Helen at Advance Hypnotherapy for some help improving my relaxation skills. Helen is incredibly easy to speak to, and more importantly, she is a brilliant listener. Initially I was only planning on visiting for a single session but am already planning my next visit. This was probably the least scary thing I've ever done, but is likely one of the most beneficial. If you've got even a passing curiosity about this type of therapy I heartily recommend you get in touch with Helen. Hell, even if you don't think Helen could help she would probably still love the opportunity to chat with you.

Hypnotherapy saved my family

Before I saw Helen I smoked 15-20 cigarettes a day....I was unhappy, my family were unhappy and I knew I had to STOP. Since I had hypnotherapy on Tuesday I have not had a cigarette. Somewhere in my subconscious, I could not or would not accept that I was a smoker anymore . I am so proud of myself and so thankful to Helen. I feel deep inside that I have become strong enough to continue being a non-smoker!!
Thank you so much Helen, you have saved my family in so many ways xxxx

Exam Panic Attacks

My son experienced a panic attack during a maths exam and I persuaded him to see Helen. He was initially apprehensive but Helen went above and beyond to reassure him throughout the whole process and fit us in before his next maths exam. After his first session he felt calm and relaxed and hopeful for the upcoming maths exam. He was also armed with techniques to help him during the exam should the panicky feelings resurface. Helen advised that he have a second session to embed and reinforce the work done in session one. Following this session he again felt calm and relaxed and not worried about the imminent exam. Today he sat the exam and felt that it went well. One more maths exam to go next week but he is confident that it will be another positive experience. Thank you so much Helen it really is as if a huge weight has been lifted from him.

Flying fears banished !

So here's the thing......
I loathe flying and as such , though it doesn't stop me from travelling, it certainly inhibits my choices of destinations and adds to my angst when planning a trip . However after 1 hypnotherapy session with Helen I have experienced a calm and , dare I say it, enjoyable 12 hour flight !
I must admit I was a tad sceptical before Helen performed ' her magic ' ! However Helen was reassuring and professional throughout talking me through the process. It was a very relaxing experience and quite how it all works is still a bit of a mystery but Helen kept me informed and I didn't feel silly or uncomfortable at any point .
Whilst I wasn't exactly asleep, as Helen spoke to me in a soothing manner, I felt disconnected but extremely calm .
Helen assured me that I would be able to use my experience of the consultation to overcome any fears or anxieties relating to flying when the time came. I felt very tranquil after the session and I used Helens's advice and coping techniques over the next 24 hours leading up to the flight .
I would thoroughly recommend using hypnotherapy as a means to overcome any fears or anxieties and particularly Helen as a therapist!
My next session , with Helen, will hopefully address my disturbed sleeping habit - I'm confident that Helen will , again, prove herself to be a very competent hypnotherapist!


I had a fear of wasps for as long as I can remember. I was the one looking like his clothes had caught on fire when a wasp came anywhere near me. Now they don't worry me like they used to!

In just who one really relaxing session my wasp fear is behind me. Now I just ignore them, no flapping, no fuss, no fire, no fear

Thank you so much Helen

Free yourself

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to meet Helen and the courage to pick up the phone to her and to be honest I was not sure if hypnotherapy would work. I had a situation at work which was lying so heavy on my chest, it was almost suffocating me. The strange thing is, it was not until after the session and the pain was taken away I realised how debilitating it had been. The whole process was very calming and Helens voice was reassuring and easy to listen to. I never felt silly or uncomfortable, it was more of a lightness, something I had not felt for a long time. The one thing I have taken away is a feeling of liberation and never again will I let something get such a hold on me. The fact I can do something about it - is so wonderful. I would use Helen again and have no hesitation in recommending her to my family and friends. Thank you again for freeing me .

Helen is brilliant

I am so grateful to Helen not only in teaching me ways to control anxiety but to learn how to relax and enjoy things again .The biggest achievement however is helpig me combat my fear of driving on the A14 something which I have not done in many many years due to panic attacks and blind terror of duel carriageways ..Today I drove home on the A14 and felt confident and calm .All thanks to Helen. She is a marvel.

Relationship break up help

I saw Helen while going through a very hard relationship break up. I was in a highly emotional state and was struggling to cope with the multitude of emotions within myself.
Helen was able to put me at ease so I was able to let out emotions I had been struggling to contain in public.
During the session I felt completely safe and relaxed. Afterwards I felt refreshed, calmer, more able to consider my situation in a rational way and to think about how to move forwards.
I cannot recommend Helen highly enough, she is knowledgeable, professional, non judgmental and understanding. I am planning on having further sessions to continue to aid me on my journey.

Empowering, relaxing and gentle!

Before visiting Helen I was aware of a knot of unease in my stomach. In my youth I suffered a traumatic accident and have struggled on and off with crippling anxiety for most of my life. I had some trepidation about trying hypnotherapy, but it took about thirty seconds of gentle chatter with Helen before my fears were laid to rest. During the session I learned that I deal with life better than I thought I do. This revelation was incredibly empowering.

Onwards and upwards

I was anxious and stressed about public speaking even in some meetings etc.
I am so pleased I had sessions with Helen, she listens, is calm, caring and took time to focus on my problems.
I have learnt not to listen to negative thoughts and have more self belief in my self, self worth and my ability to do things.
I believe my confidence and self belief will continue to flourish.

Helen's special personality and commitment to help you sets her above the rest.

I have to be honest, in my life I have seen other Hypnotherapists and whilst I felt the first one I saw worked the first time, the others didn't. So, I wasn't convinced seeing Helen would help me. I was pleasantly surprised. My anxiety around flying seemed to get worse as I got older and encompassed everything from getting to and through the airport as well as the actual act of flying. The last few years I had been terrible when travelling, experiencing quite debilitating anxiety and panic attacks.

I saw Helen twice prior to my trip. As I left for the airport on the day of my holiday it was immediately clear Helen had worked her 'magic' on me. At first it was quite a weird (but good) sensation - the place in me which was once filled with dread, there was nothing. I kept expecting it to creep up on me unexpectedly, but it didn't. I couldn't believe the change. I'd say I was 95% improved. But what got me most about Helen's commitment to her clients is when I started to struggle the night before I was due to travel home from my holiday. A few texts to Helen and she reinforced her work she had done with me prior to my trip and by the following morning I was back to the new me in relation to air travel. Helen's warm and caring approach is priceless. You can tell she really cares about ridding you of your problems and her personality just puts you at ease from the outset. I'd have no hesitation in saying if you're thinking about having Hypnotherapy - do it and do it with Helen. Hypnotherapy, being a private treatment, will obviously cost you some money. But if thats all that is holding you back I'd just say what price can you put on your freedom? My investment in myself through Helen has been utterly worth every penny.

Getting over exam stress

I had massive anxiety attacks before I went into exams and this year I have my A levels so this was a major year for me. I went to see Helen to help me deal with the worry and anxiety. After the first session I felt so much calmer about things and was able to go into my exams much calmer than I have ever been before! I would totally recommend Helen

I feel great!

I've just had the most relaxing hypnotherapy session with Helen.
I've always been very open to trying new things to help me relax and within a few moments of listening to Helen's calming voice I felt so relaxed and as I described to her afterwards it was as if I was going to fall asleep but I was completely in control of my mind and body. My breathing had slowed down and I was calm and relaxed.
I can see how hypnotherapy is so helpful with listening to Helen your mind tunes into her voice and can help with issues you can address without needing to talk.
I came away feeling extremely relaxed!
Thank you Helen as I'm sure I can use some of these techniques in my busy day.

Taking back control

Before I booked an appointment to see Helen I was eating compulsively, I felt I was out of control and it needed to stop. Helen has helped me take back control of what I eat and when I eat, I am also able to say no whereas before I had no will power. I have learnt that I am in control of what I do and I have the power to be disciplined and sensible about food and drink. As well as this, we discovered an underlying emotional issue that needed exploration and I feel I now have closure and can move forward from it. I am steadily losing weight and I remain positive and motivated about the future.

Amazing first session, Helen is wonderful!

I've just had my first session with Helen and it was amazing. She made me feel really comfortable and put any fears to rest before she started. I felt like a new person after just one session! I would highly recommend Helen to anybody who is looking to have hypnotherapy. (Plus she is the loveliest person!)


It was great to have a me moment - I felt relaxed and refreshed after my session.

Managing my anxiety.

I was experiencing panic attacks which I was just about able to keep hidden and I didn't know how to deal with the escalation of anxiety in social situations.
Having had these sesssions, I am more secure in myself and more comfortable around other people.

What a difference hypnotherapy can make!

Helen has helped me battle over-eating and eating the wrong things, within just 2 sessions I noticed that I was eating less - especially pasta and potatoes!
Helen is so easy to talk to and doesn't make any judgements at all, I felt really comfortable and at ease with her. Before I started I battled with myself over food and my size - I would always finish a plate of food in front of me as it was rude not to eat it all, but now I can easily recognise when I'm full and can push the plate away, rather than making myself feel ill.
It's also ok to lose weight slowly and without dieting.
I was very sceptical of hypnotherapy before I started (having only TV examples to go from) but after my first session I was put at ease and i really enjoyed it, I felt refreshed and energised for the rest of my day. I am looking forward to seeing the long term results but I am fully aware that i have already changed my habits and have lost weight within the 6 weeks Helen has worked with me.
I would highly recommend Helen and what she does!
Thanks Helen!


I have been suffering to cope with the loss of my best friend after she was murdered and have tried different counselling. I did not have high expectations that this would help but I'm thoroughly amazed in how much Helen has helped me. All my loved ones can see a big change in me and i can feel the change in myself. I feel more positive and no longer feel guilty. I can now remember my dear friend in a happy way instead of focusing on the terrible ordeal. I would highly recommend Helen. She made me feel so at ease and relaxed and has made me overcome things I never thought I would. Changed my life!

Believe in who you are.

I started treatment sessions with Helen after a bad experience at work. The first session made me accept that several years of a bullying work relationship had to be dealt with, resolved, and my confidence restored. We have worked on low confidence and associated anxiety and I have learnt techniques on how to manage the negative impact of a damaging working relationship. Thank you Helen. People can tell you not to worry what other people think of you, but you need to learn that.


When I made contact with Helen, I felt as if I had hit a wall, with stress in my personal and work life, and unable to see the way through. Some issues I had never even spoken about and they had been hanging over me for years. Helen helped me to think and talk through my issues. She was never judgemental, just totally prepared to listen and prompt for as long as I needed to talk. Once I opened up and began to talk, emotions came to the surface and I found myself very tearful on several occasions. Helen was fully supportive and encouraged me to explore my feelings as they surfaced. I noticed a huge difference and calmness after the first session, and felt that I could cope once again. I would recommend Helen as a therapist without hesitation.

A new set of tools for daily use

I saw Helen for anxiety. I am now free from all the ruminating and have a new way of thinking and feeling to take more forwards into the future. Thank you Helen

A likeable, trustworthy, supportive and skilled professional.

I consulted Helen Wyer for hypnotherapy, to prepare for having to attend an important event, where I was dreading being face-to-face with a person who had so badly conned me (and many others, it turns out) that I'd almost lost everything.

Although I have managed to turn things around in business, the hurt, stress and shock of that experience had stayed with me and I was feeling so angry that I was convinced I'd want to punch that person, certainly I wanted to "out" them in public as one big scheming fraud, if I ever encountered them again.

Yet an angry and hate-filled person is not who I wanted to be. I wanted to clear my head of all such feelings once and for all, to gain head-space and focus on all the other more important things and people in my life.

My first two sessions hypnotherapy with Helen were, perhaps understandably, quite emotional and it felt very, very difficult for me to talk about all the complex negative feelings I'd carried inside my head for so many years. Helen was encouraging and supportive throughout. Then, gradually over each session, I started to see things and to feel very differently (perhaps because of the range of positive visual imagery and affirmation wording that Helen used as each hypnotherapy sessions unfolded). Our sessions became more about coaching to plan my way forward in life, rather than always looking back at what had happened in the past.

After 6 sessions, I feel at peace yet FULL of power. All the anger has gone....and I'm confident I'll behave myself AND feel strong yet calm whenever I do encounter that person again (this region is a small place, so it's inevitable). I feel quite proud about how much I've grown, how resilient I've been and what I've achieved in life and in business, ever since having to pick myself up, dust myself down and start all over again.

Now I can even see the ironic side about that person's public life compared with the sad realities (such a huge ego and such narcissim! A CV that's a work of fiction. A disastrous personal life etc). The ability to now see humour in it feels like a great outcome to me. I'm pleased I asked Helen for help and grateful she has.

I am very happy to recommend Helen's services. A likeable, trustworthy, supportive and skilled professional.

I feel happy now

Before I went to see Helen my life seemed to be closing in. I was finding it hard to cope with every day events without getting anxious - I could no longer even travel in the front seat of the car because it felt as if we might crash at any moment! Small things felt unduly important and I felt overwhelmed.
The sessions gave me strategies which immediately took effect. Over a few weeks I felt the panic subside and I was able to do things I had previously avoided.
The journey with Helen has been fascinating. I am happier with myself and happier generally than I have been for a long time. She has given me the tools to cope with whatever comes along next but it is good to know that she is still there should I need support in the future.

A tower of strength

I have had what I can only describe as a break down. It took one more thing in my life to tip me over the edge. I say that now having realised that I got to that point because I had not dealt with past traumas which Helen helped give me the strength not only to recognise but to deal with and put them to rest forever. I own my own beauty business and the thought of going back to work and facing people was incredibly daunting but in 8 weeks I managed to do just that with reduced hours and lots of support. Helen allows me to become the person I was destined to be by removing the barriers that have held me back for so long. I have a little way to go but have every confidence I will get there.
I can only say a massive Thankyou to Helen for possibly changing my life for the better and giving me he ability to find positivity in all that life throws my way. X

I have the tools to help me carry on and look forward to my future . Thank you Helen x

I found the whole experience of visiting Helen amazing . I was suffering from depression and anxiety, I also had pain in my foot . Helen has made my want to live and carry on . I feel so much stronger and more positive. Also my foot feels amazing . I am so blessed to have met Helen and the tools she have given me to carry on . I can not thank Helen enough. She is one very talented lady xxx

Cynical to begin with - grateful beyond words once I was 'on board'!

Stresses within my life was making me angry, tired and sometimes unwell - hurting those dearest to me. After commencing my sessions I learnt many things about myself both past and present to help me manage my future. That guidance was invaluable!

This has benefited me so much

I was not sure what to expect on my first appointment but Helen put me at ease straight away. The sessions have helped me so much.I feel so much lighter, freer, in control and calmer. I would highly recommend Helen.

Helen helped me greatly, I strongly recommend her to others.

I found Helen to be an accomplished professional who shows great care and understanding. She has helped me greatly. She has a suite of techniques and managed to employ a few to help me deal with my issue. I am very grateful to her.

Pre-Appointment Help

My dentist suggested I had a filing to prevent any further decay on my tooth. I had not had any treatment since I was a child.
Without realising it I became quite anxious about the procedure - not because I am scared of the dentist but because I did not know what to expect during the process.
I saw Helen who talked to me about what I was anxious about - she talked to me about the way I described how I was feeling and gave me another angle to describe it.
I had one hypnotherapy session with her before the appointment.
On the day of the dental appointment I was not anxious or worried at all. During the procedure, which turned into an hour in the chair and three fillings, I was able to be relaxed and remain calm.
I cannot recommend Helen high enough. She changed an anxious situation into a calm, every day experience.

Just what I had hoped for.

I am happy to have taken the decision to seek some help.
Helen was friendly, sensible, and professional. It was reassuring to know that she was open minded about how many sessions might be needed, with no pressure.
I value the work we did, and anticipate returning at some point when the time is right.

It works!

Like so many of us, I have struggled with issues of self-worth, confidence and belonging. Helen has helped me to examine and define my issues with great care and understanding. Deeply personal experiences are never an easy subject to discuss even with those close to you, leave alone a complete stranger, however Helen makes this easy and natural.
Hypnosis in itself – I would describe it as “massage for the brain”. You are eased into deep relaxation and a friendly voice tells you all the nice things about yourself, which you haven’t heard enough of when you were a child. I wouldn’t expect a miraculous transformation in one session, however it certainly works as after each session you feel better than you did before.

Helen can make powerful changes happen fast & I will always be grateful to her for helping me to transform my thinking and achieve my goals.

If you are considering going to see Helen, go for it! I attended a few sessions with Helen and she used her skills to completely change the way I was thinking about the issue I wanted to address. I still can not believe the transformation I have experienced. She really put me at ease and spent time discussing the issue and what I wanted to achieve. I would highly recommend Helen.

I Have Got My Life Back

Following an extremely traumatic period in my life I was suffering with flashbacks, unwelcome thoughts and memory associations which made me very uncomfortable. I felt unable to move forward with my life.
Seeing Helen has changed that. Because I did not have to actually talk about the events the therapy was much more comfortable for me. I no longer have the flashbacks or memory associations, as I write this I am realising that I can not even remember what those thoughts and memories were.
I would recommend anyone who has been through a trauma of any description to see Helen. I can move forward with my life free from my past because of Helen.

Professional and friendly

After taking what felt like a huge step in seeking help to reduce my alcohol intake, Helen immediately made me feel at ease and I found it very easy to talk to her about something I felt ashamed to talk about. She has dispelled my shame and guilt and I now feel in control. She is very professional, and has a very pleasant, friendly personality.

Thank goodness I found Helen - it's meant I can get on with my life

Life was getting on top of me. Visiting Helen made me realise I needed to think about looking after myself more. It was the best decision I made. She made me think so clearly about what happens in our subconscious and why I was making poor decisions and not thinking clearly. Every time I had a session I felt I had the tools to sleep better and cope with stressful situations. She puts everything in easy to understand language. I particularly like the new IEMT she used on me for negative thoughts. I could not believe that after 2 sessions of this I felt completely different. I really recommend Helen.

You will feel like a different person.

I was feeling at a complete loose end, did not know who could help me as I was anxious constantly before I met with Helen. It was absolutely controlling my life and was incredibly debilitating, not just day to day but even holidays and days off were ruined because my mind was not ever switching off from worrying. Within the first session Helen gave me hope that this can be not just overcome but gone forever! Then few sessions in I was feeling more in control of my life and feelings than I ever have done before. People were noticing a difference a I noticed that I was laughing more at home in the evenings, everyday I felt better. Helen has taught me how to stop taking on everybody else's problems and feelings or negative thoughts and start to concentrate on how things don't need to effect my life like they did before. I don't stress and stew over and over things anymore I deal with them and move on, now see the good in things and not the dreading the bad. I have now got three holidays booked this year and I am planning on enjoying every min not laying in bed with anxiety!!! I am liberated and I can only thank Helen. I am so glad I made the decision to contact her that first time. Best thing I ever did changed my life. Thankyou. X

Cannot recommend Helen enough!

Helen has been a fantastic in helping me tackle the anxious thoughts and panic that I was experiencing.

Helen gave me a toolbox of strategies and techniques to help me manage the anxiety - even after the first session, I felt more positive and at ease. The recordings from our sessions have been particularly useful and will continue to be as I move into the next chapter!

I cannot thank Helen enough and would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling!

Helen is friendly, approachable and amazing at her job!

My daughter had been suffering from panic attacks for a few weeks & they seemed to be getting worse. We were so lucky to find Helen whilst searching online for someone to help. Helen has taught our daughter a number of things to help her to relax and enjoy life again!
She has equipped her with life long tools that she can use everyday or whenever needed in future.
I can’t recommend Helen to everyone enough! She is truly amazing! Thank you so much Helen!! x

Fantastic, through this work I am now a better person both towards myself and others

Before I chose to see Helen I was in the beginning stages of my third year at university, had recently ended an intense but toxic relationship and was quite frankly a wreck. Due to heightened levels of anxiety regarding my personal life my University grades were tumbling and I felt like I had no choice but to give up any potential I had for happiness, success and peace. The decision to invest in treatments sessions gave me the opportunity to address a multitude of my problems, some big some small, some i didn't know existed! They allowed me to understand my childhood in greater detail, despite I may add, an absolute resistance to giving up the notion that "It was fine", and then work with myself and my mind in better and more productive ways.

Thanks to Helen I am approaching the final stretch of my education at university with enthusiasm, through this work I have bounced back from a poor start to my third year with five consecutive 2:1 grades that will no doubt aid my future ambitions. Understanding where my needs went unmet during my childhood and working through trauma has lifted a dark cloud from my life that has left me with a more stable and peaceful sense of being.

IEMT therapy is a game changer!

Before meeting Helen, I had some really negative memories of a single experience. It had plague me since my youth. On a regular basis my mind would often conjure up visions of this incident. I met with Helen and rated this past experience a 10 (as in the worst). I was stunned at how quickly, using her IEMT therapy Helen was able to help me eliminate all of those negative emotions associated with that experience. In just one session, we were quickly able to reduce my rating from 10, down to 8, then down to 6 and then down to 2. Where now all I see is a foggy memory that doesn't bother me anymore. IEMT therapy is a real game changer and I would thoroughly recommend you see Helen if you need help with negative emotions or memories. Not least because her personality means the work she does with you is in a safe friendly and supportive environment. The pair of use were both giggling by the end of it.

Helen has enabled me to cope with anxiety and also changed my perspective on life and me as a person for the better! I am so greatful.

I was suffering with anxiety about my upcoming A level exams, and within only two or three sessions with Helen I learnt so many techniques to cope with it. Helen also made me a lot more confident and positive as a person. She has also given me recordings of our sessions to listen to, so in the future I can practise our techniques again and again, so I can manage any anxious events to come!